Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a Reminder......

I'm writing over at Krafty Kash today and tomorrow. Follow me over there, won't you?

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J. Sterling Ellison said...

Commenting on a post from 2008:

I know this comes long after your initial post about her, but I too hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It's a shame that somebody so pretty can have such ugly thoughts. I can't help but think she's attractive...I especially like that one wonky eye of hers, the one that doesn't quite move along with the other one. It's imperfections like that which makes a person look more interesting. Too bad the girl is DUMB AS A ROCK and insists on blaming Obama's administration for those problems that were simply inherited from the reign of the clearly inept Bush/Cheney oligarchy. I can't understand those people who can ignore the truth in an effort to advance their own agenda. Hasselbeck is guilty of doing this ALL THE TIME! How can any supposedly intelligent person believe that Sarah Palin is competent? Especially in light of her recent flight from responsibility. Hasselbeck is STILL defending Palin, and it only serves to make her look even less intelligent, if that's possible.