Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

*Not only was today the last day of school, but it was my son's fifth grade graduation. I know it's only the end of elementary school, but I wept like a child as he walked across the stage to get his certificate. He looked so handsome and grown up. Middle school, here we come.

*My favorite houseplant, okay my only houseplant, a once green philodendron, is sick.
Sigh. It used to be so full of life. I noticed it was looking yellow about a month ago and on further inspection saw it was root bound. I transplanted it to a bigger pot and thought all would be ok, but it's still looking scraggly. Help. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? It never gets moved around or disturbed except for the few times a month I take it outside for watering. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

*While I'm asking for advice, I have another issue. We have a somewhat large mole family living in our back yard and tearing up our grass. At first it seemed like only one mole, which while annoying, wasn't a big deal. Now it appears as if we have the mole version of the Duggars living in our yard. Plus, the matter is made worse by Liz Lemon who sniffs out the moles and digs up the grass where she thinks they are. This brings me to my question: Does anyone know of a cruelty free way to get rid of moles? I can't stress the cruelty free part enough. I really don't want to kill them. I just want to make my yard undesirable so that they head under the fence and into the yards of my unsuspecting neighbors. I like my neighbors and all, but it's every yard for itself at this point.

*While investigating the mole situation, I noticed we have some small limes on our tree.Of course right now these are just useless babies, but soon enough they'll be garnishing my nightly vodka tonic.

*Wednesday night the electricity flicked off. A moment later it came back on. My computer monitor, on the other hand(which may have been the first monitor ever), did not. I lugged out the emergency monitor. (Does everyone have an emergency supply of slightly shitty electronics, or is that just us?) Anyway, emergency monitor was blurry and took up half the desk. So Thursday morning Jay and I had to head over to Best Buy and break a resolution by putting a new monitor on a credit card. It was painful to use that credit card because since January I had paid that card down quite a bit. But as Jay said, "We're going to have to buy things sometimes." And he's right. Overall, our spending habits and attitudes about credit have drastically changed and I'm proud of us. On the bright side, the new monitor is really nice, so bright and clear. I had no idea I had been using such a sub par piece of equipment. I imagine this is how blind people feel after being granted the gift of sight.

*Finally:: I'm A Celebrity, Get me Out of Here. I don't really enjoy "reality tv" and wasn't at all interested in this show when the only Baldwin on it was useless, slow eyed Stephen, who I might add, appears to be the only Baldwin without chest hair. But now crazy Daniel is on. As most of you know, I'll watch anything with Alec in it, since he's hot, sexy Baldwin. But when he's not around, I have a two Baldwin rule. I'm forced by my own rule to watch this stupid show. This show is on four nights a week! Hopefully a Baldwin gets voted off soon, and hopefully it's Stephen.


Karen said...

I wonder if your dog will eventually drive the moles away. My parents' dog (a little bichon frise) has fended off many bunny rabbit incursions.

kraftykash said...

Let me start off by saying I know nothing about moles. Dont even really know what they look like. They have naked mole rats at the local zoo, they are ugly!

As for your plant, I add used coffe grounds to my plants about once a week. I water them about that much too. Trim off all the brown and yellow stuff and go from there. I hope that helps a little.

5th grade graduation is huge! I love helping with that at Korbys school every year. Tears are a big, normal part if it! Its a huge milestone!!

Rock on for a new monitor! Dont feel bad about the card...just put it back where it was and keep paying it off. Your doing good girl!

Daphne said...

My family has a big-deal tradition about 8th grade graduations (I guess coming from very traditional rural farming roots), but 5th grade is a big deal too!

Can't help with the moles (hose/water down their holes? that's what my dad always did)... but with the plant, often if you cut it way back and make sure there's no rot in the soil, it will grow back happy. Or try a little Miracle Grow.

Yay for new monitor! It's true, sometimes you have to buy stuff. I've been wrenching down even harder on the budget lately because we had to spend a bunch of money on cats, cars, and treatments. Gotta be done, though!

Carla said...

Sadly - we have an emergency monitor, and keyboard, and mouse. But hey - it's the computer era right?

Tammie said...

karen: i dont know. shes never actually caught any of them so its hard to say.

kash: moles are kinda cute in an ugly sorta way, like chihuahuas. im going to try the coffee ground thing.
(and thanks for all the other kind words.)

carla: yeah we have a closet full of emergency computer junk. im glad im not the only one.

daphne: yeah, we're sort of in the same boat. there have been things we've had to buy lately and i feel like we're taking a step back, but you're right---sometimes it just has to be done.
im probably going to cut the plant back and see if that helps.

Crystal said...

I giggled about your emergency electronic supply, but then again, it is a great idea. Must stockpile all the stuff we need. :)

Going from 5th grade to 6th is HUGE. I would have wept like a baby as well.

No suggestions about the moles. Our dog Molly is a mole murderer. I have to check the backyard before Neva goes out to play or she will bring in a dead mole to me. It. Is. So. Gross.

Dani said...

I don't have a lot of help for you whatsoever...which makes me wonder why I am commenting. Maybe I like to see myself write.

I think I have that same plant...all over my house. I don't know the name. I only know aloe vera, african violets, and the same old flowers that a kindergartner would know. I grow a lot of mine in water. Straight water. Those do the best. The ones I have in soil only get watered when they look droopy. They pop back and on we go.

My dad took care of yard varmints the old fashioned way...if you know what I mean.

We don't use credit cards either. I have one gathering dust in my underwear drawer "just in case". We saved up about $1000 for an emergency fund. While we were saving this we paid the minimum on the cards. Once we had that we started chipping away on a grander scale. Now if we have a repair or such we go to the emergency fund...and then pay it back.

Beans and rice...rice and beans.

Mari said...

Oh happy graduation to the boy!

Tammie said...

crystal: i kinda wish my dog would kill them. i mean I dont want to play a part in the murder, but if the dog were to do it, then its just nature doing its thing.

dani: you are my credit debt idol. what you have going on is something we're working towards and i think its a goal we'll reach. and we're definitely doing the beans and rice thing.

mari: thanks!

Betts said...

I think moles eat grubs, so if you can control your grubs the moles will go away. Not sure on your plants, but wonder if overwatering is a problem. Mine gets watered deeply about every 10 to 14 days.

melissa s. said...

I have no advice on houseplants and moles but your duggar reference CRACKED ME UP!! And I bawled at my son's preschool graduation...I can't imagine what I'll be like at fifth grade or beyond. I imagine I'll be banned from graduations by then.
Congrats on the new monitor!