Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

If you have any kind of relationship with this blog, you know that I will not be watching the Super Bowl. I'll probably hover over the pregame show hoping to catch a glimpse or two of Keith Olbermann, shove some snack foods in my face, and then leave the room to find a TV that's tuned to the puppy bowl on Animal Planet.

One of the snacks I'll be eating is my mom's Tortilla Roll-ups.
Okay, they aren't actually my mom's roll-ups. They're Aunt Bee's. Yep, the Aunt Bee from Mayberry. The recipe can be found in this cookbook:Which, sadly, we own.

As much as I love Aunt Bee's roll-ups, the rest of this cookbook irritates the living piss out of me. Possibly it's the conversations between the characters throughout the book. Here's an example taken from page 56 of the book:

The secret to Clara's blue ribbon pickles:

CLARA: Well, I think you'll like them. They're sort of special. This year I went wild with allspice.

ANDY: Oh-oh, Miss Johnson, I would never have thought it of you.


Or maybe it's that there are so many recipes that turn me off by the names alone. Anyone for some Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge Sweet 'Tater Pone? Or how about the Aw Gee, Paw Cheese Ball? No thank you. Maybe I just don't like or don't understand down-home folksiness. It seems completely foreign to me.

Whatever the case, I hate the book but love these roll ups and thought I'd share the recipe. I hope Aunt Bee doesn't mind.

Tampico Tortilla Roll-ups

*2 8-ounce packages of cream cheese

*1 8-ounce carton of sour cream

*3 green onions, finely chopped

*2 to 3 fresh jalapeno peppers, chopped

*juice of half a lime

*12 fresh flour tortillas

In a bowl combine cream cheese, sour cream, onions, lime juice, and jalapeno peppers. Blend well. Spread the filling on the tortillas. Roll up the tortillas and cut into one inch rolls. Cover with a damp towel and chill until read to serve. (Note: My mom never uses all twelve tortillas. She spreads the mixture on pretty thick and uses only 6-8 tortillas. We think it's better this way.)

Aunt Bee serves them with salsa but we prefer them without. It's much easier to pop one or two (or fifteen) in your mouth when you don't have to worry about messy salsa. I imagine they would also taste delicious served with your favorite jug of moonshine.


kraftykash said...

My mom makes those all the time...they are yummy! Im with you girl, NO super bowl for me. Maybe I will take my new microphone and go protest the super bowl. hehehe
Korby and I are off to see Hotel for Dogs.

Tammie said...

i have eaten way too many of those little things today.

i would love to see a picture of you and your giant microphone protesting the game.

Heather said...

HA! moonshine.
That's what I'll need to get through this game. We're actually not doing crap this Super bowl. We finished the bar in our basement last year and our goal was to buy our barstools by Super Bowl. We did. But they had their toe rest only 4" from the floor and they were really weird to sit on. We had only tried the counter height kind, so we didn't know they would be this way, ANYWAY, my husband had to take them back after putting together 10 stools. Now, with the credit card situation (you know) we really hate to spend $1000 on barstools right now! But I can't bear to invite 20 people over to a great place to entertain and have no stools. It's just too weird. So long story even LONGER (sorry), we decided not to have a thing for today. We've already been through enough this weekend with two 4yr old's birthday parties, one dinner party and my whole family came up this morning for a quick visit. I'm exhausted. Hoping to get some work done so I can sleep through it! Best super bowl ever : ) YES!

kraftykash said...

Tammie, "Step away from the tortilla rolls with your hands up" blasts Kashoan on her blow up microphone. hahahaha

Tammie said...

kash: you are too late. i've eaten them all. i may explode. (i did just totally laugh picturing you yelling at me through your crazy microphone though!)

heather: i had to laugh at your story. i feel your pain. there are so many unfinished/half-done things going on in my house that whenever someone new comes over i feel like i have to explain it all. its easier just to not invite people over.

Maria Rose said...

I admit that I was sad to miss Puppy Bowl (I don't have cable) and am glad that someone else shares the urge to watch it.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love the Puppy Bowl! I usually watch that but this year we rented movies.

Layrayski said...

my mouth is watering with all these photos and descriptions! =P