Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

I don't like to complain. Well, I don't like to complain here. I kinda enjoy you people and I worry that if I grumble too much in this spot, you won't keep coming back. But I'm feeling unmotivated lately and not quite sure how to pull myself out of the funk. I guess that means it's time for some randomness. I'll try to keep this from being too negative.

*I'm definitely tired of being sick. Most of my family has had head colds for almost a month now. Enough is enough. I'm tired of Halls and Day Quil. I'm tired of the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub. And I know that I'm not supposed to be totally disgusted by my children, but if I see one more green snot glob slide from my daughter's nose and into her mouth, I'm going to barf.

*I'm on day four of the 'no-shampoo' method of washing my hair. (I first heard about this from Peculiar Momma's Frugal Friday post but more info on it is here.) I'm surprised at how well it's working. Normally I feel like a total grease ball if I don't use shampoo. I'll keep you updated.

*I'm barely two months into my no clothes shopping/no credit card usage resolution and I really, really want to shop. I'm not going to though. Sigh.

*I've been trying to take some photos of my bedroom walls, but the natural light in my room isn't the best, not to mention the fact that it's been overcast here lately. I was able to take advantage of some morning sunlight and snap this one:I know this doesn't give you the full picture, but you're able to see the contrast of the yellow and blue that we chose. Plus, no more awful texture. My room is much more pleasant to be in now. I hope to make some new curtains soon. Because of the unmotivated way I've been feeling, right now I have no desire to even turn on the sewing machine or think about fabric. Hopefully soon though.

*Last night Jay ran out to get tea for me. I've been buying the cheap store brand stuff but Jay was kind enough to pick up some fancy tea for me. It's delicious.I'm sipping some from my grumpy face mug as I type this.

*Even though I only watched all of fifteen minutes of the Super Bowl, I was around at the time to see this commercial for Hulu.com.

Turns out, had I not seen it, it wouldn't have mattered too much since it was emailed to me the following morning by a friend. It's almost as if they know how obsessed I am.


Bridge said...

The winter blahs! We have all had colds for a while and I believe mine has turned into ear infections. We've been sick, but not sick enough to stay in bed. You get the idea.
Hang in there.

Nowheymama said...

We're all feeling this way, too. Hello, February.

CT said...

Tammie, I just saw the photos and I love the colors you chose!

I'm sick of my home becoming sort of a hospital too! yesterday my daughter said to me "mommy, I don't want more goober" ewwww!!!!! she was tired of EATING THEM! EWWWWWW!!!!!!!

kraftykash said...

Snap Out Of It Sister...spring will be here before you know it! :) For what its worth, I love to read your blog it always makes me laugh! Love the new colors on the walls. Do you like to shop at thrift stores? I love to take $5.00 and see what I can get.

Mari said...

Yeah, feelin' it! You need to do a new Hassellbeck post, now that she's knocked up again...

Tammie said...

thanks bridge, it would appear we're in much the same boat..sickness, yet not enough to stay in bed or go to the doctor.

nowhey: im glad im not the only one...im irritated that winter is kicking my butt though...i usually love this time of year.

ct: you made me laugh. i wish my daughter was tired of eating them!

kashoan: thank you so much. its been a while since ive been to any thrift stores around here but i should go. the last few times i went i came home empty handed.

mari: my old hasselbeck posts are getting a lot of mileage still. i dont know if i want to add another one to the mix. but yeah, i cant believe shes pregnant again! and that we are going to have to hear about it for the next nine months. ugh!!

melissa s. said...

uh-oh. I had the bored-with-life bug last month. I may have infected you, sorry. Alec Baldwin is the perfect cure. Take two of him and call me in the morning. (and I LOVE that grumpy face mug!!)

Betts said...

I'm pretty much forcing myself to do things lately. I'd rather sit on the couch and watch a CSI:NY marathon on SpikeTV while reading blogs. We'll get over this. Really, we will.

Tammie said...

melissa: the grumpy face mug was a thrift store find. my husband likes to give it to me and sarcastically call me "sunshine." im not a morning person.

oh, and are you offering me two alec baldwins?!?! i think i could be quite happy with one, thank you ;)

betts: yeah, i find myself feeling like im not accomplishing much these days. the days have gotten fuzzy and im just going through the motions.

earthmama said...

Oh dear. First, I hear you on the sick bit & the gross out green boogies! Ugh! We have been sick for months (seriously, since September!!!!), with one or two of us down at a time. I've never experienced anything like it- totally sucks.

I'm sending you strength and love and wellness. Your husband is a good guy. Those little thing (fancy tea) mean so much.

Your bedroom's looking great! Love the colors- you're so brave!

I'm doing no poo too! Whoopee!

AND speaking of Alec Baldwin! If you haven't seen along came polly- you should rent it tonight! It will cheer you up for sure ; )

And Tammie, at least you didn't "shart" today!

Here's to increased motivation- the sun is coming back baby! Hope you have a night filled with wonderful dreams to fuel your day tomorrow.


Tammie said...

earthmama: ha ha ha..you're right, no sharting here thank god!

i have seen along came polly and i loved it. at the time i watched it, i didnt realize alec was in it...sigh...one of lifes pleasant surprises.

i hope you're fam. gets better soon. there are more little noses where you are, so probably more boogies. i feel for you.

thanks as always for all the well wishes. you're great that way.

BloomingAlmond said...

Oh gosh :( hope you all get better soon!
I'm in a "I sooooo want to go shopping right NOW!" mood... and I did... Got myself a brad new interior arquitecture book :D YEY!
and hey, have a cup of that tea for me :)
* * *

Tammie said...

thanks tania. it's so good to have you back...i missed you!

hester said...

I hear you, Tammie, all the way down here. If it's any consolation at all, we have rats in our garage, the 6 year old caught headlice her first week of school and my dentist told me yesterday that I need five fillings.

I hope everyone at your place feels better very soon. At least you can enjoy your beautiful new bedroom.

Shalet said...

I'm glad you're liking the no poo! It's going well over here too.

Feel better soon! That tea has got to help!