Friday, July 3, 2009

Gratitude Friday :: Cigar Aficionado

Jay has taken up smoking the occasional cigar. I have no problem with this. I think there is something quite sexy about a man holding a cigar:Well, a certain type of man anyway.

Jay is very patient with me when it comes to my silly obsession with Alec. He sits through all the movies (even the girlie ones), buys DVDs for me, and quietly listens to me when I start talking about all things Baldwin related. He even chuckles when I point to the picture of Alec on our refrigerator and tell the kids to refer to Mr. Baldwin as "daddy number two."

Jay is totally confident and secure in the knowledge that he's the only man for me. Oh, he knows I'm a fan. But he's also aware that I exaggerate it a bit for laughs. He gets the joke.

The other evening Jay was sitting outside reading a book, drinking Scotch, and smoking his cigar. I popped out and asked him if he felt like Alec Baldwin. Without missing a beat he quickly scoffed, "Alec Baldwin feels like me."

And there you have it. That's why I love this man.


Dawn said...

Very sweet.

Daphne said...

That is totally adorable.

kraftykash said...

This is good stuff! Jays goatee(facial hair) looks nice. Especially with that cigar! Thats funny that you say Alec is daddy #2. Kiley used to tell us taht if Jessica Simpson knocked at the door, he would leave with er, but send us lots of $$$. It was quite the joke at our place for awhile. Happy Friday Tammie.

Dani said...

Good man. As it should be.

The Mr. likes the occasional cigar as well. At Christmas it is him with the other male members of his family out on the back porch smoking, cussing, talking sports and such.

The women stay inside talking about decorating and cooking.

Are you surprised that I am outside cussing and talking sports with the men? For this I am shunned by the women.

Tammie said...

dawn: is that sarcasm i detect? i'll allow it.

kash: thanks. and jay reads this so im sure he'll appreciate the compliment on his goatee. thats funny about jessica simpson and kiley. is she still his celeb crush?

dani: ha ha...actually im not surprised, considering how much you love basketball.
i fall in some no-mans-land in between. i need to start my own group that wants to discuss everything, with lots of cussing.

Betts said...

I think Jay might be better looking than Alec.

I've smoked the occasional cigar myself, but I overdid it one night about 8 years ago. I smoked too much and everything tasted horrible the next day. I haven't smoked again since.

Maria Rose said...

What a great guy!

Mari said...

Ha ha! Jay is awesome!

Tammie said...

betts: jay will be happy to hear it.

mari: yeah, he puts up with a lot from me.

Bridge said...

WOW!!! I would have taken that as a total opportunity.
I like Alec too, although I see us as less than compatible.

Tammie said...

ha ha ha. what can i say? im strangely aroused by anger and a good argument.

CT said...

Can I join with the gals talking about EVERYTHING? while in college, once we were on our study group and a discussion about cars started and I jumped right in with the guys... then, when things were back to the study subject, it sparked again, now of sports... and one of the girls looked at me aghast and said "you are just like a man!" ouch!

hester said...

Nothing like a man with confidence. Very alluring.

I grew up hanging around a bunch of boys from school and after a while they forgot I was a girl (or even there) and I heard some VERY interesting conversations!