Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

*When I was looking over my Stat Counter this morning, I noticed that someone came to my blog by Googling the phrase, Why can't Jehovah's Witnesses wear deodorant? I found this quite funny. I don't know where that person got their information, but to clear up any confusion, they can wear deodorant. If you know a Witness who doesn't, that is their own personal choice.

*Right now there is a toilet in the middle of my living room.
Jay is laying tile in the bathroom off of our living room. But he's also working the usual 40+ hours this week, so the project is getting done in his free (HA!) time. I'm trying not to be a total bitch about a toilet being in the middle of my living room, but I have to admit it's making me cranky. (In other words, I'm being a total bitch about a toilet being in my living room.) I do appreciate the sign he put on it know, just in case someone mistakenly thought they could use the toilet in the middle of the living room.

*I made new curtains for the bedroom.
Our bedroom window is freakishly sized so the three yards of fabric I bought wasn't enough to make these as full as I wanted. The panels are flatter/straighter. But the colors in the fabric match the room perfectly and it brightens everything up a bit. So even though they ended up not coming out exactly as planned, I still love them.

*Sticking to the No New Clothes Resolution, I went to Goodwill yesterday and bought some new-to-me shirts.Three new shirts = $10. Which wasn't put on a credit card.

*Not sticking to the No New Clothes Resolution, I bought this shirt for JayI broke the rules just this once, because I really wanted Jay to have this shirt.

Did you know that Jehovah's Witness men aren't supposed to have beards? While it isn't expressly written anywhere that it's forbidden, beards just don't fit the Witness idea of clean and neatly groomed. (Gosh, that all seems so silly to me now.) Anyway, Jay has been working on his beard for a while. It's not a creepy ZZ Top beard, more of an Al Gore beard. I originally saw the shirt over at Design is Mine. It was bought from The Bold Banana.

*The kids and I made some homemade Ugly Dolls.Idea and links for this project can be found over on The Crafty Crow.


Nowheymama said...

Um, curtain tutorial, please?

Betts said...

I'm pretty a certain a toilet in the middle of my living room would make me cranky, too. We'd better see pics of the new bathroom when it's done. Can I borrow Jay when he's done there, 'cause our bathrooms could use a face lift? He can leave the toilet in the hallway.

Mari said...

Wow, it's just project after project over there in Florida. I did not remember seeing Al Gore with a beard...but it was a cute pic you found!

Tammie said...

nowhey: im pretty sure any tutorial i were to write would be of no help to you. i wing it.

betts: no. jay is busy here! little does he know he will never be done.

mari: we dont normally have this many projects, but we thought we should use some of our tax refund on home improvements, you know before it is all spent on silly stuff like food and electric bills. :)
al gore had a beard for a while after the 2000 election. i always liked it.

CT said...

I have to say, it would be hilarious for me to find a toilet in the middle of the living room. I know I would find some way to make it funny for others (but certainly making sure they do not use it), like making it look like it's there ON PURPOSE!

Then again, a toilet in the middle of my craft room would simply be too annoying! It is tiny as it is!

kraftykash said...

You are being much nicer than me about the toliet. I think the shirts you found are great! Now get a trendy scarf, they go with deserve one! JAY- get the toliet outta that living room or else!! :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Those ugly dolls are so not ugly! Very cute. Love the curtains too. I need new curtains and envy your talents.
LOVE Goodwill. Have you ever been to Sandy's Consignment shop? Another fave of mine.
OH and I understand the bitchiness over the toilet. I would be bitchy too. I got bitchy over something pretty dumb last week, but it was the POINT of it.
OH one more thing, I like the Al Gore beard!

Jessica said...

I absolutely love the fabrics you made the curtains out of!

Tammie said...

kash: the toilet is officially back where it should be! and yes, i do need a trendy scarf, something lightweight---knit one for me won't you? HA

cyndy: i love sandys---its not too far from my house, we should definitely meet up sometime there.

jessica: thank you...its so great to have you pop over here..i love your blog!

Beth said...

Cute ugly doll, and I liek the curtains! Good the sign is there, becasue cleaning up urine would just make you crankier!
I am hosting a childrens swap if your interested :)

Becky..AMHW said...

Where did you buy that Tshirt? I WANT ONE!

I know that JW's can wear deodorant because my JW missionary, who visits me often to bring me hilarious watch towers, often wears sleeveless blouses and I can see her wrinkly armpits. I like visiting with her but OHHHHHH I need to tell her I'm not going to become a JW. Hello, I DO HALLOWEEN ALL YEAR ROUND!

Sorry, I won't capslock again.

I bought curtain panels for my bedroom at one of my favorite fabric stores because they were on sale, cheaper than the fabric would have been. I'm not one for fluffy curtains so curtain panels are great for me. They are a cream colored embroidered transluscent back curtain with a country blue faux suede side panels. I luvs dem.