Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pre School

My daughter had her first day of preschool on Monday. I had thought it would be hard for me to watch her leave, but it wasn't. In fact I practically shoved her out the door. I will admit though that there was a small bit of pain in my heart as I watched her climb into my mom's car by herself. She looked like.......a big girl.

Her day went better than I expected. She did her work properly and basically got along well with the other kids. She didn't scream and yell and she was quiet during listening time. So yeah, the complete opposite of home.

Nap time was the only problem. Her teacher (my mom) snapped some pictures of her nap time behaviour.
This really came as no surprise to me since she hasn't napped since she was ten months old.

As for me, I had a nice day to myself. The tedious chores that normally take me all day were finished by 10:00 AM and I was able to relaxingly do the entire Wii Fit Yoga routine without having to stop and get my daughter a snack or a cup of chocolate milk. By the time the girl came home (reluctantly, I might add) the house was clean and I felt completely recharged.

Also, I've noticed I've been in a better mood all week. It may be because I've been trying to take my vitamins regularly again, but I can't help but think that the fact that I had some "alone time" really contributed to me being more even-keeled.

Friday she returns to preschool for her second day. I plan on going to the grocery store.....childless. Jealous?


Nowheymama said...

I'm jealous that Grandma is her teacher. How awesome is that?

Tammie said...

yea, its certainly a huge plus. i definitely wouldn't have been so easy going about the idea of sending her otherwise.

Maria Rose said...

It muse be such a relief to send her off with your mother! Very lucky.

Mari said...

Isn't it AWESOME?!! So good for both of you. She looks so angelic in the pictures! I remember watching the other kids nap when I was in preschool. Now I nap all the time- making up for lost naps!

Carla said...

Alone time is wonderful! I'm so happy that Sierra still naps - it's my sanity time. Yes, I'm very jealous of alone grocery shopping!

melissa s. said...

so AMAZINGLY jealous! grocery shopping without kids is pure luxury. i'm glad both of your days went well!

Shalet said...

Yesterday was my hour (yup, only one hour) of child-free time while the baby was at ballet. (Okay - she's five, hardly a baby but still). Anyway - what did I do with my time? I went to the grocery store.

I can't wait until next year - kindergarten!!! Which means mommy finally gets some time to herself (insert evil laugh).

We could all use a bit of time away!

hester said...

Yep....child free time is definitely going to pick you up every time! I have just suggested I have a weekend away with some girlfriends to my husband (after one night off in over 6 years). He said "A WHOLE weekend????".

I love that photo of your daughter with the blurry leg indicating vigorous movement!