Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Thoughts on My Kitchen

As mentioned, we are redoing the kitchen a bit. Nothing fancy or costly, just new paint and a few matching, inexpensive accessories.

One thing that I'm totally loving, is this pantry curtain that I made:
Keep in mind, I'm using the term "made" in the loosest possible sense, as this is nothing more than two yards of fabric hemmed on three sides with a pocket at the top for a curtain rod. I'm sure a craftier person could do a better, fancier job. But as I see it, if someone is coming to my house inspecting my pantry curtains for flaws, they are probably assholes and should not have been invited to my home in the first place.

Getting back to the pantry.........Previously there was a cheap, plastic door there that was doing nothing for me. A curtain was much less expensive than a whole new door, plus I love the homey feel it gives the kitchen. Also, I think the fabric is just out of this world.It's so kitschy and for some reason, it makes me think of John Waters. In case you're wondering, it's Alexander Henry's In the Kitchen and I bought it at the Aliyah's Hope Chest Etsy shop. (I just checked her shop and it appears she's all out of it, but I did spot some snazzy IKEA fabric.)

While in my lovely kitchen today, I made another recipe from Apples for Jam. I really cannot say enough great things about this book. This morning's dish was White Loaf with honey, butter, and pecans. It's basically just a loaf of bread with a sticky, gooey topping. And it's amazing. I had taken pictures, but because I have no natural light in my kitchen, everything has a strange, yellowish glow. My kitchen photos tend to look nothing like reality and don't do the food any justice, so you'll just have to take my word on this one.

As a final note, I wanted to thank you all for your comments on Monday's post. I had no idea so many of you currently have (or had at one time) ugly kitchens. We should form a club.


Heather said...

AMAZING fabric! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Was that a terrific accident that it matches your paint so well or did you plan that? I love when that stuff happens.

melissa s. said...

LOVE the fabric!! I agree, very j waters.

Mari said...

Agreed, awesome fabric AND curtains! Don't knock your curtains, they have to be simple with such a colorful pattern. They look reaaallly great!

I love that peewee's playhouse kind of stuff.

Nowheymama said...

I love your curtain!! I have fabric waiting to be curtains in our kitchen. Someday....

Tammie said...

heather: thanks! i had been eyeing the fabric for a while but resisted buying it. once the kitchen was painted it was just too good a match to pass up.

melissa: i think we could all use a bit more john waters in our lives.

mari: thank you. and i love pee wees playhouse. now i just need a chair that talks and a visit from cowboy curtis and i'll be all set.
meka leka high-meka heinie ho.

nowhey: thank you. :)

Simbelmyne said...

that fabric was MADE for kitchen curtains. Adorable!
My kitchen's not ugly, but it's too small. Maybe making something pretty for it would make me want to be there more.
Takeout's just too expensive.

Tammie said...

simbelmyne: i have noticed ive wanted to be in there much more often lately.