Monday, July 20, 2009

A Few Random Notes

*Saturday was the boy's eleventh birthday. He had asked for a green trifle. I complied.This giant bowl of green goo certainly isn't what I would have picked for my personal trifle, but he's an eleven year old boy. Things that look like snot and boogers appeal to him.

The layers of this are as follows: cake, pudding, crushed Oreos, gummy worms. Repeat. Then top with whipped cream. While I remain faithful to the tried and true trifle recipe of cake, pudding, and fruit, I must say that the crushed cookies in this one made for an interesting texture.

I won't even begin to mention how much food coloring was used for this trifle. I think next time one of the kids wants brightly colored baked goods, I might just go and get my hands on some of that Wilton Color Spray that Betts is always going on about. I have fantasies about the possibilities of that stuff.

*Since we are on the subject of baking, has anyone ever made a Chocolate Avocado Pie? I saw this briefly mentioned in a movie Jay and I were watching this weekend and I'm intrigued. It looks easy enough and requires no baking.

*Do you remember a few weeks ago I was upset because the neighborhood stray cat disappeared? That jerk showed up yesterday after an almost three week disappearance looking quite fat. I think he's just living somewhere that serves canned cat food. Asshole. I can't believe I wasted time worrying about him.

*If you haven't gotten a chance to read through the comments on Saturday's post, please do. I love reading about what everyone is keeping in/cutting out of their budget.


Nowheymama said...

One of our neighborhood stray cats has been officially adopted by a family on our street. He's quite pleased with himself.

Maria Rose said...

I'm glad your stray is OK. At least he came back. Doesn't that mean you (eventually) were more important to him than canned food? I think that says a lot!

Dani said...

Stray cats usually are assholes...especially the male variety. As is the case with missing males they are usually off eating and or screwing.

I have never even heard of a chocolate avocado pie. Let me know how that turns out.

Why is it that young boys are so willing to eat items that look like bodily fluids? It is a mystery.

Hotch Potchery said...

That is a funny trifle!

kraftykash said...

Happy 11th birthday to that boy of yours! I will have to get that recipe for Korbys b-day in August. I dont have a trifle dish, those make it look really cool! I dont like cats, not one little bit. Sorry :)
Enjoy your Monday.

Betts said...

That trifled isn't to be trifled with. [Sorry I couldn't resist.] I'm sure he loved it. I don't own a trifle bowl. I'll have to keep my thrift eye open for one.

Thanks for the blog link, too.

Aleta said...

Ok, yeah, that cake is a little ehhh disturbing to look at, but if it makes him happy. Lol.

Glad the stray cat is back. I'd be worried too!

Daphne said...

I love that scary green color. *shudder*