Thursday, January 15, 2009


Curious Bird has been hosting a color me pretty week. She and her readers post pictures featuring the color of the day. I wasn't invited nor did I sign up to play, but screw it I'm joining in anyway.

I love looking at other folk's pictures, but don't get real excited when it comes time to take my own. My camera is nice, but nothing fancy. Plus, the lighting in my house is somewhat cave-like, so not ideal for taking pictures. When I do post pictures, it's more for the purpose of illustrating what I'm trying to write about than showcasing my (non-existent) photography skills.

When I found out that today's color was pink, I knew I had to participate. There is a lot of pink in my house, most of it located in one little girl's room that is devoted to all things girly. So this is what I found:
As you can see, ballerinas are quite a big deal around here.
How could I not include a picture of this guy?Curious Bird limited her pictures to three a day, but obviously that didn't work for me, and frankly I could have taken many more but I had to stop at some point to get started on this:Loads of pink laundry overflowing from the hamper.

Hop over to Curious Bird to see her lovely pictures and the list of actual participants.


I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the great comments on the post below. I see now that I should have just devoted an entire post to Twilight since we all love talking about it so much.


Betts said...

I love your pink photos, and there's nothing wrong with your photographic ability. Even you aren't an official participant, you should play along.

Tammie said...

thanks betts, i appreciate it.
it is fun. tomorrow is stripes and plaid...i may have to hijack that idea as well.

kraftykash said...

I love pink. However, it makes my daughter sick to look at. I would love to have ballerinas and pink skirts in her room. You might think a little boy lives in that room, except for the pink walls. They were painted when she was a baby. She HATES them. Hijacking ideas is always a good idea. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the music box picture. I've got a little girl with a birthday coming up and she's demanding a music box. She wants one with Cinderella, but I'm refusing and just going for the classic ballet. Nice pinks!

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hester said...

You take brilliant photos, Tammie! There's a heap of pink in our house, I can tell you. We often do a "pink wash" in our washing machine (now that my husband understands about separating dark/coloured/white stuff).