Friday, January 16, 2009

Stripes and Plaid

I may have come late to this party, but I'm staying until the end.

Today is devoted to stripes and plaid. This one certainly wasn't as easy as pink, but here's what I found:

Jay's pajamas. I hope he doesn't feel violated.Jay's wedding shirt, now almost 12 years old. We got married in jeans at the courthouse. Apparently, in some circles this means we are white trash. Dishtowels fresh from the dryer.
Next I went to the boy's room. This is where the search for plaids and stripes would be the most fulfilling. And the most dangerous. He lives in squalor. There were plaids and stripes all over the floor, thrown over chairs, wadded in balls on the bed, and hanging out of dresser drawers. In the end, I just snapped a picture of his curtains and got the hell out of there.Want more stripes and plaids? Head on over to Curious Bird for her photos and the list of participants.


Mari said...

I really like those dishtowels, great colors! I think I am going to suggest my children clean their rooms this weekend... Then I'll be doing laundry for a day. I am afraid to look in their rooms.

Tammie said...

thanks. they've all been bought at crate and barrel over the years. i wait until they go on clearance then stock up. i love their dishtowels.

my son's room is awful. scary bad.

Betts said...

I love the dishtowels, too. Sound like the plaid and stripe monster threw up in the boys room.

I made Pipsqueak help me clean her room yesterday. When we were done she said, "I don't know why I was so grumpy about doing it. It wasn't so bad and it looks really nice now." There might be hope for her yet.