Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For the Birds

This morning I woke up to find my Cockatiel dead at the bottom of her cage. Chloe was mean and unfriendly but I still hated to see her go. She had a few different owners before living with us and none of them really gave her the attention she deserved so by the time she got to us she was unhealthy and basically wanted to be ignored. Other than cleaning the cage and giving her fresh food, water and millet, we left her alone. She thrived for a while but just hadn't been looking too hot the last few months. I had been expecting this to happen soon.

When I notified the family this morning about the death they all took it the same way I did, with sadness of course, but not overwhelmed with grief. The girl even said, "Chloe's dead? So we have to throw her out in the backyard?" For the record I have no idea where she got this. It's not as if I'm constantly throwing random dead animals in the back yard. The only dead thing I ever throw in the yard is dead flowers.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to get the girl involved in the burial process a bit so I wrapped Chloe in some pretty tissue paper and we trekked out to the garden to dig a grave.The girl was still pretty cheerful until it came time to actually put Chloe in the ground. Then it got ugly. She began crying about how she wanted to see Chloe again. I guess she didn't fully understand that death is forever until we were throwing dirt on top of Chloe and her tissue paper coffin. We put a cement step over the grave so hopefully the dogs won't dig her up and bring her body back in the house and suck on her on my living room carpet. (Does it sound as if something similar has happened in my house before? Hmmm....)
The girl is still whimpering about our beloved bird, but her cries are immediately followed by requests for cookies or whatever toy is being advertised on Nickelodeon at the moment, so I think she'll be fine.
In other bird news, thanks to an episode of Family Guy a few weeks ago my son has been singing this song constantly. He even downloaded it and listened to it in the car all the way to Jacksonville. I hate you Peter Griffin.
R.I.P Chloe---The bird is the word.


Aleta said...

OMG, the dogs dug up an animal and brought it into your house? Ewwww.. I sure hope that doesn't happen to Chloe. It's fascinating to see how a child's mind works out the meaning of death. When my uncle passed away, my brother asked what death meant and someone tried to explain, "It's like falling asleep, only you don't wake up...." After that, Rob fought going to sleep at night! (And to this day is a night owl with his sleeping routine)

Tammie said...

technically, my dogs never dug anything up, but a few months back some baby squirrels fell from a nest and my dog found one before we did and brought it in on the carpet.....it was dreadful. we kept trying to convince the girl that the dog was just "playing" with the baby squirrel.

BloomingAlmond said...

There isn't a good way to introduce death to a child but that one was pretty ok :)

Hmmmm I never had do really deal with dead animals... But my golden retriever kills A LOT of cats..... I mean A LOT of them... But my Luv is always the one to deal with that kind of stuff and I don't feel sorry for him... lol

earthmama said...

We have had many a ceremony for our fish, met with a resounding, "how sad!"...only to have cookie requests, etc. moments later as well. I remember losing pets as a kid, and the hardest, for me, were the dogs & cats. Ugh, the agony.

BTW, I now have THAT song stuck in MY head! Thanks Irregular Tammie!


Tammie said...

I know...im dreading when one of the cats or dogs dies.

isnt that song awful?! ugh... i don't know if i'll ever get it outta my head.

Tammie said...

blooming: i think i'd lose it if my dog brought home a dead cat.

Layrayski said...

This reminds me of that movie Pet semetary... ugh.


they say the concept of death becomes final when children reaches 9 years old. Or that's what I remember.

Btw, remember that time when I mentioned about 30 rock? I thought that'd be the first and last time I'll watch that show because our cable doesn't have star world. You what, I caught 30 rock again last night. =) btw I always liked the shadow.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OK, I laughed out loud when you said you don't randomly throw dead things into your back yard.
And why not?
RIP Chloe. I wish I had sound on this work computer for the video, I heart Family Guy!

Tammie said...

lyra: thankfully my kids have never seen pet cemetary. ha ha

cyndy: I know!!! I should totally just be chucking dead animals out every window of the house.
and maybe its best that your work computer didnt have sound...youd be singing the bird is the word all night.

Becky..AMHW said...

Dead puppies aren't much fun...no no no....

Tammie said...

i don't want to deal with that at all.