Monday, November 3, 2008

Micanopy Fall Festival

Initially, this was going to be a weekly update, but my family has spent the past two days at the Micanopy Fall Festival, and frankly, anything that happened this week prior to the Festival seems dull and boring. Also, this post is probably going to rely heavily on pictures, so if you are sick of seeing my family, sorry.

We hadn't planned on going to both days of the Festival. Originally, the plan was to go only on Sunday, shop a bit, eat a lot, and then watch The String Kings. But when my mom and I saw that the folks over at The Weather Channel were predicting a 70% chance of rain on Sunday, we decided to go on Saturday so as to not miss out on the Festival altogether.

Day One

Thankfully, I had been setting aside money specifically for this weekend, which is a good thing because upon entering the gate, we were hit with $5 pony rides. Of course I said yes. And of course the boy had to ride a pony too. Fortunately, Old Rusty, was big enough to hold him.Right next to the ponies, was a bungee jumping activity that the boy wanted to do. By the looks of the sign, it would appear that this at one time cost $5, but they felt the need to up the price. Haven't they heard about the recession? Either way, the bungee folks got $12 of our money this weekend.
The festival takes place all along Cholokka Blvd in Micanopy. Aside from all the booths and vendors that come out for the Festival, Cholokka boulevard is filled with small cafes, used book stores, and antique shops. We stopped for lunch at the Old Florida Cafe. Their sandwiches served on warm, bakery fresh bread are amazing. I wasn't able to get any pictures of these lovely sandwiches, because we dug into them like savages as soon as they were placed in front of us. Except for the girl of course, who enjoyed a delicious and nutritious lunch of two bags of potato chips. Whatever. I wasn't going to argue with her this weekend.Interesting story about the scratch on my son's cheek, it happened when he was goofing off on one of our neighbor's homemade tree swing. He was doing something stupid (naturally) and rammed his face into the tree. The funny part is, that he told the kids at school that he fell while doing a skate boarding trick. He didn't think that the actual story sounded "cool."

After walking a bit more, we stopped to listen to some folk music and take a cotton candy break. Check out the skirt! Yep, I made another. I think I have a problem. I am loving this one so much though because it is the least flawed of all my skirts, and just look at that ribbon trim!Paw prints to go with the cats on the skirt. I had the fabric for a while and originally had no intention of making a skirt out of it but when I stumbled upon the ribbon while playing around on Etsy I knew I had to put the two together. Making this skirt brought me a kind of psychotic joy.

After the folk singers were done we watched the Inisheer Irish Dancers. I had seen these ladies last year and loved them but this year the performance was even more polished and put together. They had live musicians that were not only extremely talented, but I thought were just too cute. (When I got home I did a bit of research and found out they are all related--it's a boy and his parents.)
They also had dances built into skits based on the stories that were told in the songs. At one point "Father Mulligan" burst on stage to break up the dancing, since dancing is the "Devil's design."The fellow that played Father Mulligan also played the bagpipes.
The boy is always nagging me to make him something with my sewing machine, but since I've only mastered skirts I told him I could probably whip him up some kilts. He's not interested.

On the way out, we stopped to listen to a few songs by the Used Blues Band.Despite the kid covering his ears in the above picture, they were quite good. We were only able to listen to a few of their songs though, because the girl had just about reached her limit and was getting hard to keep an eye on.

Day Two

When we woke up on Sunday and it looked like the rain would hold off for a while, we decided to head back to the Festival, because we really wanted to see The String Kings. This time we convinced Jay to leave his woodworking project and come along with us.Sunday was filled with more of the same. Pony Rides: Cheap Festival Toys:Massive of amounts of unhealthy Festival Food:Dancing:And good music:Yes, we finally got to see The String Kings. The rain held off just long enough.
All in all, we had a nice relaxing weekend at the Festival. Yes, I spent more money on cheap Festival junk than I had planned, but the kids had a blast and I just keep telling myself that it all still cost way less than when we went to Universal Studios, and the kids had just as much fun. Now I just have to spend the next week cramming fruits and veggies into their bodies to make up for the dietary atrocities that took place this weekend.

Oh, one more thing. I stopped at the Mosswood Farm Store and bought some organic oats.Yes, they will be stored in the refrigerator.


BloomingAlmond said...

Yey!!! Pony rides!!!! :D
I'm totally taking horseback riding lessons next month... :P
And sounds like you all had a lovely time.. Good for you! Life's not only about saving money..
And yes... The refrigerator might be the safest place to store that... lol

earthmama said...

The best part? The last bit with the picture of the oats! You have NO IDEA how many times I've thought of you after reading your post! Still shiver when I think of it : )

Sounds like a perfect weekend! ahhhh.


Maria Rose said...

Sounds like a great time. I love those kinds of activities, so relaxing.

BloomingAlmond said...

I so forgot to say... I would go with the skate thing too.... Going into a tree isn't cool enough for that scratch... lol

And i adore that paws ribbon :)

Hmmmm why don't you sew the boy some around the house shorts? :)

Tammie said...

tania: oooh. horseback riding. i haven't been on a horse since I was about eight years old. and honestly, i don't even think i could do around the house shorts.

earthmama: too funny. i actually debated buying the oats, because i honestly didn't think i'd ever want to eat them again.

maria: i agree. i wish their were festivals like this all the time.

Aleta said...

I had to laugh at you saying the oats will be stored in the refrig. Hehe. And also funny that your son didn't want to say how he got the scrape. Some things about childhood don't change. Looks like ya'll had a great time - loved seeing the pictures!

Posey said...

Sounds like a good time for all. I really like the skirt with the paw print trim. Cute!

Mari said...

Cute skirt! I used to make them for my girls when they were little, maybe it's time to start again.

Isn't it amazing how they get every last dime out of you at the local fairs? Still cheaper than Disney!

melissa s. said...

looks like so much fun! and if rampant skirt-making is your only vice, you're doing pretty darn good ;-) (LOVE the paws!!)

Tammie said...

mari: you're right...every last dime!!! my son took his own money but still everytime i turned around he was asking me for $3 or $5...

melissa: at this rate, i may have to start giving skirts away.