Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cabinet, Room Tour, and Interview

Jay is becoming quite the carpenter. After he completed the red cabinet that's in our living room, he began working on something for the boy's room. He created this awesome, very roomy piece of furniture.There is so much about this that I'm loving. It's the perfect size for my son's room, the cabinet's are deep enough to keep all his crap out of sight, and the color is cool and modern. Plus, the top is both wide enough and long enough to display all the trinkets he owns. Not to mention that Jay was smart enough to make it so versatile that when the boy doesn't want it anymore, we can use it somewhere else in the house. I could very easily find a use for it in just about any room.

The boy's room is usually a total shit hole, but on Sunday we moved the cabinet into his room and spent the morning setting everything up neatly. When I went in there this morning to open the curtains, I looked around and saw that everything was still neat. So I snapped a few pictures and decided that when the boy came home from school I would do a little interview with him on the subject of his room and it's contents. (Idea stolen from Maria Rose.)

Me: So, whenever I refer to you in my blog, I call you "the boy" or "my son." Do you want to share your real name with the internet?
Boy: No.
Me: Can I ask why?
Boy: Not a lot of people have my name. And I don't want my friends looking me up and finding me on your blog.
Me: Fair enough. (I was a little disappointed because I had hoped to show the wood letters that spell out his name. Oh well. Here's the first letter anyway......)Me: What is your favorite thing about your room right now?
Boy: How it's arranged. When I lay in bed I can see my TV. Plus, my desk is clean now so I can actually use it for a change.
Me: Yep, it's clean now because dad made you the cabinet for you to put all your stuff in. Dad's a pretty cool guy.
Boy: I guess so. Except when he dances.
Me: We won't get into that. You have a lot of books, do you like to read?
Boy: Sometimes.
(Sometimes? This is about the time I started to think that maybe this was a bad idea.)
Me: What's your favorite book?
Boy: Flush by Carl Hiaasen
(We had to stop for a few moments because the boy spilled his hot cocoa on his leg.)
Me: One of my favorite things in your room is the framed jigsaw puzzle featuring The Simpsons characters. Did you know that's based on a famous painting?
Boy: Yeah.
(Sigh. Moving on.......)
Me: Another cool thing you have is a Vans sign autographed by Bucky Lasek. Are you aware that Grandma wants to rip that from your wall and sell it for cold, hard cash?
Boy: Really? I didn't know that. No, she can't sell it. Maybe after Bucky dies. Then it will be worth more.
Me: I'm not sure how I feel about you and Grandma hoping for the death of someone just for the chance to make a few dollars.
Boy: Hmmmm.... (Boy is clearly bored.)
Me: One last question....what is your favorite thing in your room right now?
Boy: My bed. No, my TV. Just put my bed and my TV.
Me: Honestly, those are my favorite things in my room too.

Here are a few more shots from the boy's room:Hopefully, my son will one day be famous. He's already mastered the art of being elusive in interviews.


Betts said...

Funny how different boys and girls are. If I interviewed my daughter, she wouldn't shut up. I'll have to try it sometime when I feel like doing a lot of typing.

Now boy's name feels like a big mystery to me that I want to solve. I'm thinking the next letter is "O", but I can't think of any boy names that start with "MO".

Mrs Flam said...

I love the God's Eyes Under the sign , I have tons of them all over my house , my 2 year old begs me to make them ....

kraftykash said...

Your hubby is very handy! I love cabinets where I can hide things to make a room look nice. Just dont open cabinets or closets in this house! My kids love the simpsons. Ok..remind old is "the boy"? It sounds like my girl and him have similar reading interests. She has informed me that there are not enough books around here. So I was looking for some ideas.

Tammie said...

betts: you're on the right track....

mrs flam: thank son learned how to make them a few months ago and has been addicted.

Layrayski said...

i love the cabinet! even though your son is elusive in his answers you still made this a very funny read

v-tron said...

hahahah! your interview cracks me up. I can totally hear "the boy."

Mari said...

The more we want something out of them, the more they hold back!

I love working with wood, I'm just not very good at it yet. I built a gate, which blew apart on me. My sweet husband glued it all back together with clamps and rehung it! My design is awesome, though.

Heather said...

I love Betts comment. Betts- Monty? That was the only thing I could think of Montgomery. Can't quite see Tammie with that, but hard to say.

Very endearing interview. Good that you immortalized that while he's young enough to still speak to you : ) My son is already starting the "not wanting to hold my hand" business. Oh, that makes me want to cry.

hester said...

That interview completely cracked me up as well. I think you could make a lot of money as a stand up comic.

I thought "Moggy" might be a name possibility as you like cats so much.Or....Moses....or Moreton (my boss's middle name but that's probably too much information).

earthmama said...

I love your comments over at ride the waves- you made me feel SO much better. Thank you- you have no idea. On to you- your husband makes the BEST furniture! It's very shaker (which I LOVE) with a modern twist. I am totally digging the colors too. And the interview gave me a good laugh- so glad you shared! I too saw the impressive set of God's eyes and would love to get a pattern for my guys. Why are they called a "God's eye" again? Are they a native inspired thing?

so nice to check in with you- missed you!!!

Tammie said...

lyra: im so glad to hear from've been missed. :)

v: cool that you're commenting here now.

mari: wood work scares me...but im not real good with power tools. i think if i were to master the tools, maybe i could give it a try. i must see pictures of your fence!

hester: you're way off.

earthmama: i've missed you too! i hope you're feeling better.
i don't know where the name Gods Eyes" come from and to be honest the name gives me the creeps.

Maria Rose said...

Great cabinet. I love the color. I also loved your interview. I did another one today but I fear it borders on creepy.

Betts said...

BTW, I tagged you in a meme today.