Monday, June 22, 2009

Battling the Heat

Despite the fact that yesterday was only the first official day of summer, it has been horribly hot around here. We're experiencing a heat wave, with daily highs hovering around 99 degrees, and a heat index of about 110. People are being warned to stay out of the sun as much as possible and remain hydrated and cool. It's miserable.

Jay and I decided to pack up the kiddies and head for somewhat cooler ground: the beach.

Early on, I was worried about how this trip would end. The girl was whinier than usual and made even whinier by the fact that her sunglasses were washed away by the ocean waves, the boy almost immediately got stung by some strange beach bee, and even at the beach it was hot. But after a very rough first 45 minutes everyone settled down and began to enjoy themselves.
(The walking raft and the speck running in the distance in the picture below it, are my son. Gosh, it's hard to get pictures of him these days.)

This time we came a bit more prepared and arrived with our own drinks and food. Last time we made the mistake of eating lunch at a restaurant on the beach. Not very budget friendly.Jay and I have discussed the ways in which we can fine tune this portion of our trip and whittle it down to where we are spending next to nothing in this area. Because really, a trip to the beach shouldn't be about the food.

We ended up staying most of the day, arriving home late afternoon with some very tired, very sandy children. Plus, even though I applied and reapplied sunblock, we are all a bit pinker than I would like.

Today we are home, with sunburn to take care of and sandy beach laundry to wash. And we are all anxiously awaiting the end of the week when the temperature highs are going to be only in the low nineties. (um, yay?)


kraftykash said...

The kids look like they are having fun! We headed out to the pool yesterday, and are a little pink as well today.
Packing a cooler is a handy idea, Im always throwing stuff in my bag. I hate spending $$ on snacks at the pool.
Why arent you using that hand fan I sent you? That would CURE the heat wave that you are experiencing! hahaha
Take Care- Stay Cool!

Mari said...

The beach looks fun! I haven't been since last summer. I'm trying to remember my hot weather tricks- baby wipes, getting wet, popsicles, wading pools, etc. Ooh, REI makes these headbands filled with some sort of bead. You soak them for a half an hour, then put them around your neck. Makes it 20 degrees cooler, I swear! We used them all the time last summer. Now, where did I store them...

It was chilly here this weekend. I had to make a fire on Father's Day morning, so the hub wouldn't freeze to death in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Seattle hasn't had any rain for 29 days. Global Climate Change, anyone? Really strange.

Mari said...

Here they are (all different patterns) and only $10!

Becky..AMHW said...

And here in the desert, where it's supposed to be 99 degrees, it's been in the 70's and raining every day.

I've never seen my land of flat white nothing so green.

Dani said...

It has been crazy hot around these parts as well. I see us spending a lot of time in the white trash pool in our near future.

Tammie said...

kash: ha! we used that fan so much within the first few weeks that we broke it.

mari: i hear ya....even with the air on, its still pretty hot. and i dont want to set it too low or i run the risk of having a $500 electric bill.
i may have to look into these headband things.

dani: yeah we took the white trsah pool down for cleaning but i think its time to set it back up.

Karen said...

We always wind up going to starbucks after a trip to the beach. They have iced drinks, cookies, and indoor bathrooms. Not cheap, but did I mention the indoor bathrooms?

hester said...

I loved this post (and the one with you and the girl in the wildflower field - bra strap notwithstanding). I especially loved the photo of the walking surfboard thingy. It cracked me up!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Looks like fun! This heat is ridiculous.

PamperingBeki said...

A beach looks so nice right now!
It's crazy hot here in Kansas.