Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekly Update

As usual, this update is hopelessly late. The name Weekly Update hardly fits anymore. Maybe a Monthly Update or an Every-Six-Weeks Update would be more doable.

The girl has been beyond difficult lately. I'm mentioned before that of my two children, she is definitely my problem child. She's loud and rambunctious and very talkative. She wakes up between six and seven every morning and is a bundle of non-stop energy until she crashes at seven at night. She doesn't nap. As she's gotten older she's become sneaky and mischievous and occasionally a bit of a liar. I love her to pieces, she's my princess...but sometimes it's not easy being around her. The last week or two my goal has just been to get through the days with as few meltdowns (by her or me) as possible.
Yesterday, even though it was wet and foggy and I would have rather just stayed in my pajamas, Jay and I took her to the park. Usually she's calm after the park and can be relied on to go home and color or play in her room quietly. Not seemed to only wind her up more.After two days of extra bad behaviour, I'm tired and overwhelmed and ready for bedtime. Hers and mine.

On our way home from the park we drove past a house that was throwing away this puppet theatre:It actually came from the same house that was throwing away the record player two weeks ago. Those people have the best junk. I've always wanted a puppet theatre. When I was a kid I would have loved to have one of these...hell, I'm pretty amused with it now at 32. My kids both agree that it's cool, but aren't real interested in it. Which makes me very glad I never actually spent any money on one. Sadly, it may just be getting sold at the next garage sale.

After this week the boy will be out of school until the beginning of January. Frankly, I'm about ready for a break from his school as well. Lately a lot of his projects and responsibilities have involved work from me and Jay and I'm definitely feeling thinly stretched. Tomorrow he's having a class luncheon and all the kids had to pick a country and bring in a traditional dish from it. The boy chose Canada, thinking it would be easy. Now I don't know if I was just looking at the wrong websites but I did numerous Google searches along the lines of "traditional Canadian foods" and the dishes that came up either a.) involved way too much preparation for me and the boy, b.) were made with ingredients not readily available to me, c.) didn't sound kid friendly, or d.) would have been too difficult for me to make in amounts large enough to feed a class of 25.

We finally decided on something called Sucre a la Creme, which is a candy with a sort of fudge like consistency. It's delicious but very, very sweet. (Note: I couldn't find the link to the exact version of the recipe that I used, but the above link will take you to one that is very similar. The only difference is that the one I used also called for 2 tablespoons of butter.)

Sorry this Update is on the bitchy/grumbly side. Before I go, I do want to leave you with a few things that are bringing me a bit of happiness lately:

Reading: The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell and Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson.
Enjoying: This J.C. Penney add. I laughed out loud. Well worth the time it takes to watch it. (Thanks again, Amy!)
Watching: Season One of 24. I just couldn't wait until January for my Jack Bauer fix.


Aleta said...

Wow... She sounds like a ball of energy and then some. I don't know how parents do it. I like my calm house and wonder how we'd manage a child. Lol. I have friends who complain that they have too much homework to do - not the kid has too much homework, but the parent who has to help the children. Woah.

kraftykash said...

My girl is 9 and has been a "Pouty Pete", as we like to call it. I have been on the verge of screaming a few times! :) I think its good to vent, it means your normal. BTW absolutely LOVE the puppet theater! I cant believe the stuff they throw away.

Nowheymama said...

I cannot believe you found a puppet theatre!! I have always wanted one, too. May I come over and play?

Mari said...

Hey, that video was funny! Our second daughter was a handful! We used to joke around that she was lucky to be second, 'cause if she had been first she might have been an only child. Nice parents, huh?!
At two she swung from her curtains like a monkey until the supports ripped out of the wall.
Give the puppet theater a chance, my kids still play with theirs occasionally. Great find! That house really is amazing. Can't wait to see what they throw out next...

Posey said...

To me you don't sound grumpy at fact it sounds like my usual demeanor. Take a deep breath and relax!

As for the running and feeling like I'm going to die? Yes, I'm sure I will be getting to that stage sooner than I'd like.

Tammie said...

aleta: i forget what a calm house is. :)

krafty: sometimes it seems like all i do is scream lately.

nowhey: yea! we will put on puppet shows.

mari: we say the exact same thing about my daughter. there is no way we would have had a second if she had been first.

posey: keep up with the running! i am so very impressed. :)

Simbelmyne said...

Calm house? what's that!
the puppet theater is awesome. My kids do the same thing. I get them stuff that I always wanted and they are like "that's nice mommy" and go back to their bakugan.

Thank you for the video. I'm using it to train the male children. I'm doomed to a life of practical gifts. That's why I started making my own jewelry.

Carla said...

I know the feeling of having an energetic non-stop daughter! Mine still naps though.
When you did your Canadian food search did "Poutine" come up? It's very Canadian.
Basically, you use frozen french fries, cook them and then sprinkle cheese curds (or chunks of mozzarella) on them and douse them hot with gravy.
Heart attack on a plate but yummy and easy!

Tammie said...

carla: YES! poutiine was one of the first things to pop up!!! that was actually the thing that my son wanted to make the most but i didnt think i could make it ahead of time and have it still be good in the middle of the school day.

kraftykash said...

Hello again...I just TAGGED you! Please play along