Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Small Bits of Sewing

I haven't had nearly enough time for sewing lately. With two kids home most days, it's hard to find the time to designate for crafting. If I have a project I'm working on, I like to have a large chunk of time to devote to it. I don't work well in small bursts of time and I get frustrated by constant interruptions and stops and starts. So my sewing machine sits, mostly untouched.

Although I seem to be on a vacation from sewing, I do have a few items to show from the last month or so. One being my beach bag:This was made following the same basic pattern that I usually use, only I made it wider and the strap longer. This pattern is so easy to customize and I love playing around with it. I'm thinking of making a longer bag or maybe adding inches to the bottom of the original pattern, the way Kashoan did. Really, the possibilities are endless with this one.

Last week Jay took the kids on a bike ride so I could whip up a new skirt for the girl:
Again, this is the same pattern I usually use for skirts. The only difference is that this time I didn't have any matching ribbon for the hem so I made some trim from a coordinating fabric.
It took a bit more time, but ultimately I think it was worth it. My regular hems are never really straight so it's best I hide my sloppy workmanship.

Finally, I had to do something about this:
My scraps. Which used to be in a basket until they began to overflow. Now they are in a shopping bag. And are also beginning to overflow. As you know, I hate to throw scraps away and I try to utilize every last bit of fabric. Because the scraps were getting out of control, I started making these:Scrappy, log cabin style, quilt squares. I try to stick to a color theme of just one or two main colors within each one, and each square is roughly 10 x 10. Eventually I plan on putting these into a quilt, but at the rate I'm going that may be a decade from now. At this moment I only have nine. Plus, I don't want to buy new fabric specifically for this project, only using what I have on hand. So I can see myself coming to a (temporary) standstill when I don't have enough scraps to make an entire square. When it comes time to put them all together I'm not sure if I want to do it by color or hue, or maybe just the grab and sew method. As you can see this is all in the very early, developmental stages.

So I guess I've had a little bit of sewing time, just not as much as I would like. This summer most of my time has been spent screaming at hanging out with the children.


Dani said...


I love the bag...very beachy.

I really love those squares. Don't worry about time...if you have read my blog for very long you know about the "7 Years in the Making" afghan. I will have to rename it. A friend told me that I should never finish it. I should just pass it down to The Girl for her to work-on and she would pass it down and that would continue and it would become this grand family heirloom. I am leaning toward that idea.

I have been "hanging out" with my Offspring as well.

Maria Rose said...

I looove the polka dot fabric!

Mari said...

I love the stripey bag and the polka dot skirt, very cute projects, and the quilt squares are darling! Most of my scraps don't match, but I'll have to take a look again. I have made some bags from that pattern, I should post them one day. All my crap has been on the kitchen table for 3 months, but no one has complained yet! Now that it is going to get hot, I should move my sewing stuff to the nice cool basement.

melissa s. said...

love it all! how awesome will that quilt be when it's done and you have a reminder of all the projects you've completed? (very awesome)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I can't wait to have a chunk of time to sew. I have been itching to get a project done and even have the fabric, but I too, can't just do a little here and there. The bag and skirt are pretty!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love the beach bag!

Layrayski said...

I like that gray stripe bag.

How do you do that scratch word thing? very funny hehe

word verification= minnat= gave me the giggles.

Tammie said...

lyra: its too easy. its called a 'strike through'. blogger wont let me type the html code here in the comment box. just google 'strike through html code' and you'll get it.

Tammie said...

mari: yes! post pictures of the bags! i had been wondering if you ever got around to making any.

Becky..AMHW said...

I make trim all the time. It's one of my little costume secrets.

Fancy ribbon and braid? 5 to a zillion bucks a yard. I may need 10 to 20 yards of it for a project.

Ribbon cut from fancy embroidered, woven or shiny fabric? 5-20 bucks a yard for the fabric, cut into strips, 36 yards of one inch wide ribbon. Sure, it's a bit more labor intensive but ultimately so much less expensive, looks just as rich. Often times layering an inexpensive thin ribbon on the edges of the strips really pulls it off.