Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm feeling old this morning. I stayed up too late watching the Emmys. Then my daughter crawled into our bed at two in the morning ready for a chat. It's now 9:15, I'm on my second pot of coffee, and I still haven't found the energy to make my bed. It's going to be a long day.

Another reason I'm feeling old is that last night before the Emmys, I was on the computer looking at pictures of the "stars" as they arrived. I could try and convince you that I wasn't specifically looking for pictures of this man but given my track record of posting about my somewhat school girl-like obsession with him, would you believe me? Probably not. Anyways, while I was looking through the photos I realized that I had no idea who any of the people under the age of forty were.

The only young 'un I did recognize was Lauren Conrad and honestly I don't even know why I know who she is, since in my lifetime I've probably watched all of one minute of The Hills. (See! Why do I even know she's on The Hills?!) Once the shock of recognizing Lauren Conrad wore off, I wondered Why is Lauren Conrad even at the Emmys? How did she get invited? And if she's considered good enough to come, then how come those three ladies that sleep with Hugh Hefner weren't invited? This is why I'm old: I have reached the point in my life when I consider all non-talented blondes to be not only interchangeable, but probably sex partners of Hugh Hefner. It won't be long before I am starting sentences with In my day....

I also have no idea who Josh Groban is but his little TV theme song montage irritated the living piss out of me. Was it supposed to be funny? (As a side note: While I was typing this out I thought "Wait! Maybe I do know who Josh Groban is! Maybe he's the guy that's married to that bitch Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy." And I got all excited thinking maybe I'm not as clueless as I think I am. But no. Thanks to Google I just found out that Heigl is married to Josh Kelley--another musician I know nothing about. Josh Groban is/was dating some blonde actress named January Jones. Again, I have no idea who this is. I have a feeling I could play around on Google all day finding young celebrities I have no knowledge of.)

In other news more related to my home front and less related to the huge yearly Hollywood party that I will never be invited to, it was a really nice, quiet weekend around here. Jay had a rare full weekend off of work and his being around the house and watching football didn't even throw me into a tizzy. Not even once. We did things with the kids and my mom, cooked out on the grill a lot, and just generally "hung out."
It was a relaxing, slow moving, weekend.

Jay was able to complete one small project for me this weekend. He made chalkboards for the kids' rooms.I can't take any kind of credit for this idea. I saw it first over at The Artful Parent, but have since seen it on other blogs as well. It was a quick, easy, and cheap project and I am so happy with the way they came out. I would love to show you pictures of the board in the boy's room as well but frankly his room is dirty, smelly, and dark as a cave and right now I'd rather just not go in there.

Well, it's overcast outside and not incredibly hot so I think I'll leave the computer and spend some time outdoors. Before I go, let me remind you that a certain book comes out tomorrow. Don't expect much from me for the next few days.


BloomingAlmond said...

I'm in my 20's and I didn't know any of that people either! lol

But i know Lauren Conrad :x
And i do watch The Hills when i can...

Heeeeeeeeeeey..... I'm doing a chalkboard too! We bought a MDF and chalboard paint spray :D I loooooooved the idea too!! It seems The Artful Parent is inspiring a lot of people :D

Tammie said...

well now i don't feel nearly as old. thank you. :)

i love the artful parent. most of what she does is very simple, which is good since i can't handle too much. hee hee

BloomingAlmond said...

i know!
The projects are so simple and cute!!
I liked to try something differente once in a while.. :)

Posey said...

I was thinking the same thing about Josh Groban...I actually had to turn the channel halfway through his act. Ugh!

Tammie said...

posey: im so glad i'm not the only one. Yahoo had a poll this morning where people could vote for their fave emmy moment and more than half the people chose grobans performance as the highlight.

i just don't get it.

Layrayski said...

haha I like Josh Groban actually. But I didn't see the emmy's so...

I know of the term football widow. So you're one of those huh.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. =) I love weekends like that. If only one can bottle these kind of days. =)

Gosh, my friend just told me I'm old. In our group of friends (since high school) I'm the oldest (by months) and they keep teasing me about it. Since I'm going to be 29 next year its no longer a teasing matter to me! Hehehe

Anyway, I don't know who those actresses you've mentioned too. It must not be an age related thing.

Tammie said...

lyra: yep, im a football widow. :)
the josh gorban tv theme thing was just kinda weird. i can tell he has a powerful voice and everything but hearing him sing the song to South Park was just strange.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Hi Tammie. Just wanted to stop by.

I read your comment at Ride The Waves of Life blog, and I wanted to straighten something out.

I did not say that education was the same for everyone. It certainly isn't! I agree 100% that it is unequally divided.

What I said, and I apologize for the confusion, is that every person, regardless of their race or status, will have to face other people in charge and deal with them. If you are a white kid with a black boss, you do things the way the boss tells you no matter what. No matter if you're Hispanic and they're Polish. Whatever. The people in charge rule. And they make the rules. My point was that it is an important lesson to 1) learn what the person in charge wants from you, and 2) do what you can to meet those expectations to the best of your ability.

I was talking about this in terms of earthmama's discussion of public school. Some times, we aren't 100% happy with the situation we're in, but it is a good lesson to learn to figure out how to take lemons and make lemonade.

Have a great week.

Tammie said...

texan mama: I appreciate you coming over here and clarifying it a bit, and no need to apologize---maybe I was quick to take your opinion in a way it wasn't intended.

I completely agree with you that everyone needs to learn to deal with authority and rules and rule makers, even if they disagree with them. And the public school system is a great place to learn that.

I suppose my main beef with No Child Left Behind is that it seems to keep poor kids down, which is intrinsically unfair.

Because of boundary changes and our own move, my son has gone to three elem. schools here in Gainesville. One very rich, one very poor, and now an acceptable but modest one. The school that was in the wealthy neighborhood was filled with Dr.'s children and had 2 Mac's in every classroom. The very poor one had a crappy old computer in each room and was filled with children who could barely afford the basic school supplies. It was very eye opening to see the difference first hand.

The rich school has always been an 'A' school, the poorer one always a 'D' or an 'F'. Because of that, year after year, the poorer one gets very little funding. How is it ever going to be able to produce properly educated children when it is getting the bare minimum?

I know that school is what you make it. You get out of it what you put in. I've always tried to work with my son and be a presence at whatever school he's gone too---I know this makes a huge difference. But for the kids who have parents that can't or just won't do that, I think the deck is stacked against them in a way that makes it nearly impossible for them to ever better themselves. Ultimately, I think No Child Left Behind does a great job of carelessly leaving a group of children behind.

Again, I totally appreciate you coming over here. I love hearing your opinions on this subject. If I seem to be a bit crazy or emotional over this subject it's because I saw the differences at three schools within a ten mile radius of one another and it was heartbreaking.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I've been meaning to ask you, where did you get the butterflies in your daughter's room? The Princess wants to decorate her new room in butterflies and I know she'd love some like that.