Saturday, February 21, 2009


Unlike Betts, I don't have a lot of red around my house. The red that does exist around here is usually located in the kitchen where the light is of the poorest, most unnatural quality. And I'm not about to carry my tea kettle around the house looking for proper lighting.

Here are some red items I was able to find:

*Skirt for the girl made from Olivia fabric:I usually stay away from clothing with licensed characters on it, but Olivia's cute and she's been a favorite around here since the boy was little. (Fabric can be bought at this etsy shop)

*Toys:(I really need to sweep the floors in my daughter's room.)

*Delicious heart-shaped candy (now half-off at The Fresh Market):*Yoga Ball:This is my second yoga ball. The first one met an untimely death when it rolled against my bedroom wall, which you may remember, used to be spikey.

Tomorrow is orange day, which should be very, very interesting.


kraftykash said...

I like Olivia too! These are great red things! Sorry to hear about the exercise ball. :)

Betts said...

This post had me cracking up. First, I'm imagining you carrying around a tea kettle looking for a shoot location. Then you comment on your dusty floors; I didn't mention my dirty stove because I didn't want to call attention to it. Finally, I'm picturing the look of horror on your face as your first yoga ball deflates. No wonder you redecorated. It sounds like it was really dangerous in there.

Nowheymama said...

Yeah, you could find red in any room in our house. I love red. And I love that Olivia fabric!

Mari said...

I love red and I love Olivia! I have Olivia magnets! Has the girl read Chrysanthemum? She's a favorite heroine, too!

jessieearthmomma said...

Pray tell! Spikey room????

hester said...

I love your colour posts, Tammie. I especially loved the gnome sheets (I think I want some)and the red Teletubbie. Teletubbies and Olivia are very big in our house.

I'm looking forward to orange. My mother refuses to have anything orange in her house. She's pretty intense!

Tammie said...

mari: yes! i love chrysanthemum. we have a lot of books by that author, i think his name is kevin henkes? i love them all.

jessie: oh it was awful, my walls had this awful texture to them. the substance that was used (by a previous owner)made these terrible peaks and juts. it was the ugliest thing ever. my husband finally sanded them all down about a month ago.