Monday, April 27, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears :: Part Three

The show Morning Joe on MSNBC.

As a rule, I don't like morning news shows. I think morning shows are silly and tend to dumb down the news for people (myself included) who aren't really cognizant of what's going on before their seventh cup of coffee. This has its place and I understand the appeal, it's just not my thing. Morning Joe takes the insanity to a whole new level though.

First off, the show is completely unorganized and it seems like everyone is always talking over one another. This is compounded by the fact that no one seems to know what's going on. At least once a day I hear one of them say something to the effect of "Okay, what are we doing? What's next?" I know it's early and that the news is always changing, but can these people at least have a vague idea of what they're going to discuss before the show begins? I've seen more organization from 15 year old journalism students recording the latest edition of the school news.

Secondly, I hate Joe Scarborough. I don't hate him because he's a Republican. I disagree with most of his opinions, but that alone isn't reason to hate him. No, I hate him because he doesn't care enough about his own show to dress up for it. I rarely see him in a tie. Every day is casual Friday.
He seems to favor these sweatshirt things:
You know the expression Dress for the job you want, not the job you have? This doesn't apply to Joe. He should work on dressing for the job he has. I can't take anything he says seriously because he's always dressed so unprofessionally. Plus, did you know he has a Myspace page? I just checked it out and Joe and I like a lot of the same things. This makes me wonder if Joe and I could ever be friends. Probably not, because I think he's a giant douche. I'm sorry Joe, I refuse to share a love of Elvis Costello with you. You are no longer allowed to like him.

Thirdly, Willie Geist. Sigh. Willie, Willie, Willie. I guess I get that you're supposed to be the young guy that breaks all the rules. I'm assuming that's why you snicker and grin a lot and don't really have anything intelligent to say. But you absolutely cannot be a judge on the Miss USA pageant and then expect to be respected as a news guy. What were you thinking?! For a while you were the only part of Morning Joe that I liked. Well, that's not entirely were the one I hated the least. Now, we are over.

I suppose now the highlight for me is Mika Brzezinski. She's really smart and I do like how she seems to be visibly irritated by the juvenile behaviour of the other people on her show:Yes Mika! That's how I feel when I watch your show too!!!

Despite the fact that we hate it, we still watch at least part of this show every weekday morning. Probably because the TV is already on that channel from the night before and we're just too lazy to change it. Although, Jay has taken to referring to his morning bathroom routine as "Morning Joe." As in, "If you need me, I'll be in the bathroom taking my Morning Joe." Disgusting, I know. Yet completely appropriate.


Nowheymama said...

I've never seen this, but Jay's comment cracked me up.

Tammie said...

good. i was worried it might too disgusting to say here.

morning joe is on very early in the morning. i think it starts at 5 or 6. either way, dont waste your time.

kraftykash said...

The boys in our house say they are going to do paperwork. YUCKY boys! :) Us girls never do or say anything yucky. Haha
We do not have cable, so I dont know who any of these people are...but the guy does dress down. Must have signed a contract with the company that makes those jackets. Ever watch Good Morning America? The kids and I LOVE that in the morning! Kiley is always gone before or by 7am.

Tammie said...

kash: that is disgusting. another one of jays faves is that he's "taking the browns to the super bowl." ugh. what is wrong with men?!!!

ive watched gma a few times, especially if someone i like is going to be on.

Mari said...

I am not a Joe Scarborough fan, bet you'd never guessed! He was a republican politician in florida, and is a lawyer. I guess that's why he takes himself so seriously!

As for Jay's idioms, you should collect them all over the years. It could be one of those little books you take into the bathroom! ; )

Tammie said...

nope mari it doesnt surprise me at all that you are not a fan..i kinda figured as much :)

did you happen to catch the episode where he said the f word on the air? if not, google it, its priceless.

Mari said...

I did see it, after the fact. It was everywhere, and I enjoyed watching it over and over.

hester said...

Oh...I feel so left out! I have no idea about the people you are discussing, but I definitely agree one hundred percent! (The Joe guy's clothes are a joke. Let's hope he scrubbed up for court in his lawyer days). As for two should be a double stand up act.