Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend In Review

Other than fighting with the boy on Saturday morning about the state of his room (filthy!), I had a mostly relaxing weekend. I hardly felt hurried or rushed and it was so pleasant. I worked on a couple of the projects I have going on at the moment and I did some reading.

One of the projects was this skirt:
(All pictures were taken by the boy as I hung laundry. And yes, even though I live in Florida, my legs are blindingly white. I have something against self tanner after September.)

This skirt was made with some fabric I got off of Freecycle, and it was sort of, very loosely, maybe, not really, based on a couple of the skirt ideas in the skirt book. I've been reading the book a lot lately, but haven't gotten brave enough to try making any of the skirts yet, and I definitely don't want to cut into any of the fabric that I actually paid money for. So, I just played around a bit and made this. It's nothing fancy and it has a few well-hidden flaws, but I figure if women can run into the grocery store with the word Juicy scrawled on the ass part of their sweatpants, surely I can escape ridicule in this skirt. Hopefully.

As mentioned, I was able to do some reading this weekend. I started reading book fifty,
Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott. Jay picked this up for me from an offer on Freecycle. (Yes, Freecycle has been good to me lately.) I've never heard of Anne Lamott and know nothing about her work, so I'm excited to get into it and learn more what it's about. I will definitely keep you updated.

I genuinely like all of my neighbors, but as a rule we don't socialize too much. We just all stay busy and have our own, very different, schedules. Which was why I was so shocked when on Sunday our neighbors across the street cooked us a chicken dinner. I was surprised by this random offer, I guess for no reason other than that I am sort of a pessimist and just don't deal well with random acts of kindness. It was completely unexpected and out of the blue. But wonderful and delicious. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it before we ripped into it like savages. But alas, I only have a picture of a chicken carcass:
I'm still sort of riding a wave of happiness from this. It's a good feeling to be the recipient of such a kind act. I am really going to start sharing my cooking and baking with my neighbors more often. I want them all to feel the way I felt last night when they brought this dinner over. (Thank you again Paul and Maria, if you ever read this!)

Sunday night we started a fire in the pit. It was a gorgeous night for a fire. The moon was mostly full and the weather was cool.We toasted some marshmallows and enjoyed the evening.
I'm struck by how old my son looks in the above picture. He really isn't my baby anymore. I sometimes forget this until I see a picture of him so looking like a young man, and not at all looking like a little boy.

I guess that's it for this weekend, slow moving and peaceful. The most relaxing weekend I've had in quite some time. My son leaves to go on his fifth grade camping trip in a few days. I'm sure those days will be filled with worry, so I'm trying to hold onto this relaxed feeling for as long as possible.


Nowheymama said...

I LOVE ANNE LAMOTT! If you like Bird by Bird, you'll have to read Operating Instructions next.

earthmama said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your weekend in review! And your boy sure does look like a young man to me. It's so fast. But he'll always be your baby : )

Here's to peaceful and relaxing weekends! Bring it on!


Maria Rose said...

Funny that you should mention the Juicy written across the butt of women's clothing. I recently zoned out while reading the words on a woman's derrière and was more than a little embarrassed to come out of my fugue...still staring. Oops.

Simbelmyne said...

random neighbor kindness rocks!
I wonder if there's a way to foster that.
I try to make sure that neigbors come whenever we have a party, but I think there's more to it than that.

Mari said...

What a fantastic weekend! I have some neighbors who rock. Just a very few... but they rock! You've reminded me, I need to reciprocate with treats, and I have some fun sewing projects to finish. Thanks, Tammie, you're my Jiminy Cricket!

Tammie said...

nowhey: im enjoying bird by bird, so i'll probably be getting that one was well.

earthmama: i agree. peaceful relaxing weekends seems to be few and far between around here.

maria rose: i know! writings on asses are both distracting and disturbing. there just should not be words there!

simbelmyne: i know. i wish i had a quick way to keep the neighborly love momentum going. it's such a good feeling.

mari: ha ha. im proud to be your jiminy cricket. that is a compliment i have never received.
also, i've had some real asshole neighbors in the past, so it's nice to have a good batch for a change. my whole neighborhood is really nice.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great weekend review! And I am a big Annie Lamott fan.

Tammie said...

thank you so much. i was just at your blog a few days ago...and again just now.

Layrayski said...

Hi tammie, do you know that where i come from pale, white skin is considered beautiful? you'll believe me when you see how much whitening products available in the market. Lotions and pills.

Congrats on the skirt and on the book. I've been neglecting my book reading for years. I hope to remedy that soon.

Your son does look grown up. he looks like he's going to have broad shoulders too.

Tammie said...

lyra: i've actually heard that....its so shocking to me. but i suppose its not any weirder than we crazy americans spending money to be darker. everyone always wants what they don't have.

my son eats constantly. he's a bottomless pit.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Did you all go to the downtown art festival? We went on Saturday. It was nice, I only wish I could afford some art!
Your son really does look older in that picture. It's so hard to watch them grow up. I'm really missing my oldest's baby days lately.

Tilly said...

Well done on the skirt. Always better to have a go first with inexpensive fabric. I'm always terrified of using 'good' fabric, such is my level of confidence in my sewing ability!
My daughter first went away from home on a camping trip with brownies when she was just 7 years old. I was so scared to let her go but she was desperate to join in and she had a fab time.
How lovely of your neighbours. We had an invitation to our neighbour's for tea and cake. I was a bit surprised as we had hardly ever seen them before. It turned out that they were trying to 'butter us up' as they were putting in a planning application for major building work on the house next to us. Since they got the go ahead they have been very off with us and I feel rather 'used'. I hope your neighbours turn out to be much nicer than mine!

Mari said...

Tammie, what kind of sway do you hold over the universe? Our neighbor just called this morning and invited us to come over tonight...!

Tammie said...

tilly: yeah my confidence level when it comes to sewing is not that high as well. getting better, but i still have a long way to go.

i had to laugh at your story about your neighbors, but it's awful. i would feel used too!

mari: too funny. unfortunately i hold no sway over the universe. not yet anyway...ha ha ha(evil cackle.)