Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Project that Probably Wasn't Worth My Time

Do you want to know where my ass is right now? Sittin' on these taxi cabs:(Hmmm.....those are two sentences I've never written before.)

The folks that make inexpensive computer desk chairs don't do that great of a job. I know this for a fact because at least twice a week I see a chair, or what use to be a chair, out by the curb waiting for the trash man. I also know that the folks that make computer desk chairs don't want you to reupholster them. I learned that this afternoon.
Our chair was fine structurally, but starting to look rough. The back and seat were quite worn and ragged. Instead of going to Target and spending the $35-$50 on a new chair like say, everyone else in the world, I got it in my head to fix the problem myself.

To re-cover the various parts, you have to take them out of the cheap plastic molded area. Easy enough. Putting them back in the cheap plastic molded area is not as easy. I may have to sweet talk the husband into neatening up the edges for me.
I should probably also share with him the four screws I had "leftover" after putting it all back together.

Yeah, probably.


Betts said...

I can only imagine the nightmare, and will add this to the "don't do" list. It really looks nice though.

Tammie said...

yeah. thanks betts. next time i'll probably just go to target. or place an ikea order.

Daphne said...

So funny. I love the taxicab ass pad.

Hey, did you know Michael Jackson was raised Jehovah's Witness? (Terri cannot stop watching the MJ coverage... learning lots of "facts"...)

Nowheymama said...

But it's so much cuter than a regular chair!

Karen said...

Those screws were just for decoration, I'm sure.

It really does look great, but I'm so glad you posted about this so I'm never tempted to try this myself

melissa s. said...

my cheap computer desk chair wants to be your cheap but cutely upholstered computer desk chair's best friend.

Tammie said...

daphne: yes i did know that. did you know that Prince is one now?

nowhey: thanks!

karen: yes...dont waste your precious time.

melissa s: my cheap computer chair accepts the friendship request, happy with the knowledge that it will always be known as the "cute friend."

CT said...

LOL!!! Well, at least now you KNOW. and it is definitely a one of a kind chair now!!!