Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things I'm Into Right Now

I haven't done a Things I'm Into post in almost a month. Sometimes it's hard to stop and focus on the positive. Other times, life seems bleak and crazy and I think there is just nothing positive to report. Usually though, if I look hard enough, I can find something that makes me happy.

*Jasmine:These flowers are small but they pack quite a fragrant punch. This particular bush is right outside my front window and on a breezy day if I stand real close to the window, and breath in really deeply, I can catch a whiff. If only the flowers were big enough to gather together in a vase. The best I can do is float one or two of them in a tea cup but it's not the same.

*Cadbury Eggs:Easter has come and gone. Cadbury egg season is officially over. These are my last five eggs until next year. I have them hidden so as to not tempt tiny, grubby hands.

*Craft Books:I love Japanese craft books but I'm reticent to buy them considering that they are written in a language I can't read. Fortunately, Shambhala Publications is releasing some of them in English.

There are so many great ideas in these two books(Linen, Wool, Cotton ; Patchwork Style)that I don't know where to begin. I eventually want to make this jumper:I need to lay off the book buying now---the stacks on my nightstand are out of control. Having said that, I'm really excited about Carefree Clothes for Girls, which will be released in October.)

*Thrift store craft supplies:Thread, linen napkins, and four yards of a natural feeling fabric that appears to be some linen/cotton blend. Total cost: about $4. All bought at a junky thrift store I usually have no luck at.

The napkins are perfect for nighttime embroidery sessions in front of the television.*This cat:
He's made a few appearances in this space. He's an asshole. He's mean, he doesn't allow snuggles, he rarely even allows direct eye contact, and he's usually covered with at least one wound from all the neighborhood fights he gets into. But I enjoy his company. He's sleeping on the dvd player as I type this.


Nowheymama said...


Mari said...

He is an awfully cute cat... is he missing parts of both ears?! Poor guy!

jessieearthmomma said...

I too covet Cadbury eggs. In fact, 'tisn't spring with out a gluttony of them.

And as for the asshole cat, I too have one of those. I struggle to gain her trust, but she hates all humans.

CT said...

LOL@the cat! I can see why you love him! we girls always fall for the bad boys, and he is harmless enough as bad boys come! I love the inverted v shape in his face! it makes him look like a superhero of sorts.
I had (sniff!) a potted jasmin in my pseudo backyard (backroof would be the proper word) but gasp! a cat didn't like it and used it for sharpening his nails! waaaaahhh!!!!!

CT said...

oh, and thanks for your post, Tammie!!! love ya!

Oh crap! my verification word for THIS comment is

*choke* OVALIC


Shalet said...

First thing I noticed about said kitty? The nicks in the ears. My thought? Ahhh, he's a scraper!Was he trapped and neutered? I'm guess that may be the straight cut across his left ear. :o)

(and my word verification was "sucked" -- lovely!)

Shalet said...

Meant to say "I'm guessing". Not enough oxygen to the brain. :o)

hester said...

How weird! The jasmine is flowering outside our house too -on the other side of the planet. And I LOVE those Cadbury eggs - especially the runny caramel ones. But after my fourth filling today at the dentist, I am about to join chocoholics anonymous.

Tammie said...

shalet: you guessed correctly! there is a program here called operation catnip (not sure if thats a nationwide program or not) but someone in my neighborhood trapped him, had him neutered, and then brought him back. he's somewhat of a neighborhood cat so i think we all feel a bit of responsibility towards him.

Purple Energy said...
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