Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

If I ramble incoherently this morning it's because I'm taking two different allergy medications just to function. As much as I love all the trees surrounding my home and neighborhood, every autumn I long to escape it all by living under the sea. Probably not possible.

And now, Random Thoughts:

* Season two of 30 Rock is out on dvd today. This came at a good time because I'm getting a little tired of politics. Plus, yay for more Alec Baldwin in my house.

*My latest Etsy purchase arrived yesterday and I was so excited because I've been wanting to share it with you. These are mature mini notes that are, according to the shop description, "good for a variety of encounters with your average jerk on the street." Here are a couple of my favorites:

At first glance these may not fit in with the vow of kindness I pledged to yesterday, but I beg to differ. When someone is being a cock or a douche, I think I would be doing the nice thing by telling them so. I bought them at ScotiaMade and they were only $6 for 8 mini notes. Jay thinks we will be buying them weekly.

*Yesterday it rained here for the first time in I don't know how long. The girl wanted to play in it so I allowed her to, as long as she promised not to jump in the giant mud puddle at the end of the patio.

Which of course means she did jump in the giant mud puddle at the end of the patio. To make it worse, she then came inside completely covered in mud from head to toe and laughing about her disobedient ways. Of course I was furious so I grabbed her up, placed her in the shower, and turned the water on, not waiting for it to warm up. (Yeah, I know....I handled that really well. I expect to be notified about receiving my mom of the year award any day now. Also....yes, she wants to wear that blue dress every day. I choose my battles.)

*Here is a picture of my son reading on his own, without me having to threaten him. I love it!

*Speaking of reading, I am almost finished with book 48, The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank. It's a collection of short stories all centered around one main character, a gal named Sophie Applebaum. Next up, I'll be reading No one belongs here more than you by Miranda July. As of this moment I have no idea what book fifty is going to be. I have a few books lined up on the nightstand, but Jay says I should make it something big like War and Peace. Any suggestions? And don't suggest War and Peace or The Odyssey. It ain't gonna happen.


Nowheymama said...

"Huzzah." HA HA HA!

I need one for the idiot who keeps stealing political signs in our neighborhood.

Becky..AMHW said...

I need cards...

Tammie said...

nowheymama: i think the cock card would be totally appropriate.

becky: i had a feeling you'd like the cards.

BloomingAlmond said...

I want some drugs too... I'm a very positive person you know, but this sickness thing is getting me...

Yey! that birdie dress is adorable :) even when it's raining!

And did you really believed her when she said she wouldn't jump? tsk tsk..

I love those mini notes! But for $6 you could do your own don't you think? I think I'll print some for me.. lol :)

Tammie said...

blooming: ha ha...i know i should have totally known better. there was no way she could resist the giant puddle.

and honestly, i dont know if i could do the notes. it might be easier for me to just pay the $6. ha ha

Intentional said...

those cards are great!
correction is kindness, isn't it? and grandma would always recommend sending a card...

(new reader, scrabble plus snark equals me hooked)

Wait, is that a boy reading voluntarily? do they DO that?!

Tammie said...

intentional: i loved your comment and you're right, grandma would recommend sending a card.

as for the boy reading voluntarily, i know, i was shocked too!

thanks for stopping by my spot...hope you return.

Layrayski said...

Hi Tammie!

I first saw 30 rock two days ago and I thought of you. =) Alec Baldwin is really funny. I wouldn't have watched it except I remembered your 'fondness' for one of the character hihi

I love the cards, it'd be very useful for me since most of the time I get mute or get unoriginal when I come across the average jerks. =)

Love the photos of your girl. She looked like she was having the time of her life hehe Oh to be young!

Did you use flash when you took that photo of your reading boy? hahaha

Bridge said...

not threatening the 12-year-old...priceless.

Tammie said...

lyra: im so excited you watched 30 rock and liked it! i guess my obsessive crazy talk stuck with you.

i tend to get silent when provoked as well...i always think of these great witty things after the fact. too late.

i always have to use the flash in my house. i keep it very, very dark.

bridge: sigh...even more than you know. it only took, lets see, a little over a decade of threatening.

Aleta said...

Shocking cards, I'm sure you'll get a reaction. Let us know when you share it with a deserving individual.

Too funny about the mud, sounds like she's a character!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love those note cards! For some reason your posts haven't been showing up in my reader. I thought about you today and decided to come check and sure enough, you're posting and I'm not seeing! What the heck?

Tammie said...

thats weird....although i know nothing about readers so i can offer no help. i read blogs the old fashioned way---by clicking them 8 million times a day to see if someone has posted yet.

MamaBlogger said...

those cards are hilarious, and much more polite than flipping the bird, methinks (and um, a better example for the kids, too!)

Tammie said...

yeah, im always a wee bit ashamed of myself when I flip the bird.....it just seems wrong.