Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cookies, a Movie, and a Bag with a Button

Yesterday I made these cookies. Although mine didn't come out nearly as round and lovely as Mav's, they are tasty. At first I was a little unsure of a cookie without sugar, eggs, or butter, but I was pleasantly surprised. Plus, these little guys are actually quite filling, making them a perfect quick breakfast or after school snack. I bought the fancy maple syrup to use in the recipe but I think next time I may try good ol' Mrs. Butterworths or maybe store brand. I know that will knock them down a few notches on the healthy meter, but I just don't see myself regularly working $7 maple syrup into my grocery budget.

Last night Jay and I watched the documentary What Would Jesus Buy? The movie follows Reverend Billy as he tours the country preaching about how Christmas has become so commercialized and he warns about the "shopocalypse." I have mixed feelings about the movie. While I agree that Americans spend too much money and this country has become a nation of consumers, I don't think simply walking into a Starbucks screaming, "Stop Shopping!" is the answer. It may be eye opening for a few, but judging by the reactions of the people in the movie, most thought Billy was nuts.

It would do us all some good to really evaluate how and where we spend money, but this means different things to different people. You can't just stop shopping. It's not that easy. I also think it would be wonderful to always support locally owned businesses, but that isn't always an option. So of course, I think the idea that Billy wants to "shut down Target" is completely ridiculous.

Ultimately, I liked the movie (it was produced by Morgan Spurlock-whose work I love), I just couldn't relate to Reverend Billy. He's passionate, and I admire that, but I don't think his over-the-top antics did much to get people to come around to his way of thinking. Which is a shame, because he has a really great message, he just needs to spread it in a way that is more palatable.


One more thing before I go: My friend Kashoan participated in the Big Button Challenge over at Polka Dot Cottage, making a very groovy bag. Now it's voting time. I know Kash wants to win, so if you're so inclined, please cast your vote for her bag. Thanks.


Mari said...

I was just thinking about this today, how shows like sex and the city made women have to have shoes that they really couldn't afford, etc. It seemed to really start in the 1980's, but the 1990's forward just seemed to be an explosion in consumerism. There are some name brands I buy because they last longer (especially shoes) but I just can't stomach paying a fortune for a name alone! I really love stores like TJ Maxx. Dillards gets really good sales, I've bought shirts there for $2 on sale!

Nowheymama said...

I hadn't heard of this documentary. Interesting.

Tammie said...

i agree mari. i think its very easy to fall into the trap where you start equating your self worth with the clothes you wear, brand names, etc... this mentality is everywhere in television. in the movie they interviewed one girl in the mall and she was just parroting everything her friends said and did and she even admitted that if there is something that everyone else buys, shes going to buy it. its really sad and pathetic.

im right with you on the name brand thing. there are a few more expensive brands i'll buy. (ex:: i really like j. crews Everyday Chino, but when i buy them i usually wear them for three or four years so its worth the cost.)other than that, im pretty cheap when it comes to clothes.

Miss D. said...

I've pretty much stopped shopping for everything but essentials (with a few thrift shop $20 sprees thrown in here and there) and I'm amazed at how much I don't even notice a difference. Right now I do need summer shirts since I've gotten rid of a lot of them in the last year, but I'm still looking at thrift stores for cotton blouses instead of going to the dept. store and buying new tshirts. (thankfully I actually have tshirts still). But anyway... I cringe when I have to buy something new, but sometimes you have to.

melissa s. said...

i agree with your thoughts about WWJB. It also left me with a weird feeling. It felt a little too radical, which i'm ok with but think it holds it back from being taken seriously.

kraftykash said...

Thanks for adding the "vote for Kashoan" part. :) That bag was alot of fun to make. Thanks for showing it to us.

Betts said...

I'm trying to cut back on shopping with you as my inspiration. It isn't easy. I have a weakness for books and craft supplies.

Tammie said...

i hear ya betts. there are so many books i want. i could walk into a book store right now and have $500 worth of books in a matter of minutes.
its a constant struggle.