Monday, December 8, 2008

Things I'm Into Right Now

There have been a few aggravations in my life this morning (one being a strange smell in the living room that I cannot for the life of me find the source of.) I thought it would be a good time to stop dwelling on these aggravations and focus on some of the little things that are making me happy at the moment.

*This adorable kitty cat hat for the girl, bought from my blogging friend Mari's Etsy Shop: Lately every time I turn the camera on my daughter she makes silly faces and tends to ham it up a bit. Because of that, none of these pictures look exactly how I want them to look, but I guess you get the idea that she likes the hat.Mari's hats are fun, she can make them in a wide range of sizes, and they're very reasonably priced. So do check her out.It's in the twenties here, so if the girl is playing outside today she will definitely be wearing hers.

*This picture of the boy: Eating a chicken leg and eyeing the dog:Our dogs are incredibly ill mannered and will take whatever food is in reach.

*Edmund and Rosemary Go to HellThis is a short little book written by a cartoonist for the New Yorker. It's mostly pictures, with only a sentence or two on each page, but it made me stop and think for a few moments and be a bit more appreciative of what I have. Try and get your hands on a copy---it takes all of ten minutes to read and it's worth the time.

*Art projects using homemade glue:When Jay saw me in the kitchen stirring my pot of homemade sticky goo, he asked what I was making. When I told him homemade glue, he was like, "Great idea. Cause I was just about to talk to you about our glue budget being so high lately." Whatever. The homemade glue was fun. (The recipe can be found in this book.)

*Sunday Morning Drives. Most Sundays, Jay and I will hop in the car, stop for coffee, and then drive around some of the older, prettier, more historic neighborhoods in our town. We do this without the kids usually, so we can talk or just have a little bit of quiet. Almost always we come across boxes or furniture at the ends of peoples yards or driveways marked "Free." I would be lying if I told you that this wasn't a big part of why we go---it's like finding treasure. Do other cities and towns do this or is Gainesville just a very giving city? Anyway, yesterday we hit the mother lode. Here are just a few of our finds:

All these dishes are dainty and fragile. I thought about selling them at my next garage sale but I think I may just keep them from myself.

A small bag of coins from around the world:

I love this breakfast tray. Unlike a lot of older breakfast trays I come across, this one is wood-not metal. When I brought it home it was so filthy I didn't even know it was wood. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces.

All of the above items came from the same house along with some vintage lace gloves, napkins, lace doilies, and tablecloths. I'm thinking that the owner of the house is a very old lady. I wish I had been around to go to her actual garage sale. But I'm pretty pleased with the leftovers.

A few streets over we came across a large piece of furniture covered with a tarp. It had a sign on it that read, "Free. Works." At the time we weren't even sure what it was, Jay just knew he wanted it and that it wouldn't fit in our car with all our other finds. So he brought me home and went back to get this:

(Sorry for the crappy quality of the photo---the light was bad this morning and I was not about to lug this thing to a room with better light.)

It looks like just an antique cabinet, but open it up and it's a working turntable.

I am in love with this! The sound quality is a bit off, but Jay thinks he can fix it. Yesterday I listened to one my favorite 80's records of all time:Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid. Heavenly. Want to see some mullets and eighties clothes? Pop over to You Tube and watch the video. You know you want to......)


Maria Rose said...

Cool! Yeah, that is something that happens in most communities I have lived in. Usually it is just a broken weight bench and some filthy carpet, but I think it still counts.

Tammie said...

ha ha..yeah, i've come across more weight benches than i could count.

Carla said...

Love your finds! Our town does not do this and seeing what you can snag - I wish we did.

Mari said...

Your treasure is amazing! Cool stuff like that would be gone in 30 seconds here. Love the turntable, I've got to zip over and watch the video, I haven't heard that song since it originally came out!

Oh, and I dig the cat in the hat! I just had a bunch of ideas for more hats last night, and I need to make another cat for the etsy site, so I should be busy.

Bridge said...

your the best! I always want to do this but miss my wondow!~

Mari said...

I forgot to say:
I love mismatched china. I have some, and it is awesome. Plus if you break any, you don't have to match it!

Simbelmyne said...

that turntable rules.
seriously. My parents had one of those down in their basement before it flooded with 2 feet of water. (yay for well and septic systems when the power goes out)
I miss it.

Tammie said...

carla: i come across a lot of junk too, believe me.

mari: i can't wait to see your hats! and yeah, im thinking of starting a mismatched china collection. who says it needs to match?!

bridge: what can i say? i like other peoples trash....

simbelmyne: oh no..your parents must have been devastated.

hester said...

Hi Tammie

You're a smart woman to dwell on the good stuff. I wish I remembered to do it more often. I love that people in your town leave out free things for people to take. People sometimes do it here and it's a lovely thing to do.

Nowheymama said...

You always find the BEST stuff.

Layrayski said...

I remember a post that I really like at salt lake daily blog where he picture shows a bucket of peaches with a sign above it that says "Free." I couldn't believe it. I mean people are quite generous but most of the time the fruits are still on the tree not on a bucket ready for eating.

I love the first and second picture of your daughter. the way she smiled showed her obvious enjoyment. cool hat =)

i like the boy- and- dog eye-to-eye photo. great timing!it tells a story by itself. too funny!

thats a lot of goodies you have there. i especially love the turn table!

btw, thanks for your comment on my other blog. i really appreciate it.

Tammie said...

hester: sometimes dwelling on the good stuff is hard..i dont do it nearly as often as i should.

nowhey: believe me, i find a lot of crap too.

lyra: you know i love ya! i hope you feel better soon.

Amy said...

Tammie, you are so funny. You have to check out the jc penney ad: the doghouse, if you haven't already, on you tube. Talk about entertaining and random.

Cheers, Amy in Sebastopol

Tammie said...

Amy: Oh my gosh!!! I love it!! I was laughing out loud. Then my husband was like Whats so funny?, so he had to watch it too. Seriously, the highlight of our night. Thanks so much.

p.s. i love how all the other husbands kept referring to him as "dual bag."

kraftykash said... 1st thought is ...what do you do with the kids? I cant leave mine alone to save my life!!! Thet fight so bad. I would love for Kiley and I to go out and drink coffee, talk, and find goodies! How fun for you!!