Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

*My son is officially at camp for three days. It will take every bit of self control I have to not drive out to the camp site tonight and peer into the cabin windows to make sure he is safely tucked in. (I am looking forward to doing a thorough cleaning of his room while he's gone though.)

*A few weeks ago I found these birds and thought Hey, it uses very little fabric and it looks super easy. I'm gonna make a flock of these. Um, yeah. Had I been typing this out last night, the F-word I would have used in conjunction with these birds would not have been flock. My first two birds didn't look at all like birds. In fact, when I asked my daughter what it looked like to her she just said, "Um...." So then I perched it on my finger and asked, "Well, what if I told you it sang Tweet Tweet?" She got all excited and yelled out, "A fish!" (Maybe I was just asking the wrong person.)

Anyway, here are the ones that mostly resemble birds:
I had planned on making a bunch of these to share with friends and neighbors, but that's not going to happen. These guys were a bit of a pain in the ass for me to make and with my level of sewing knowledge, they just aren't worth it. It took me quite a while to really "get" the instructions, and by the time I reached that point I was just kinda done with the whole project. My best friend will probably be receiving a bird, since she will totally appreciate the amount of cursing that went into making it.

Anyway, if you are a better sewer than I or you are just smoking crack and feeling brave here is the tutorial. It's a clear enough pattern, but the instructions just aren't written at that simple second grade level that I require of my sewing instruction. I may revisit the idea again in a few months though.

*This morning when I was outside taking the pictures of my birdies, a beetle crawled up my back. I didn't realize this until I was in the kitchen pouring myself a glass of water and I felt the bug on my neck. While attempting to swat the beetle off of me, I accidentally slammed my glass of water down onto the tile floor. (Yes, I'm a spaz.) Right now my kitchen is covered in glass, but I can't really do anything about it until the water dries. I'm not looking forward to cleaning it.

*As pleased as I am with the outcome of the presidential election, I am so glad it's all over. It was starting to stress me out. It's nice to be able to watch the news again and not be inundated with election coverage and polling results.

Speaking of news, the other day I was watching a rerun of The Colbert Report and the guest was Rachel Maddow. My daughter came in the room and asked me if that was me on the TV. First let me say, I'm a big Rachel fan since way back. I used to listen to her original Air America radio show with Lizz Winstead and Chuck D. I watch her MSNBC show and occasionally listen to the radio show she has now. So yeah, I love Rachel. But as much as I love Rachel, I'm not a lesbian. I'm a gal that likes wiener. ( Although, I'm sure my husband would argue I don't like it nearly enough.) So, I guess you could say I'm having style icon issues at the moment. Do I care enough about this to change my hairstyle? No. I love my haircut and have been wearing it this way on and off for most of my adult life. I obviously need to just expose my daughter to more gals with pixie cuts. I'm writing this because I sort of want some feedback on this issue. If you are a straight lady would it bother you if your daughter thought you resembled a somewhat butch lesbian? As open minded as I am, I worry that this says something negative about my femininity. In feeling this way, am I believing the stereotypes? I suppose what bothers me is that the stereotype (gal with short hair=lesbian) exists in the first place. Am I just naive to think that assumptions shouldn't be made based on a persons hair cut? I don't like it when any assumption is made about me and this is a stereotype I've had to deal with from time to time. An older *friend* of our family once even made the comment that my husband must like women that look like boys. (No, he isn't our friend anymore. Yes, I need to get out of the South.)


Becky..AMHW said...

Two tips on the birdies...

Just because they give you a scant quarter inch seam line doesn't mean you can't cut MORE seam on it.

Sew on top of a sheet of newsprint. Newsprint on bottom, fabric, pin next layer of fabric right sides together, sew all three. Gently tear away newsprint. It makes those little teeny pieces so much easier to handle.

Tammie said...

thank you!!!!

the seam thing and the small fabric were the problems i was having. how did you know?

you are good.

Aleta said...

"fish" ~ well that starts with "F" hehe.. (reminds me that a cousin fo mine, when she had children, she and her husband did not want to say any cuss words, so they started say "fish head" and "fish you" stuff like that - funny)

I like the fish, umm birds. They are cute, but I'd never try it and I TOTALLY understand what you mean about bad instructions! Lol

As for hair styles, I've tried a bunch in my life, short, medium, long, curly, straight. I was born with straight hair, but my Mom talked me into a perm when I was in my teens and I had that for the LONGEST of times. Then I went to super short for about 2 years. It was fun and spunky. It took me a long time to grow my hair to the length it is now. I met Greg after my hair was long and he loves it that way. He always gets nervous when I say I'm getting my hair cut. Lol.

I think women should feel happy with trying out various styles. There's nothing "butch" about a hair style. Some of those short cuts are super cute and nothing "butch" about them!

Tammie said...

aleta: thank you so much for your feedback about the hair thing. I really appreciate it.

ive tried lots of hairstyles too but honestly think the shorter cut "fits" me best. and i agree that shorter cuts are just spunky and there truly shouldnt be a butch cut or a feminine cut.

maybe i just need to quit listening to the opinions of ignorant hillbillies.

Mari said...

O.K., where to begin:
I love the birds! Look, they even attracted a predator.
I want to make one.

About camp:
My daughter went to camp last year for the first time. Her first time that wasn't a day-camp, anyway. It was in the middle of the woods. In fire season. The trees were dying from some rare beetle, so she was away, in the middle of the dead woods in fire season. A month before she left, a kid was dragged out of his tent and eaten by a bear (at a different campsite). I tried to keep this news from her, but of course she heard about it in school. We both survived her stay. It was a long week for me. She had a blast, by the way!

Short Hair:
Had it for most of my life. Live in Utah. Some people did think I was gay because I had short hair. They need to get a life! I am about to get it cut again. Think Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham. Halle needs to go back to her short hair. It was awwwesome!

Tammie said...

mari i am so thankful that you took the time to comment on this post. i knew from your profile picture that you have/at one time had short hair, so i was interested in your input on the topic.

you are totally right. the people that make stupid ignorant comments need to get a life. i suppose i know just helps to hear other people say it. (or read what they typed as the case may be.)

also, halle does need to cut her hair again... so does natalie portman for that matter. and i love v. beckhams hair and think its adorable.

by the way: totally glad bears are a non issue where i live!!!!

Maria Rose said...

I'm a spaz too. I was on the phone the other day and, while wildly gesturing, I knocked a glass cannister onto the floor. It shattered completely! Teeny tiny shards of glass and broken spaghetti noodles everywhere.

CT said...

Fish them!!!! lol! I used to wear my hair reeeeally short, and in Mexico, mind you! I loved how it looked and my friends called me all sorts of nicknames... I had waist lenght hair when I married and during our honeymoon I cut it to a pixie! I have long hair again, but your post has got me itching for cutting it again... lol!

Tammie said...

ct: ha ha ha!!! you are totally right. fish them!!!!

everytime i grow out my hair, it just doesnt feel like me. and if i see someone with super short hair i get jealous.

although ive never been to mexico, my dad is spanish (honduran) so i think i know the mindset that you are alluding to. my dad always told me that i'd "never get a husband." and i wonder why i have self esteem issues!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I remember when my oldest 2 went to camp, I didn't think it would bother me but OMG it was hard. My little ones are going this year but just for the day. I'm SO not ready for them to go overnight!

melissa s. said...

i adore short hair, no matter which team you bat for. if i wasn't such a pinhead i'd cut my hair short. i think in a world full of critics you definitely have to be captain of your own cheering team!

Layrayski said...

I like short hair too. But most of the time people always tell me I look better with longer hair. But I do get what you mean about having short hair and the hassles from annoying people. And you look great with short hair. =)

Bridge said...

i LOVE Rachel Maddow! I listen to her on my IPOD. She is so smart and funny~
Hang on there with the camping boy, these are the experiences that make a child grow! Like clean their room and everything!

Tammie said...

thank you everyone for your comments.

i needed them especially this week.