Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Farm to Family :: February

This past Saturday, my family and I drove out to Alachua for this months Farm to Family Music Concert. There's a show every month around the time of the full moon. This month we planned in advance to go, since we knew our favorite local band, The String Kings would be performing.

The atmosphere at the farm is beyond relaxing. There are plenty of wide open spaces for the kids to run in and be free-range, the vegetarian food is always tasty and organic, and best of all, no one at the farm is worried about their image or how they're dressed. In fact, I usually find that I'm overdressed, you know, because I have footwear.

I didn't take too many pictures this time. Honestly, I didn't do much of anything while I was there other than drink an organic coffee and a few beers. But I do want to share the photos I did snap:

The girl dancing with Cheetos:The girl blowing bubbles:My mom, the girl, and our friend Dave:Dave's gothic wardrobe always makes my tee shirts and chinos look very, very boring.

The moon over the stage:

The girl took this one of Jay eating a bowl of soup and it makes me smile every time I see it:I think that the odd lighting combined with the plaid shirt makes Jay look like some sort of God of the Lumberjacks.

I'm a city girl at heart-the bigger the city, the happier and more at ease I am. Yet, I look forward to our periodic trips to the farm. It's the perfect antidote to the overstimulated feeling I sometimes have.


Betts said...

I think you've got a country girl inside you just fighting to get out.

Mari said...

That looks like fun. Ack! It snowed here today. Your husband reminds me of the lumberjack in PeeWee's Big Adventure, because in the pic it looks like he's towering over you guys!
Oh, and cute mom.

Layrayski said...

your daughter is getting bigger since the last time I saw her picture! I've bee gone for a while, huh.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OK, I live in Alachua and didn't even know about these concerts! Tell me more...

Tammie said...

betts: ha ha..i dont know, maybe a part time country girl?

mari:i wish it snowed here...im so jealous. and thank you ;)

lyra: i know..you've been mia for a while.

cyndy: i'll send you an email with the details or you can go to Farmtofamily.com

Heather said...

how fun! God of the Lumberjacks.... I was thinking Paul Bunyan because of the angle : )