Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things I'm Into Right Now

It's a cool,breezy, and relaxing Saturday. The perfect day for a positive Things I'm Into post.

*The cooler weather
Here in Florida, the fall weather seems to have multiple personalities. In the mornings and at night it's been down in the fifties, then by four in the afternoon it's in the eighties. I really can't complain too much though because I'm loving the cool nights. Jay and I have been sleeping with our bedroom window open and the other night we woke up fighting over the thin blanket covering the bed. Time to break out the afghans. Jay thinks the afghans are itchy, but I love wrapping myself in them.
*Baking Zucchini Bread with the boy
He's really getting good at baking. We got kinda crazy and threw some chocolate chips in the smaller loaf. It's delicious, but a bit too decadent if you're just craving zucchini bread. *Asshole Stray Cat playing in the recycling bag.
The kids hate him because he plays rough, but he's become a part of our family.

Shortly after the second picture was taken, he ran out of the bag and pounced at my face.

*Deluxe Marble Race I've always had really bad luck with my son and toys. Even when he was younger he never actually played with anything. Eventually I just stopped trying and it's been a long time since he's gotten any kind of toy. I was so excited to find something he really enjoys, other than video games. I bought it at Discount School Supply.

*My daughter playing quietly, by herself, for a long stretch of timeMy little girl is loud and rambunctious. Friday she played in her sandbox for 45 minutes. The peace I experienced did wonders for my mental health. I don't get this from her too often.

*Tomatoes from the farmers market and Jay's homemade hummusActually, I think it was originally Alton Brown's hummus, but Jay usually adds his own special ingredients so I think it's safe to say it's his concoction. He always makes a spicy batch for us, and a weaker batch for the rest of the house. As for the tomatoes, I've been stocking up. At the farmers market they are only $1.75 a pint, almost half the price Publix is charging.

*Painting with the girl

She loves to paint but most days I limit it to watercolors. At least once a week though I let her get out the "messy paints." This morning we experimented with doing prints of various things like apples and corks. This was another stretch of time when the girl was quiet and calm. Everyone else was either at work or still in bed, so it was nice having this chunk of time to ourselves.

I hope I can maintain this positive outlook as the weekend continues.


BloomingAlmond said...

I know what you mean! Cold nights are so good!

I bought one of those marble races to my godson (he's almost 4) and he loved it! And he's a bit picky too.. :)

Your little girl is soooo cute... Geez I love her hair :)
I bet she had a wonderful time doing a mess with the paints :)

And so nice you got that 45mn break :)

Tammie said...

blooming: thank you so much. my daughter looks very angelic but looks are deceiving....i love her hair too. im jealous of it. i keep my hair cut really short but if i were to grow it as long as her's it wouldn't look nearly as nice. my hair is just flat and blah.

Bridge said...

mmmmmm.....cold nights, fires, blankets, warm tea.
lovely pictures.

Nowheymama said...

We LOVE chocolate chip zucchini bread. Too decadent? No way! :)

Tammie said...

ha ha...i said that and then i went out in the kitchen and the choc. chip one was GONE already. so i guess we agree with you. :)