Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

*This morning I was ripping through the boy's room searching for an overdue/lost library book and I came across a Mandalas Coloring Book. Before my daughter was born, my son and I would sit and color these every afternoon. I don't know what it is about those lovely circular patterns that are so soothing.

Since my daughter is a child that could always use a good calming down, I got out all the art supplies and the kids and I sat at the picnic table and colored.The process worked on her. She was calm and (relatively) quiet as we colored. I really need to get more of these books.
*When she was done, she grabbed my camera and took this picture:
This, in my opinion, is a perfect picture of me. Only half my face can be seen, and it was taken from far enough away that you can't see all the food I've slopped down the front of my shirt throughout the day.

*My latest Freecycle acquisition is this picnic basket:Check out the inside:The basket is in pristine condition and I can't wait to take it to the park filled with goodies. The gal I got it from was so very cool. ( I always seem to meet all these groovy chicks right before they move out of state.)

*Have I ever mentioned here how much I hate the band The Eagles? When I was little my father was a fan of them and whenever we would go anywhere in his truck we had to listen to the Eagles. I was scared to death of the cassette cover with that strange eagle skull thing on it:Plus, as far as I'm concerned, the song Hotel California is just nightmare inducing. You can check out anytime you like.....but you can NEVER LEAVE.


Besides The Eagles, the only other type of music my dad listened to was country music in spanish. So, yeah.....I guess The Eagles suck a little less than that. A little.

*In case you are wondering, I never did find the library book. It appears I'm going to owe the Alachua County Public Library System $6.99.


Nowheymama said...

Someone recommended mandala coloring books to me ages ago and I forgot all about it. They look lovely.

Bridge said...

I wish I could sit with you in your kitchen, talk and laugh.

Yes, the Hotel California is creepy, but alas it makes its way into parties where people play guitar and drink way to much.

Tammie said...

nowhey: the mandalas are fun--even for me. much more entertaining than Disney Princess or Strawberry Shortcake.

bridge: you are invited in my kitchen anytime--just ignore my mismatched countertops.

Hotel California is ok only after drinking way too much.

Maria Rose said...

Yeah, the Eagles put me into a trance. The other day I was driving and Hotel California was on, at one point I wondered if I was in hell and I had been listening to the song for all time...then it ended.

Mari said...

I agree with Bridge, wish you lived closer! The picnic basket is awesome- I always want to say pik-a-nik basket, like Yogi Bear!
I haven't colored in a couple of years, it's weird the stuff that drops away as your kids get older. I have started painting little crafty things though, so I get my fix that way...

Layrayski said...

your daughter-- a budding photographer =) its hard pleasing my mother when I take her photos. and yet your daughter who's still very young managed to please you quite easily. What a feat! =)

Layrayski said...

oh and I actually like hotel california he he he I like its controversial aspect too.

Tilly said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Tammie.
Gorgeous picnic basket, it's gonna look even better filled with goodies.
Loving your cat and the catnip - made me laugh so!
Speaking of awful kitchens - you are not alone - we have a terrible grey stripe 1980's monstrosity. It's hideous!
I'm with your other readers - would love to be able to pop round for a coffee and a chat! said...

Okay, if that's soothing, then I need about six or seven of those books!!