Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday The 13th

Usually I look forward to Fridays. The boy is at school, the girl is at preschool, and all the adults are at work. I have a few hours to sew or read in peace, or just get the house tidied up in a manner I'm not able to do when the kids are running around. Ok, I know that last part doesn't sound that exciting, but sometimes a clean house is enjoyable in itself.

This past Friday, I didn't get to have the relaxing house cleaning extravaganza I had hoped to have.

Thursday night the boy fell off his bike and landed on his wrist. All day Friday was spent in waiting rooms and doctors offices. Wouldn't it be wonderful if something like this could be taken care of in just one doctors office? No, that would be too easy. There's the consultation, then off to a different building for x-rays, then another one to actually see the doctor, then yet another building to make the splint. Oh, but we aren't done yet. Now we have to go downstairs and fill out some paperwork and prepare for the surgery on Monday morning. All of this being done while making repeated calls to the insurance company to make sure that each specific doctor is covered under our policy.

They use the term surgery but it's not as scary or invasive as it sounds. It basically just involves the doctor yanking his bones back in place so the whole thing heals properly. Of course, that's really painful so an anesthesiologist has to be there and the boy has to be properly drugged.

Here's the offending wrist/arm now:The boy is not pleased. He can't play outside. He can't play video games. With one useless hand, he can't even eat with the voraciousness that he's used to. His whole life is changing for the next few weeks.

I didn't have to pay for anything yesterday. Not even my co-pay. Which was good...I think things would have gotten ugly if someone had handed me a bill and expected some form of payment. Yet, I know in the coming months, the bills are going to start trickling in-$150 here, $50 there and so on and so forth. I'm scared. Yes, we'll be paying for this for a very long time. Probably in small of amounts of $10 a month. For the rest of my life.
In other news, we came home in the middle of the day yesterday because we had an hour or two between appointments. I used that time to make some brownies. Amazing, scrum-diddly-umptious brownies.The recipe can be found over at Vanilla Icing. I highly recommend you make them. Eating them is the perfect antidote for worries about broken arms, bills, and impending lifelong debt.


Nowheymama said...

Those brownies look amazing.

I'm glad the boy is OK. And on the sort of bright side, isn't it good that you've been being more careful about spending, so that when something like this comes along it's not as bad as it could be?

Or is it too soon for me to be making this point?

Betts said...

Ouch! Poor guy! And time passes pretty slowly when you're his age.

Maybe a long lost relative will die and leave you everthing in their will.

Mari said...

Wow, it never ends, does it? I hope Monday isn't too stressful. Chocolate always makes me feel better!

Karen said...

Oh god that SUCKS, for both your son and you. I pitched a fit earlier this week about having to spend a mere two hours at the doctor's, and when I came home I had to sit with a cold drink (not bake delicious looking brownies). You're made of tough stuff.

Tammie said...

nowheymama: sort of. we have been good and you're right it could be worse. i'll let you know in a week or so. :)

betts: i'd settle for a not long lost relative that i dont like that much. ha ha

mari: yes...when it rains it pours..and it definitely seems to be coming from all sides lately.

karen: i don't normally bake in times of stress. i had bought the stuff specifically to make these brownies and i really wanted to try them. but believe me, i definitely wound down that night with a libation. :)

melissa s. said...

and i thought having my annual exam on friday the 13th was bad...

bummer about the arm. hope he feels better soon!

BloomingAlmond said...

ohhhhh hope your boy gets well soon! And you better keep coking those sweet things... they always get the recovery process running :P

Maria Rose said...

I am glad to hear that he is OK and that the surgery isn't that big of a deal. How long will he be out of commission?

Heather said...

wonderful, just what you needed while you were on the right path, huh? Poor guy. We've been through this twice with my son and he isn't even 3. He has sprained his but since he can't verbalize enough, they run the whole gamut to be sure. I'm so impressed you fit in brownies in between. Yes, the perfect antidote. Maybe that is why I keep gaining weight even though we're spending less. ugh. By the way, I was going to tell you about a huge money saving tip I haven't had a chance to blog about yet... Making your own laundry soap. I was skeptical, but I finally did it and not only does it smell awesome, but everything came out clean! If you haven't tried this yet, it's about a penny per load and I think totally worth it!
hang in there : )

hester said...

So sorry to hear about the boy's arm. Hope the brownie medication helped. They look fantastic.

The medical bills can be a killer, I know. I just finished paying the $350 anaesthetist's bill for E's fillings under GA. I had to ring and ask for extra time to pay it $50 at a time and they were very nice about it. I hope the trickle is a small one.

Tammie said...

hester: yeah, i hope so too. im trying to not stress about it too much...what good does that do? but it does worry me.

heather: thats exactly how i feel! we were just starting to make headway on the credit cards and then this happens. now any extra money we have (HA HA) is going to be used for doctors.

i've actually been making my own laundry soap for a few months now too!! i love it...i was skeptical at first too. i'll have to check the link you sent to see if its the same "recipe" im using. i've been making it with this laundry soap bar thing that i shave with a cheese grater. im thinking next time i might buy some Dr Bronners lavender soap and give it a try, just for a scent change. im sort of excited to experiment with it a bit. (god, does that make me a dork or what?)

Layrayski said...

there's just something missing when the cast can't be doodled.

The hospital you described sounds huge.

Yummy brownies!

Tammie said...

lyra: it's funny because when he got the new cast (the doodle friendly cast) he said he was going to keep it nice and clean. ha, that lasted abuot a day. its covered with signatures and names now. :)