Monday, December 15, 2008

Things I'm Into Right Now

Cooking: I have been in my kitchen a lot lately. I can't seem to stay out. Not only am I regularly using Apples for Jam (seriously, it's already dog-eared and covered in flour), but we've also been eating these applesauce cupcakes. I love these cupcakes because they have a lot of apples and applesauce, so they're (relatively speaking) healthy. I don't put icing on mine, so they are a bit more appropriate for everyday school lunches or a quick breakfast. Another yummy thing we've tried are these brown rice patties. When I first saw the recipe, I wanted to try those patties immediately, but I really wasn't sure what the rest of the family would think of them. I was pleasantly surprised because everyone loved them and ate their fill. My family tries to eat meatless dinners a few times a week, so it's nice to have another recipe to throw into the rotation. We've also decided that we are going to eat entirely vegetarian on Christmas day. So far on the menu we have this mushroom, cheese, and vegetable strudel and a tiramisu trifle. I'm really looking forward to December 25.

Watching Funny Movies: The Oh in Ohio and Run Fat Boy Run. Both hilarious. (Thanks Amy in Sebastopol!)

January 11, 2009: Begins the new season of 24. You could say I'm sort of looking forward to it.

Letter Writing (but not the fun kind): This year congress passed the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act. While I love the idea of someone ensuring that mass produced toys are safe for my kids, this law will totally destroy all the small businesses and independent folks who make handmade toys with love and care. This law could pretty much kill the Etsy toy makers. Please click on the teddy bear button at the top of the page to find out how you can help, and then DO SO.

***Updated to add: My husband knows I hate talking on the phone and when he heard about the new law he pledged to call our local representatives. Because he's such an awesome guy.***


Maria Rose said...

Nice hubby. I hate talking on the phone too. I wonder why?

Mari said...

I miss the phone sometimes, because you could hear so much more in a conversation that was unspoken.

We do the meatless thing quite a bit. I have been trying out a lot of tofu in recipes. It works really well in casseroles- lasagne, mexican tortilla casseroles, etc. I found you can even use it in tacos- just cut it into cubes, then cook it for a few minutes with taco mix and a tiny bit of water, it's really good!

Layrayski said...

(reading this made me hungry.)

I hate talking on the phone too. ...Lucky you. =)

Nowheymama said...

I've been meaing to add Run Fat Boy, Run to our Netflix list and keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder!

kraftykash said...

That was nice of your hubby! I dont mind the phone at all. But my hubby hates it!

hester said...

Hi Tammie

Thanks for dropping by my place and lending a sympathetic ear. It really helps to know other mums go through it too. Re the phone...I'm with you. I find it such a chore and can't bear people ringing to sell me things.

Bridge said...

I am so trying the brown rice patties!
Also, run fat boy is GREAT!

melissa s. said...

me again...catching up on blogs! thumbs up on the rice patties! i got a similar recipe off angry chicken and love it. i especially love that it uses leftovers so takes care of two dinners...the old one-two dinner PUNCH!!
ok, i'll leave you alone now ;-)