Friday, February 20, 2009


Betts over at Damn Yankee is feeling inspired by color and for the next week or so is doing some color related posts. I love this sorta thing so of course I invited myself to play along. Fortunately, Betts doesn't mind.

Today's color is blue.

*A Blockbuster envelope containing an uncracked version of the movie I wanted to watch the other night:*Menorah lamp from the boys room. (We aren't Jewish, but he likes Jewish culture):*Gnome sheets:These sheets were truly a great deal. I bought them on clearance at Target two years ago for $6.98 a set. I couldn't believe the price. I guess no one else was motivated to buy flannel sheets in Florida in July.

*Fabric swatch and paint samples for decorating ideas for my mom's room:

*Beauty products on my awful 1980's blue bathroom counter top:

*Finally, the most exciting blue item in my house right now:Blue baseboards waiting to be put in my room. Thanks to the IRS depositing my tax refund in a somewhat timely manner, I didn't have to live too long without baseboards in my bedroom.

Tomorrow's color is red.


Nowheymama said...

I want gnome sheets!

Miss D. said...

I love the gnome sheets too!!

kraftykash said...

Way to go on finding some blue! I think the base boards will look great in your room!

Mari said...

Those gnome sheets are so cool! I like the fabric swatch for your mom's room.

Betts said...

I think you've really started something with the gnome sheets. We all want some! Your mom lives with you? Mine lives next door.

Tammie said...

hey everybody thanks for the gnome sheet love! i did a google search for Nick and Nora gnome sheets and the only place i could find them was ebay...and they are priced way more than my $6.98.

kash: will be nice when the bedroom is complete.

mari: yeah, i love that fabric too...have no idea what im going to do with it though.

betts: yep, we've lived together for about 2 years now.

Bridge said...

wow! you totally beat me!
rock on sister.

Tammie said...

bridge: im still without baseboards in other parts of the house.

earthmama said...

1) I love those sheets! I would have bought a lifetime supply!!!

2) Kiels is my FAVorite!