Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

I feel like I've been slacking lately when it comes to my blog. It isn't that I don't have time...I suppose I've just been feeling uninspired lately. Not so much writers block, more like thought block. I've been staying busy doing other things and mentally there just isn't much left for the ol' blog. Random Thoughts are easy though. I have enough brain power for that.

*Liz Lemon is proving to be a wonderful buddy for me. Being only a year old, she still has a bit of puppy in her. She's housebroken but loves to play and run and chew. We definitely need to buy more dog toys.
*There is less than a month left of school. My son's fifth grade graduation is coming up and soon he'll officially be a middle schooler. I'm scared.

*I like to have a blanket at the end of my bed. If I want to read in the middle of the day, I can lay on top of the covers and pull the blanket up, tricking myself into believing that I'm not being lazy because I'm not actually in bed. I'm on top of bed. Do you see the difference? During the cooler months I like to have afghans but now that it's warming up I needed something lightweight. I finished this patchwork number yesterday. Most of the fabrics are by Heather Ross from her West Hill and Lightening Bugs lines.(A large portion, if not all, of these fabrics were bought from the down shadow lane etsy shop. This is one of my favorite places to shop for fabrics. She has a great mix of styles, her prices are better than average, and shipping is super fast.)

Back to the blanket :: I chose fabrics by the same designer because I sort of wanted it to "match."Normally, I don't mind the crazy look of something pieced together with scraps but I wanted this blanket to be a bit more subtle and have some continuity.

The only thing I bought specifically for this project is the orange dog fabric.
I've loved it for a while but never bought it because I didn't really have a use for it. After Lulu died, I thought adding it to the blanket would be a nice way to remember her. I also embroidered this little patch:As silly as it sounds, I think the making of this was therapeutic for me in some way.

*I made another Artsy Clutch today.This one is for a friend of my moms. She wanted something "blue and know, like a Chinese lady's dress." Fortunately, my mom knew what she was talking about and picked out the supplies. Didn't my mom do an awesome job matching that button? Amazing.

I was apprehensive about working with the fabric on this one because up until now I've only used cottons. I was certain I was going to end up with a satiny ball of garbage. But I took it slow and it came together really easily.

As I've been typing all this out it's occurred to me why I have that uninspired feeling: creatively, I've done a lot this week. No wonder I'm all tapped out. I'm going to try to spend the rest of my Saturday on the back porch with a beer and a trashy vampire book.


Miss D. said...

Couple of things:

1. You did some great projects! Looking at your quilt (I want to make one like it, by the way... you know, with all the sewing I do...), I realized I recognized one of the fabrics, that bright yellow with the ribbon-y flowers and black accents. My mom is going to make me a summerweight bathrobe out of it. Because she rocks.

2. Uh, I forgot my second point.

3. Thank you for reminding me that I wanted to read those trashy vampire novels! I keep seeing them at this one house I babysit at, and I keep forgetting to get them. I wrote down the author so hopefully can get one at the library today.

Oh, and your new pup is ADORABLE.

Nowheymama said...

I love that quilt.

Jessie Earth Momma said...

What a sweet idea for the blanket!

melissa s. said...

i love the quilt. i see some of my favorite prints in there. what a sweet way to remember lulu. happy mother's day!

kraftykash said...

The girl makes that quilt look very turned out great! One of our dogs favorite toys are rinsed out sour cream container and lid. He chews on those for hours.

Enjoy your mothers something nice for you.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Love the blanket, especially the patch. :)
Love the clutch too!

hester said...

The quilt is so lovely - and a great way to honour Lulu.

I feel exactly the same way about the joys of lying on the bed during the day for a nap/read and having a blanket over you. Much less slovenly then messing up the bed.

Mari said...

The quilt for Lulu is really nice. You have been really busy! It's amazing you had time to post at all. The clutch is really pretty, too.

Maria Rose said...

Wow, you have been busy. I really love the quilt you made.
Also, I too keep a blanket at the end of my bed.

Aleta said...

Well, for someone who doesn't have the inspiration to write the blog, you had a nice long post there. And I enjoyed every word of it.

I'm like you, I keep a throw at the end of my bed, so that I don't have to get under the sheets during the day if I want to cover up. Funny how the mind works.

I love all that you made and especially the material of the orange dog print!

Tammie said...

thank you all for your comments and compliments about my blankie---you all are the best!

miss d: your mom is awesome. that's great fabric.
and the books are really good. not brain stretching by any means. but good and mindless.

kashoan: i may have to try that. i love all things dairy so we always have sour creme containers.

hester: i know!! why is it that when im actually in the bed under the covers i just feel like a bum?

mari: thank you...i need to email you.

maria rose: thanks. and im so glad you're happily settled in your new place.

aleta: i was so happy to see you're not in blog land too much anymore.

earthmama said...



Betts said...

I so get the "in bed" / "on bed" difference. You make some beautiful things. When are you going to open an etsy shop?

CT said...

oh! I'm glad everything is going on so nicely on your home! I love the "patchwork number" you made!!! lovely!!!! and the artsy clutch turned out beautiful!!!!!!!

My dad also got a new pup... my girls nearly killed the poor thing yesterday, they were intent on hugging it to death! lol! still, the rottweiller is undamaged, only a bit scared of my littlest one! BH likes to pretend she is scared of him because she "feels sorry that Julia scared him" and runs from the pup, who chases her....