Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Update

As far as weeks go, this one has been more of the same, filled with the usual aggravations. I will try not to focus on all the things that pissed me off this week. This may be a short post.

I just finished reading Marley and Me and of course I bawled at the end like a big stupid wuss. I had told myself I wouldn't cry over some guys old dog dying, but by the end of the book I was in love with Marley. More importantly, I could totally relate. Our dog Lulu has done some of the same things Marely did: jumping through screen doors, eating inappropriate things, chewing furniture and other valuables. For the first three years of her life we couldn't take Lulu anywhere because she couldn't behave amongst civilization. I will never forget when we took her to the vet and Lulu was just being awful. The doctor sighed and looked at me and Jay and said, "Have you guys considered obedience training?" Of course we had, but the thought of trying to control this 100 pound beast in a room full of other disobedient dogs, was not appealing. It doesn't matter now anyway, because Lulu grew out of her bad habits and is finally the dog we always wanted. It only took five years.

For those keeping track, the finishing of Marley and Me means that I have completed 44 books so far this year. I'm very pleased with this number. As I've mentioned before, I never thought I'd get past 35 books and now it seems I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of fifty books. Right now I'm reading The Easter Parade by Richard Yates. It's the story of two sisters and their trials throughout life. It's a bit of a downer but it's keeping my interest. I've also started reading A Coney Island of the Mind, but as predicted, I'm having trouble with this book of poetry. I'm ashamed to admit that my mind just flits about too much to really grasp what is being said.

Last week I wrote a bit about my concerns about the education my son is getting. It is still something that is weighing heavily on my mind. We are ending the third week of school and he still hasn't had any homework. I asked his teacher at Open House if they would have regular homework and she said she always tries to give them time to do it in class. I appreciate that she doesn't want to overload the kids, yet at the same time I'm wondering if my son is rushing through his homework at school to get it finished so that he doesn't have to bring it home. And now I find out that the school still hasn't gotten the AR (accelerated reading) program up and running so my son isn't being required to read. It's of course being suggested that he read but there is no school related outcome either way. SO.......this leaves me to go to the public library and find books that (I think and hope) are on his level and that will keep him from falling behind. I don't mind going to the library for my son, I consider it just another part of the mom job. But with all I'm doing to supplement what's happening (or not happening) at school, I'm wondering why I even get him out of bed in the morning. As you can tell by the somewhat hodge-podge nature of this paragraph, my thoughts are all over the place about this matter. I'm trying to not overreact. But how much longer should I remain calm and do nothing?

(As a side note to this: Too bad I already said I wasn't adding children's books to the "Fifty Books" List because my son and I are already half way through Lois Lowry's Anastasia Krupnik. It's definitely bringing back some memories. As a kid I would sit in my room for hours and hours escaping in books. Sometimes I would spend the entire day reading. It was nothing for me to read two or three books in a day. It upsets me that books don't bring my son the same joy they brought me. I've been reading to him since he was a baby but he just doesn't see reading as fun. Part of me wonders if the education he's getting has zapped the love of learning right out of him. Sigh)

The other day the kids and I painted clay pots. This kept them busy for about an hour.

The result: Once they were dry we planted wildflower seeds. I'm hoping the squirrels don't steal the seeds when no one is looking. I think the kids will be disappointed if we just end up with dirt pots.

****My son just came home from school and in his "Friday Folder" was no evidence of any work he has done. There was a schedule showing what they did as a class, but no copies of his actual work. I have no idea what my son does in school all day. This is getting increasingly frustrating.


Jenna said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm a total water natzi too, except when I leave the spigot on by accident and it slowly leaks for, like, 4 days until I notice it. Guh! I have thought about collecting rain water, do you have any trouble with mosquitos or do you put a dab of chlorine in it to keep them from breeding?

Simply Stork said...

it's sad when one gives up their children all day...and yet we arn't sure what they do???

I love the painted pots :o) so cute :o)

(thanks for popping in for a visit today :o)

BloomingAlmond said...

I din't knoiw whats like to have kids in school bus even i got worried about that situation... Can't you talk to the teacher once again? It's your right to do whatever you can to improve your sons education!

That pot painting activity was so cool!! :)

Tammie said...

simply and blooming:talking to the teacher again is definitely my next step. im trying to be patient though and see what happens without any interference from me.

if things aren't better after the end of this coming week, I'll probably have to make a visit with the school.

im glad you liked the pots. it was fun.


I want to read Marley &'s on my (incredibly long) list.
One reason we moved out here to the sticks is because we LOVE the schools out here. I hope you get some resolution with the issues you're having!