Friday, January 23, 2009

I Like Big Ones

Big handbags, that is. (What did you think I meant? Pervert.)

I was tagged by Betts over at Damn Yankee. Here's what I/you have to do:

1) Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late, and you can't go digging through the bowels of your closet for the cutest bag you have. So what if it's ugly; we'll love you anyway. It should be the bag you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2) Tell us how much it cost. Go ahead, and slay us with your frugality and your ability to grab a good deal. Or if you decided to pony up a lot of money, good for you, girl... you deserve it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I’d love to hear it.

3) Tag some of your people. And link back to me, so everyone knows why we're having this little show and tell.

The bag I've been carrying is a lovely green J.Crew hobo-style number.
I bought it last year on clearance. The regular price was something crazy like $250. Although I paid no where near that, I can't remember the exact amount. I do know that I bought it when Jay and I were heavily using our credit cards. I think it cost somewhere between $75-$150. Which to be honest, is way more than I'm likely to spend, whether using a credit card or not. But I had been wanting a fancier handbag and this is the one I chose. (To even things out a bit, I also regularly carry a red vinyl Gap bag that I found hanging out of a dumpster. See, I'm not a snob.)

One of my favorite things about it is the lining:Here are the contents of my handbag on this lovely, albeit very boring, day.

A grocery list and coupons that didn't get used at the grocery store this morning:My wallet (devoid of everything except a sad, lonely debit card and ID) and hedgehog coin purse. Coin purse contains sixteen cents. The children tend to steal my change.Cough drops, sunglasses, keys:Finally, lip items:See that Chanel lipstick? Since I'm not using credit cards, I won't be purchasing another one of those for a while. I'm fine with that though because I usually grab the Burt's Bees ones anyway. I'm starting to think the Chanel one wasn't worth it.

So there, my handbag and its innards. I'm not officially tagging anyone because I tag folks a lot and I don't want people to think I'm harassing them. This was fun though, so if you want to join in, consider yourself tagged.


Betts said...

Thanks for playing. I love your green bag. I've really got a thing for green lately. And your title cracked me up.

kraftykash said...

Too funny! My kids always steal my change...and gum! Cute green purse. Whats up with the cough drops in Florida??? In my mind cough drops go with cold weather. But then again "big ones" dont go with purses! hahahaha

Tammie said...

betts: no problem. it was fun.

krafty: i'm in North Florida so we get a bit more of a seasonal change than the southern part of the state and actually its been kinda cold here lately. not as cold as where you are im sure, but cold. low 20's at night and high 40's during the day. we might get a little warmer today though. plus, ive been fighting a cold.

Mari said...

Cute bag!
I love burt's bees lip stuff... and I can't keep gum in stock, the kids go through it so fast!

Tammie said...

thanks mari.
i love Burt..i like how it makes my lips tingle.

kraftykash said...

Hope your cold goes way soon!

Daphne said...

What a fun post (that I somehow missed). I might have to do this one. I'm always astonished by how many lipsticks I have in my purse at any given time. It's my weakness.

Maria Rose said...

Nice. I tend to go back and forth between ridiculously large bags to way too small ones. I transfer over to the small ones when the large bag begins to hurt my back and/or overflow with too many receipts.

hester said...

Ooh...a very interesting post. A teeny peek into the details of American life. (A bit like reading "Twilight" for we Australians). Very cute green bag too.

Why is my bag full of boring things like lonely tissues and spare knickers for two year olds?