Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vegan Banana Muffins

Do you read Little Things are Big? If so, then you are aware that it's Vegan Week and that everyday Maria Rose is giving you some examples of what she, as a vegan, eats on a daily basis.

While I love cheese far too much to ever even consider becoming a vegan, I think it's a great idea to work in a vegan meal, side dish, or baked good from time to time. I want the kids to know that most vegan foods can be just as delicious as their non vegan counterparts.

Tuesday I made vegan banana muffins.Banana muffins and breads are a great choice when baking something vegan, since a banana can be easily used as an egg replacement. Obviously, a banana as egg replacement isn't going to work in every baked dish, but in foods that you don't mind having a slight banana flavor (breads, certain cookies, pancakes), it's a good option.

These muffins aren't real sweet so I wasn't sure if the family would go for them, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even the kids are eating them. I'm choosing to overlook that the boy quickly turns his into a non vegan muffin by covering it with butter and honey.

Also, the boy has nicknamed them Alec Baldwin banana muffins, the sole reason being that Alec Baldwin is the only vegan that he's aware of. As can be imagined, I'm totally happy with the nickname.

Would you like to make your own Alec Baldwin banana muffins? The recipe is here at RecipeZaar.

(Note: The only change I made to the original recipe was the addition of raisins.)


Dani said...

I'm game. I like the name change too. If you give something a clever name I will most certainly give it a whirl.

As I was reading this I thought, "those would be good with some butter...". I guess your son and I are pretty lame vegans. But that's OK. We mean well.

Karen said...

Not once in my life has it occurred to me that honey is an animal product. This is blowing my mind.

It's cheese that holds me back, too. I love it ever so much.

Maria Rose said...

Cool! If you want to test my vegan banana bread for my cookbook let me know and I will shoot you the recipe!

I didn't know Mr. Baldwin was one of us (vegans).

Tammie said...

dani: i was thinking they'd be good with cream cheese, so im a pretty lame vegan too.

karen: i know! i dont often think of it as an animal product either. i think i was yelled at once about it by a self righteous vegan. (not maria rose, shes not self righteous)

and yeah, im convinced that if i could just give up cheese, i would have the waif like figure ive always craved.

maria rose: i totally want the recipe.
and yes, alec is one of you. :)

Daphne said...

Alec Baldwin is a vegan? Mr. Schwetty Balls?

These look good. I think we would be very happy as vegans in my house, but we have one milk drinker (not me) and one cheese eater (me), so it might take awhile. Plus, if we're going to go vegan, might as well go wheat-free, and how fun is that? NOT FUN.

(just kidding. Actually we are moving in that direction)

Tammie said...

you people really need to brush up on your baldwin trivia if you expect to keep up with me.

daphne: our diets have been overhauled quite a bit in the last few years as well. we rarely eat red meat, and even chicken just doesnt always excite us as much as it used to. while i'll never expect it to be a house full of vegans, i would like to rely on animal products less.

kraftykash said...

We so need to change our eating habits around here. Now that its summer time, Im noticing we are all a little rounder around the middle. Im making a grocery list today. Do you have a new meal idea for me?

Tammie said...

i dont know if i have any meal try to have at least one meatless meal a week around here, which might flatten out some tummies providing the meatless meal isnt mac and cheese. (which it sometimes is here :)
a popular thing around here is taco night but instead of ground beef we use the Morningstar Farms Meal crumblers. then we load up the tacos with tons of veggies. my kids dont even notice the difference.