Friday, August 14, 2009

Gratitude Friday

I'm thankful I didn't have to clean up vomit today.

Sometimes you just have to keep the expectations low.


kraftykash said...

Nothing wrong w/ low expectations. I would CRY if I had to clean up vomit. We have this huge tupperware bowl that Kiley named "chuck". Get it, like upchuck. Anyway, anytime someone is sick we grab chuck and beg the kids not to miss. :) Hang in there. It should all calm down soon, I have a good feeling about this.

Daphne said...

One time my best friend's daughter (age 2) grabbed her hand and threw up into it. I was grateful for no kids that day.

Mari said...

I am now grateful for the same thing. I do, however, have to clean up cat poop in my garage. It's always something.
Oh, and Daphne, my friend's kid threw up in our hottub. You've never seen three adults grab three kids and vault faster out of a hottub. The picture is forever frozen in my mind.
My daughter threw up an amazing volume in a car. That car is now called the vomit comet.
Yep, grateful for no vomit!

Tammie said...

kashoan: i wanted to cry. yesterdays puke happened before my first cup of coffee. it was a rough morning. i think i need my own personal chuck. i was trying to get her to aim into my giant soup pot. :)

daphne: that is awful. ugh.

mari: i had to laugh at the vomit comet.

i regularly have to clean chihuahua poop out of my sons room. (word of advice: never get a chihuahua. they are hopelessly dumb.) anyway, we've named his room the "poopatorium."

but yes, its always something. if the day ever comes when i dont have to clean up someones or somethings urine or poo, im going to think im lost and that ive stumbled into someone elses life.

Dani said...

Oh my. Illnesses involving vomit are by far the worst.

Kindergarten starts in a week. Not only will I have to worry about my own children vomiting, but other people's children as well. Really...there are few things worse than being puked on by a kid that isn't yours.

I have many stories to tell. They will scar you.

Karen said...

At dinner we always say what we're grateful for that day. "We're not dead yet," and "we don't live in the congo" are good standbys for bad days, now I will add "I didn't have to clean up vomit."

Barefoot_Mommy said...

It's always a good day when you don't have to clean up vomit. The only thing worse than your kid vomitting on you, or eve someone else's kid... is when your cat vomits. One of ours vomitted on my piano yesterday and I just didn't even have the energy to cry about it. I just sighed.

Bridge said...

very low indeed.