Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Eating:: Honey Nutters Have you made these? You should. They taste like peanut butter cookie dough. But healthier. Sort of.

Anxiously Awaiting:: September 22. This is the release date of not only the third season of 30 Rock, but also Lymelife. Don't expect much from me that week people. I'll be sitting in front of my TV staring at Alec Baldwin for hours on end. I may even be scantily clad. Who am I kidding, we all know I'll be scantily clad.

Amazed by:: The awesome zig zag stitch created by this spider.Do you see the spider, all yellow and big? Pretty amazing, huh? Yeah....he's still about to die though. Sorry, but he's creepy and big.

My husband. He's been working a lot of long days lately so we haven't had any time together. Fortunately, he's off of work for the next two days. Thank goodness! There are spiders around here that need to be killed.

Foxtrot comics. Whenever I start feeling stressed, I read comics. I'm simple that way.

Our twelfth wedding anniversary tomorrow.


kraftykash said...

Spiders freak me out, but, that web is sweet! In honor of your anniversary tomorrow, Im scantily clad toasting you with a glass of barefoot merlot as I type this. haha JK about scantily clad :o)

kraftykash said...

I cant show you the bedroom, but I did show you the basement in my blog today. :)

Aleta said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!

That is a cool zig zag, but do you know, I completely MISSED seeing the spider while I looked at the zig zag pattern! Until you pointed it out and then, YIKES! That sucker was huge!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My rule on spiders is, as long as you stay outside, we're cool. You come inside, you're toast.
Their webs amaze me.

Nowheymama said...

Happy anniversary!

We have a recipe similar to that, but we drizzle them with with melted chocolate. ;)

Dani said...

I am looking forward to being scantily clad for basketball season. I am weird that way.

Me and the Mr. are celebrating #9 next week.

Advice: Go off beans and rice for one evening and eat a meal out. If possible. It doesn't have to be fancy. It could even be a "just dessert" date. But do it. It was the type of treat that kept me sane...or more sane I guess.

Dani said...

Oh, and those spiders are pretty but creep me out as well.

As most spiders do.

Maria Rose said...

I relocate my spiders, this involves catching them in a cup. It's not as bad as it sounds. That zig zag is awesome!

Mari said...

That web is amazing, I vote for amnesty for the spider!
Happy Anniversary!

jessieearthmomma said...

Wow! Spider talent and 12 years!

Betts said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you do something special.

Amazing web, but I agree about the creepy spider. Ewww! Dysfunctional Mom and I are the same. If you stay outside, you can live. Unless you're living on something that I need to touch often.

Karen said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! Whenever I find a bug--inside or outside--I have to go through baroque balancing tests and personal mood inventories before deciding their fate. I probably need to adopt the test used by dysfunctional mom & betts.

Daphne said...

Happy Anniversary!

hester said...

Happy anniversary to you and Jay. And that's a gorgeous web.I love them too, except when I walk into them.