Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

*Some of you may remember me talking about the asshole stray cat that sometimes lives with me. He's shown up quite a few times in this space. (Most notably here.) Well, he's missing. I haven't seen him in about a week. Even though he wasn't my cat (believe me he was owned by no one---he was his own man), I still miss him. He was quirky and feisty. As much as I tried to keep him in the house, he just wouldn't stay. He was a street cat through and through. He'll be missed.

*My kids have gotten along surprisingly well lately. Oh there have been fights, tears, and bruises. But there have also been long stretches of time where they've played together nicely and cooperatively. The boy taught his little sister to play video games and he's been including her in the very low budget movies that he shoots in our back yard. The movies center around a super hero that has to protect the citizens of BackyardVille.My daughter is usually the "victim" but then she has to don a hat and sweatshirt to portray the "bad guy."And yes, unless my son has a friend over, I'm usually recruited to be the camera person. This is one of the many reasons I haven't had time to mop my floors in three weeks.

*Growing up, one of the few things my mom regularly baked was shortbread. For whatever reason, I had never made it myself. Until Monday.Because it's so simple, I thought I'd post the recipe here. (I don't know if this is actually my mom's recipe, I don't know the origins of it. But it's the one she's always used.)


* 1 cup butter, softened (Don't even think of getting unsalted butter. You need the sweet/salty combo. Trust me.)

* 1/2 cup granulated sugar

* 2 cups all purpose flour

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually stir in flour. Spread/pat in an ungreased 13x9 pan. Bake at 300 degrees for 30-40 minutes. You'll know it's done when it begins to brown around the edges.


Nowheymama said...

Mmm. I love shortbread.

And what creative kiddos!

Mari said...

My kids used to make movies all the time- I miss them! Looks like they are having a great summer : )

Dani said...

I am glad your kiddos are getting along. I would love to see some of those low-budget films. I am into indie flicks. My children are the definition of love-hate. I am trying to deal with it.

CT said...

I've only tried shortbread cookies, so thank you for the recipe!

and the Oscar for best cinematography goes to...


Maria Rose said...

Oh my, hang onto those videos...they are priceless.

Daphne said...

Shortbread makes me very happy.

My best friend and I used to shoot home movies in high school -- ooooh, I wish we still had them. We still completely crack up and have to act them out sometimes.

Veronica said...

I love your mom's shortbread! Thanks for posting the recipe :)

Also, I've seen some of your sons videos. I think some of them are hilarious. Nice camera work!

MJ is totally bored in the new pad. There are no kids her age that i've seen out and about...probably because there is no yard to be out and about in.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Shortbread...yum! Thanks for the recipe.

Love that your kids are making movies. As a little sister I was always the victim in our homemade plays. It was estra special if I got to put ketchup on me for blood.

Your tee is on its way to you.

kraftykash said...

Your kids are too cute! Im surprised the biy would let you post his pic on here!! lol

My kids fight all the time. Im always here to control it. He is so much bigger than her. He is dying to control her, she is fighting to not be controlled. Ahh the joys of motherhood. :)
BTW(I hope that just made sense.)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Hmm, I wonder where Asshole is. Stray cat heaven, or just somewhere with better cat food?

hester said...

Great photos of your two making movies. Perhaps you could ask your mate, Alec to partake in the next one.