Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Eating:: So much tasty food. Fish Tacos--a hit with everyone. Healthy Cookies (I like these, but didn't even offer them to the family. I'm certain that they'd just turn up their noses. )

Even our own little garden seems to be giving us a lot lately. Everyday I head out there to find plenty of tomatoes and a decent amount of kale.

Amazed by:: How green everything looked on our recent trip to a local park.We've gotten so much rain here lately and everything is looking so lush and alive.

Scared by:: How old my son is looking.He'll be eleven in July and starts middle school in the fall. I'm appropriately freaked out.

He doesn't show up in my blog too much anymore. He's usually off doing big kid stuff. It's nice when I can sneak a photo of him.

Pondering the possibilities of:: My new-to-me vintage skirt. Found on the side of the road in a box of (mostly boring) yard sale leftovers.
I love the tag in this skirt. It reads in large letters, "Made in the USA. Union Made. ILGWU." Which stands for International Ladies Garment Workers Union. A rare find indeed.

At first glance I was a bit worried about the fit and possible dowdiness of this skirt. The size is perfect but it comes up high on the waist, whereas I'm used to wearing things slightly low on my hips. Plus, the length is just below the knee, which definitely has the potential to make me look matronly. But I think I can pull it off as long as I slightly skank it up with a tight top and some fishnets. Now if only I had somewhere to go other than the grocery store.

Watching:: Tadpole. Weird and slightly icky.

Enjoying:: The girl's beach findings.

I've caught her playing with them and giving them personalities as if they are little ocean life action figures. The butterfly shaped shells are called coquinas, and as a little girl, I used to be fascinated by them. (read more about coquinas here if interested)

Slightly obsessed with:: The trailer to New Moon which can be found here. Holy mother of pearl how am I going to wait until November 20th to see this movie!? It's going to be a long summer.


Dawn said...

I played with coquinas all the time too!!! But I just learned their name today.

Maria Rose said...

Wow, I can't believe how much your garden is producing. Mine is just getting started.

Layrayski said...

watched the trailer yesterday and I'm drooling over how hunky Jacob is becoming!

Your son's so cute with that wavy hair. I can empathize about the freaked out feeling.

Daphne said...

The coquinas are so pretty! And your son, he's adorable with the hair. Love the skirt. I need to watch the trailer... maybe we should organize a big blog-world New Moon viewing; everyone goes on the same day then comes home and reviews it!

Tammie said...

dawn: when i was a kid it seemed like they were everywhere. i dont see them as much anymore.

maria rose: it helps that its so freakin' hot here. i think my family is going to be tired of tomatoes soon though.

lyra: doesnt the movie look good. i was sorta scared about the werewolf thing, thinking maybe it would look cheesy, but im impressed.

daphne: that sounds like a great idea!

jessieearthmomma said...

I am right there with you on New Moon! I was literally squealing like a teenage girl. Don't tell anyone, but I watched the trailer 7 times in succession. ;-)

Tammie said...

ha ha ha. i wont tell.
i watched it a few times more than i care to admit.

Nowheymama said...

Mmm, kale.

kraftykash said...

Cant wait to see that trailer. We didnt do a garden this yr...wishing I would have. The shells are beautiful, everytime we know someone going to the ocean I always ask them to bring a few back for me. I have issues with them for some unknown reason. Your son's hair is great! Kalen had his like that for awhile.

Aleta said...

Cool post! Loved the pictures of the veggies. It's wonderful when you can pick your own.

I think it's great that you found the skirt. It's a rare find alright. Post pictures when you dress it up to wear it!

The shells made me wish I was at the beach. Thanks for that :-)

Dani said...

Thanks for the link.

Your son is a cutie and you should be a little freaked out. Those middle schoolers will give you a run for your money. I have a bit of a breather, but am on your heels.

I am totally out of the loop on this whole trailer thing...Stupid question. Is this connected to Twilight in any way. Because I have heard of it (I don't live in a cave after all) but have never seen it. Yes. I said it. Maybe I should put that on my summer "to do" list.

Tammie said...

youre welcome:) and thank you for the great fish taco recipe.

my middle school years sucked so i just know im going to be on pins and needles for the next three years.

yep. new moon is the 2nd book in the twilight series. i was quite obsessed with the books, and then the movie, a few months back. ok..im still a bit obsessed.

hester said...

Great to see a photo of your boy He looks like a cool kid.

And your beach photo looks great on your blog header (or whatever it's called).

Bridge said...

wow! things are just getting settled int he ground here! your son is growing, its wonderful and scary at the same time ;)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I played with coquinas too. I love your tomatoes. I have a lot of green ones on the vine, but none that are ripe yet. What a find- that vintage skirt! You will have to skank it up a bit, but it will look cute.

Yarrow said...

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