Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

What a week. Not only did Thursday's carbo loading leave me sluggish and with jeans fitting a wee bit tighter than I would care to admit, but I still feel like I'm playing catch up---trying to get all the things done that I've neglected this week. There have been numerous times I wanted to sit down at the computer and type a few thoughts, but either I was busy doing other things, or there was just too much happy household chit chat to form anything even slightly resembling a coherent thought. So now I have all these little bits and pieces floating about that don't seem to go together, yet they must be expelled from my brain.

*Earlier in the week our neighbors to the left brought over some banana cake. It was delicious.I had never had banana cake before. It was similar in taste to banana bread, yet with a fluffy cake like texture. I totally need to get the recipe for this. Also, I love how my neighbors have taken to the idea of passing food around. I need to think of something else to share now.

*Did anyone else watch the 24 movie last Sunday? Did anyone else almost have a stress induced heart attack? Jeez, that show wears me out, I don't know why I watch it. Oh wait.....yes, I do---It's because Kiefer Sutherland is really, really, really nice to look at. It has been far too long, Jack Bauer. Far too long indeed. *The girl and I spent Wednesday making chocolate bottom pumpkin pies. Here is what remains:
It's taking all the self control I have to not shove it in my face.

*I made my own laundry detergent this morning using a recipe found via Simple, Green, Frugal, Co-op. I'm now feeling very self-sufficient.

*My dad took my son to Busch Gardens for the weekend. I miss him already. It just seems as if he hasn't been home enough lately. Plus, even though my dad treats my kids way better than he ever treated me, I still feel some anxiety when he takes them.

*The story about the Wal-Mart employee getting trampled to death is incredibly disturbing. What is wrong with people?


kraftykash said...

I agree about the WalMart story..SHOCKING! Im glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. The pie looks wonderful!

Mari said...

Ooh that pie looks good! I like the owl print material the girl's dress is made from, and your OWN laundry detergent? I have to check that out, I didn't even know it was possible! I love Thanksgiving, don't you? We love it so much we had Thanksgiving at my sister in law's, we made our own last night, and I finished a plate of leftovers just this minute! Mmm...

Now I'm going to do a crafty little painting project.
My favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving weekend. Seriously, loooove it!

Tammie said...

krafty: the wal mart story is awful. it makes me ill.

mari: the owl print dress was an etsy find. the detergent was easy. i have eaten wayyyyyy too much the last few days. really, it's just wrong for someone to eat so much.
im glad you had a nice thanksgiving.

Bridge said...

those pies look great, I had a mini melt down today after putting on my jeans.

Tammie said...

i hear ya bridge. im thinking of just hiding in my house for a few days until my jeans fit again.

melissa s. said...

i watched 'what would jesus buy' last night and that walmart story totally sums it all up. very, very sad.

Layrayski said...

wow. thanks for the link to the detergent. Very useful (I think--I'll have to see if we can buy the ingredients here).

That story is why I hate crowded places.

Your banana cake has icing. Ours are usually served bare.

Sorry I'm not really into Kiefer s.

That pie looks oh yummy! *snicker about the shoving to your face comment*

Tammie said...

melissa s:
oooh...i just added What would Jesus buy? to my blockbuster queue. ive been wanting to see a good documentary.

its funny, because as a general rule im not attracted to blonde men, but god there is just something about kiefer that i totally dig.