Monday, October 20, 2008


Is that an appropriate blog title? (Before you continue reading I want to mention that if the F-word offends you then you may want to quit reading this post. In fact, you may just want to stop reading my blog altogether because although I rarely type it out, I sure as hell think it at least once a day so you never really know when it may pop up again.)

I just totally fucked up on a pair of pants I was making for the girl. Fucked up beyond repair. Well, I shouldn't say fucked up, because who knows, maybe one day I'll meet a four year old with one massively deformed leg and she will think that I was so generous because I took the time to make her these one of a kind pants.


To make matters worse, it was this fabric:

I KNOW!!!! How cute would those pants have been?

There are a few reasons for the fuck up. One being, I get interrupted a lot. By the kids, the phone, the doorbell, the dog, etc. The interruptions probably wouldn't be a big deal if I knew what I was doing. But I don't, as you know. So whenever I do a sewing project, or anything for that matter, there is a lot of stopping and starting. Reason number two is that I got cocky and at one point thought I could "wing it." HA! The third reason is that I think I was trying to make these pants with less fabric than required. Which explains the one teeny tiny leg. And ya know, as I was doing it, I was thinking to myself, This is seriously fucked up. Yet I continued. And that is what makes me an idiot.


I really wanted to make my daughter some pants. The weather is getting cooler and she can't wear skirts all winter. I had these visions of her having a winter of handmade clothing. At this rate, that probably will not happen.


Posey said...

That fabric is "@#%$ing" adorable!

Tammie said...

ha ha ha..too bad I !@#@!$%'d it up!!

melissa s. said...

oh, pants. i think you have to be pretty #^@&*@% in the head to attempt sewing them. that's why god made things like Target.

but seriously, i think i can trace my fear of patterns back to my teenage attempt at sewing pants. really, not a good idea.

thanks for giving me the opportunity to use the f-word! you don't see it used in blogland often enough.

Veronica TM said...

i know it is not fun to hear this: when it comes to sewing, everybody makes mistakes. it sucks that it happened with such a cute fabric. but i am sure you will make your girl many winter clothes. keep at it!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love your disclaimer. ha ha ha!!
Love the fabric too, sorry it got fucked up.

Layrayski said...

I want to see the fucked up pants! :)

I can feel you, but you know what? You can do it!

Nowheymama said...

Don't give up! You can make pants--I know it.

Becky..AMHW said...

I do this sewing thing professionally and I still unpick a lot of fucking seams. I absolutely love putting sleeves in backwards and inside out. And, it's shitty (bonus cuss word!) to reset a sleeve after you've clipped the seam.

At least you can get some quilt squares out of the deformed pants. I've gotten lots of quilt squares out of deformed projects.

And, at this point, I'd like to say "twat" because it's my favorite word.

Tammie said...

thank you so much for all your support ladies. i need it.

melissa s: you're totally right about Target. It's a good thing I've already stocked up on some $3.99 pants because if my daughter was relying on me for winter clothes she'd be very very cold.
and yeah, i think im going to work on some skirts for myself before i even look at pants again. it was too stressful.

veronica: thank you so much for popping over here. i love all the things you make for your daughter. she always looks adorable!

lyra; i knew you'd want a picture! honestly, i tried to "save" the pants numerous times and then i tried working them into shorts---which also did not work. so at this point there really isnt much to see but mangled fabric.

becky: knowing you regularly make mistakes too does help. i don't feel like such a doofus now. and i agree, twat is a great word.

thank you again everyone. and i'm glad no one was offended by the excessive cursing. i think melissa s. is on to something---we need a more realistic usage of cuss words here in blogland.

Aleta said...

That is ADORABLE material. Hmm, what about shorts?

BloomingAlmond said...

Oh my gosh... I say fuck in every 5 sentences when my kid is not around... I can't help it...

Is that japanese? I did something like that to the most cute fabric ever, too! LOL

When we get cocky we always screw up somehting... But keep going... :)

I'm still waiting for my skirt...

intentional-stones said...

awwww, poor pants, poor fucked up fabric. in my house there would be rejection of pants, "girls don't Wear pants mommy!"

that's why god created the gap kid's outlet and children's place outlets where they have skirts for 15 minutes a year before moms like me go in and buy up all the long skirts they can carry.

Sewing is rad. you won't catch me doing it. I hate knowing what something is going to look like before I start. Too boring.

Tammie said...

aleta: i tried doing shorts and it didn't look right either. but i was able to salvage some of the material to put towards a patchwork blanket i'm working on.

tania: the fabric itself isn't japanese, it's alexander henry. thank goodness. i was tore up enough having ruined this, if i had ruined some of the pricier japanese fabric i had i would have been devastated. now im scared to touch it. :)

and as for your skirt, you may be waiting a bit. i havent made one adult garment yet so you should probably be patient.

intentional: i hear ya. as much as i wish i could sew everything, im thankful i've stocked up on actual garments from stores. thank goodness for the gap and the childrens place.

and sewing is never boring the way i do it---i don't know what the final outcome is going to be. HA!