Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I'm Into Right Now

It's been a few weeks since my last Things I'm Into Post and after Monday's rant I could see myself getting a reputation for being negative, so I thought I'd lighten the mood a bit and be more positive today. So here are a few things that have brought me a wee bit of joy the past few days.

* My children at the picnic table quietly eating ice cream. Not arguing. Not fighting.
It's rare moments like this that make me wish I could stop time and enjoy the peace and quiet.
The hat my son is wearing in this picture is a prize he won at the Festival his school held last week. It sort of reminds me of something worn by the characters in A Clockwork Orange, and for that reason I find it incredibly creepy.

*My very basic, yet much needed, new sewing supplies.I made a trip to Joann's yesterday to stock up on some essential things I will need as I learn to sew. It's so nice to be able to cut fabric with a pair of sturdy, sharp scissors. Scissors that are not also used in the kitchen to cut the skin from chicken breasts. These scissors are all mine and I better not see anyone else touching them.


Elsa was a stray that my mom adopted. We are guessing she was very mistreated by her previous owners because she is not overly friendly or cuddly. But she loves my sewing corner. If I'm not sitting in my sewing chair, she likely is. When I am using the chair, she sits on the desk or the table behind me, patiently waiting for the chair.

*The newest skirt I made for the girl.

Yes, I know I promised I would show you no more skirts, but that promise was made before the pants debacle. I needed to make a skirt, something I can't screw up, to help rebuild my confidence. I have now decided that her winter wardrobe will consists of many skirts. Skirts over pants. Skirts over leggings. Skirts over tights. Skirts over jeans. You get the idea.

*This blanket my mom had made for me and Jay.It's super soft and warm, fits nicely on my bed, and has fun fur in the middle of each square.Don't ask me what fun fur is because I don't know. But it's very, very soft.

*My new J. Crew shirtBefore getting to the shirt, let me explain something........I'm the last of a dying breed: I'm a Stay at Home Mom that does actually stay at home a good percentage of the time. Jay and I refuse to have more than one car payment so we share a car. Most days I let him take it to work. I just don't need to leave the house everyday. If the boy needs me, his school is only a 10 minute walk away. When I do have errands to run I keep the car and combine my errands all into a couple of trips a few days a week.

Because of my constant stay at home status, I tend to wear clothes until they are, quite literally, falling apart. I had been putting off buying some new t-shirts because, and I don't know if you've noticed this, the economy is kinda bad. Yeah. So I've been trying to avoid a lot of non-essential spending. But when the clothes you are wearing are no longer suitable as even rags, new clothes are essential. Last week J. Crew was having a sale. An extra 20% off already reduced merchandise. I bought this shirt, and a few others, for $11.99 a piece. I think they were originally $39.50.

I especially like the neckline. It makes me feel a little bit more feminine while I'm stirring the compost or taking out the trash. Plus, the price just couldn't be beat. Hooray for things that are both cheap and pretty.


Nowheymama said...

Great kid photos! And make all the skirts you want--we don't mind.

BloomingAlmond said...

Skirts are fine by me :)
And you always have such cute fabrics!!

And it's really amazing what ice-cream can do to kids (ok... grown ups too..)

Hmmm... had my shopping moment yesterday. My fall/winter clothes were still from when I was pregnant... :x
And t-shirts? Oh man... I wanna move to Florida!

melissa s. said...

Love it all and bring on the skirts (love that fabric!)

And now...GO LABEL THOSE SEWING SCISSORS! preferably with a little threat to whomever should use them for non-sewing purposes.

Layrayski said...

When I have days like that I always wonder how I can bottle that moment. I'm just so happy there's such a thing as a camera.

I love your choice of fabrics. So cute! hehehe

Hurray for the new clothes! Hehehe

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love sales! I am pinching pennies like crazy right now.
And I also love non-fighting kids! woohoo

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Did you know that both High Springs & Alachua are having Fall Festivals this weekend? We'll be at both....let me know if you go, maybe we could meet up!

Becky..AMHW said...

We only have one car too. We only need one. My husband walks to work.

Right now I'm wearing a big double thick grey hoody and some baby blue polar bear polar fleece pants that are much too short for my long legs. I'm sexy.

The skirt is adorable.

Tammie said...

nowhey: thank you so much.

tania: i love the fabric selection at etsy. i really have to limit myself when i log on.

melissa s: i labeled them last night! i saw my son reaching for them and i slapped his hand away.

lyra: i've really grown to appreciate my camera within the last year or so. i just have to remind myself to take the time to stop and take a photo or two.

cyndy: i didn't know about those fall festivals so i dont think we'll be able to make it...but we are going to the micanopy one in a few weeks.

becky: your outfit sounds hot. my hubbys work is too far to walk but when the weather is nice (aka not too hot) he does bike to work. we've made the one car thing work the entire time we've been married-eleven years. at this point i cant imagine it any other way.

Maria Rose said...

I love the fabric on the chair that Elsa is sitting on!

Tammie said...

maria rose: thank you. reupholstering those chairs was one of my first projects. i used a different color of the same fabric for each chair and love the outcome.

Cathy said...

I love those perfect kid moments.
and I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom who has trouble making herself buy clothes for herself.
I'm home most of the time too.

Tammie said...

cathy: i'm home a lot. at first i used to feel lazy, because i'm not always taking my kids to and from lessons and classes, but now i've really started to enjoy the peace of it.

my clothes are mostly a disaster. i'd much rather buy clothes for the kids or my husband than myself. and when i do shop for myself, it's usually clearanced stuff for $2.99.

TextileNazi said...

Tammie : ride the waves will be private for about a week , for privacy issues. election day it will be set back to being publicly viewed. Not my idea but I will gladly comply with my bloggin sisters for the week. you re more than welcome to subscribe , but since ive only been doing this for about a week , i dont know how to work around the discrepency thing for the time being. Ill try to keep people posted on whats up , otherwise it will be about a week before we have anything more to view. :)

Thyme said...

I love that skirt! What great fabric...Yes, you must label those scissors & find them a nice sacred home. I don't know why we might think you're negative, given that THIS is your outlet. Read you once, shame on you, read you twice, shame on me! :) At the end of the day, we all write about what we love.

Tammie said...

thyme: thank you so much for the nice comment. the scissors are labeled and safely hidden in my sewing basket. keep your fingers crossed.
it's nice having you here, by the way. i think i've popped over to your blog a few times via blooming almond.

Posey said...

Whatever you do don't let the kids/husband cut ANYTHING with your sewing scissors. It will ruin them. Good luck with that!!

Tammie said...

i have labeled and hid them ;)