Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Reasons To Hate Hasselbeck?

A few months after I started blogging here, I installed Stat Counter on my page. Stat Counter provides me with statistics on my readers. I have a general idea of what part of the world they come from, how they found my site, and how long they stayed. My favorite statistic by far though is "Recent Keyword Activity." These are statistics I get when someone finds my site through something they typed into a search engine. For instance: I mention Alec Baldwin a lot here. Consequently, someone found my page by typing in 'Alec Baldwin scoring.' This person was probably very disappointed that my blog could not help them in their search. (Note to that person: You are one freaky-deeky.)

The keywords I see the most though are related to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, because of this post from back in May. Judging by the hits my page gets, Elisabeth is hated by quite a few people. According to my statistics, the hatred directed at her extends as far as Canada, Australia, and England. Since the new season of The View has started, the daily hits my blog receives has tripled, mostly due to people Googling such phrases as "I hate Hasselbeck", "Elisabeth Hasselbeck view hate," and my personal favorite, "Hasselbeck retard." (Note to that person: You and I are kindred spirits.)

All this makes me wonder, Why does everyone hate Elisabeth? So please, if you came to my little section of the internet through one of the many hate Hasselbeck searches, speak up and tell me why.

As for you Elisabeth, thank you. All the many stupid things you do and say have helped my readership grow in ways I have never known. And for that I thank you. But I still hate you.


BloomingAlmond said...

Elisabeth who?! :x

Tammie said...

She's on a show here in the states called The View. I think she might be married to a football player too.

Nowheymama said...

My most common search is "Star Wars Birthday Party." What a tame blog I have.

Tammie said...

ha ha.
your blog is very informative though nowheymama. mine is just a diversion.

Gili said...

holy moley! your banner looks amazing, tammie. i love it. so jealous! i'm so past due on a new banner. did you take that photo? brilliant!

Layrayski said...

That is funny. Thanks elizabeth hasselbeck whoever you are! Hehe

nice banner! Cool! =)

I have stat counter too. And we have the same favorite feature. =)

Tammie said...

Thanks Gili. Yeah it was time for some changes around here. I'm glad you like it. I was kinda unsure of it at first so I appreciate the feedback. And yep I took the picture.

Lyra: I've missed you!

Peepstressin said...

I found you by typing in I hate Elisabeth I HATE the woman, think she argues intentionally (even though she hasn't a clue as to how retarded her comments are) just to try to be the important one on the show. I wish to God that Barbara Walters would get rid of her already. One of the rare times I tuned in...I found her making a crude comment about how parents who don't have health insurance are not good parents...Well, I agree with you Tammie..Screw You Elisabeth Some of us actually work & still don't have access to health care.I'd like to punch her in the face til it looked like Burberry plaid lmaooo

Tammie said...

Peep: I love you!

Really though, you totally hit the nail on the head. It's not just that I completely disagree with everything Hasselbeck says, it's that there is no knowledge in her arguments at all. She is completely uninformed and out of touch with the average working American. She doesn't really speak with any passion in her voice. She seems to just be repeating things she was taught her whole life, without really stopping to think if it's the truth or not. And I swear if I see her cry again I don't know what I will do. If you really truly believe in something, why is there a need to cry anytime someone vocally challenges your beliefs?!

I more or less try to avoid the show too--because of her. As for the insurance matter--you are completely correct. Although right now I am lucky enough to have insurance, there have been times when I haven't. Plus, considering what we pay for insurance, I don't know if "lucky" is the best term to use.

Right now my mom (who works a 40 hour work week) doesn't have health care. There is just no possible way for her to work it into her budget. When she gets sick and needs to see a Doc, it's a huge issue. So yeah, I totally know what you speak of.

P.S. If you are ever lucky enough to punch her, please send photos.

mscinbd said...

I too hate Elizabeth! I stopped watching the view because I could not stand to hear her bias, narrow minded views with that whiney voice. It is an insult for her to be on the same platform as the other talented and proven ladies. They should have been got rid of her. Please write the view at ABC to voice your complaints!

krispinka said...

I hate Elisabeth too!! She absolutely drives me crazy and I want to smack her self righteous smile off of her face. She basically regurgitates everything she hears off of Fox news and doesn't have an original thought of her own. She can sure dish it out on everyone else but she definitely can't take it herself. UUUGGGGHH!! If you can't stand the heat, Elisabeth-- GET THE HELL OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

wow... I feel much better now. : )

Tammie said...

kris: one of the major things that bothers me about Elisabeth (there are many) is that she can dish it out but not take it. she has no problem saying whatever uneducated opinion pops into her head, but when one of the other ladies says something she doesnt like, she starts to cry. i think its incredibly unprofessional.

im glad you stopped by and that you feel better. its nice that we elisabeth haters have a place to meet up. :)

Vanessa said...

I am so glad I found a bunch of people who hate Elisabeth as much as I do. I don't know how she can defend McCain and Palin the way she does. Especially Palin! How can one defend what she says?!

I also cannot stand how Elisabeth yells at people when they don't agree with her. Yells. She doesn't know how to have a conversation with people because she is convinced she is always right. Today she was being extremely rude to Bill Maher. They need to get her off of TV. There are plenty of professional conservatives who could do a much better job than her on that show.

Tammie said...

thanks for coming over vanessa! i totally agree with you.
although i usually dont agree with most conservative viewpoints, i would like to see said viewpoints being argued by an informed intelligent speaker. i love hearing others views.

i read on yahoo today that shes thinking of heading over to Fox News to be with her own "kind." As much as I hate seeing her on the View, I think she's taking the easy way out if she does go to Fox. She won't have to worry about anyone challenging her views over there!

Heather said...

ugh! i can't STAND her! Seriously, how could anyone defend Palin with no leg to stand on? I mean, really, the woman is just Bush with lipstick and heels. I almost feel sorry for her. Hasselbeck is a complete idiot. Glad I found someplace to get that off my chest!! : ) thanks!

Tammie said...

heather: this is too funny, because i was just telling my husband how i sort of feel sorry for Sarah Palin. (of course he looked at me like i lost it)
My theory about Palin is that she wants to be a big city girl but just doesnt have the skills or knowledge to cut it---she'll always be small town---and when she got asked to be Mccains running mate, she thought it was her ticket to the big city, but she didn't really think the whole thing through.
Plus, I think Mccain was really relying on her to revitalize his stale campaign and it was just too much pressure for her.
So yeah, as much as I disagree with every thought in her head (her religion alone scares the living shit out of me), there is a part of my heart that goes out to her.

As for the reason you were brought here in the first place: Yep, EH is a twit!

chiwuwu said...

Ah - my spiritual home. Whilst I cannot stand EH, I still watch the View online, so I can see her OWNED by the smarter women on the show. I really adore Joy Behar at the moment.

The reason I can't stand EH:

1. She’s woefully uninformed about the world in general
2. She supports a conservative agenda without any knowledge of what that agenda truly is.
3. She’s blindly religious, and closed minded about it.
4. She’s incapable of releasing a point, even when she’s wrong – see today’s show on HotTopics, Sarah Palin has been caught out and still EH is banging on about Bill Ayres. Doesn’t anyone want to mention McCain’s love affair with Gordon Liddy – who is a convicted domestic terrorist and burglar?
5. Her speech at the RNC was asty, but then again, she was at the RNC, what did I expect?
6. She screams over other people to get her points across and when it doesn’t work CRIES.
7. Ah man, I could go on forever, but hell, I hate her.

Tammie said...

chiwuwu: im so glad you found us and i agree with everything you said. i loved your comment.

sometimes i'll stumble upon another blog or a chat room devoted to hating EH and there is always a few conservatives saying something about how we hate her just because her opinions are different from ours and this just isn't true. i dont mind a conservative voice as long as they truly believe what they are saying and are arguing their case in an intelligent manner. i honestly don't feel that EH even knows what she's arguing about.

i hated her at the RNC too...i thought it was classless and completely unprofessional. but like you said, it kinda fit right in at the RNC.

and yeah, the crying thing has got to stop.

chiwuwu said...

Thanks Tammie. I note that EH is upset about being bundled into a sentence with Ann Coulter... they both display the same sort of reckless bigotry, so I don't see what the problem is.

I am coming from Australia, and many people think I shouldn't care about what goes on in the US, but I do!

Tammie said...

i'm so impressed when people from other countries are able to keep up with american news and politics. over here, we are sort of conditioned to only care about what goes on in our own country.

i had to laugh about the hasselbeck/coulter (ugh) thing. the only difference i see is that elisabeth is just naive and stupid. she's never really been forced to think outside the box of her own situation/upbringing/belief system. whereas, ann coulter (ugh) is just a horrible, nasty, racist, hateful woman.

as much as i hate hasselbeck, i think her views come from a place of naivete and if she were ever forced to live like the middle class or if she were to ever allow herself to be educated by a news organization other than Fox, it would be an eye opening experience for her and she might change a bit.
(am i giving EH to much credit?)

coulter (ugh) though, there is no hope for her. she just doesn't give a shit about anyone.

as for all the "ugh's"----it's just my natural response to seeing/hearing the name ann coulter. (ugh.)

Mari said...

My Top 10 Reasons Why I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck:

1. Hasselbeck wants to tell others how to live, thus a control freak.

2. Will not agree to disagree over her ├╝ber-neo con views on the issues, which puts her firmly to the right of Bush & Co.

3. Interrupts people constantly.

4. Hypocritical- for example, anti-abortion, but thinks Iraqi civilian deaths and the death penalty are o.k. But all human life is sacred. Huh? Little discrepancy there?

5. Just saw video of her at a palin rally in Tampa, and she speaks just like palin in that catty manner that sets back all women. She hits below the belt, then jumps back crying, "I'm a girl". Pathetic. Rolls her eyes, sticks her tongue in her cheek. Just like Palin. No real issues, just generalities, bashing the opponent, and kissing SP's ass.

6. Needs education - has no concept that much of the 1984 style rhetoric she espouses directly contradicts the bill of rights and our constitution.

7. Gets her info from Faux Gnus.

8. Judgemental as hell, seems to be incapable of putting herself in someone else's situation. Lacking empathy for other human beings.

9. She can't go into detail, she just spouts rumors and lies she has heard on Sean Hannity.

10. Looks reasonably sane in comparison to Ann Coulter

Tammie said...

mari:'s all so true. everything you mention is true.

i saw the video of the tampa palin rally too and it made me angry and then sad. she speaks like a high school cheerleader, a lot of snide comments and eye rolling. i found in nauseating.

Sheronica said...

Haha...found your site by typing in "hate Elisabeth" after I listened to the ish that came out her mouth yesterday and today.

Watching Hasslebeck introduce Palin at the Tampa rally just made my hate for her ratchet up a few more notches. Her comments that criticizing the hockey mom from Wasilla's new wardrobe was somehow sexist was just incomprehensible. I'm still trying to figure out how she came to that conclusion.

Hasslebeck is not only a ditz, but a complete idiot for suggesting sexism while at the same time reinforcing Palin's shortcomings as Mari commented in her list at number five. Not only that but at this rally there were numerous catcalls from the men in the audience. Isn't that one of the classic examples of sexist behavior? It could be argued that Hasslebeck herself was being sexist in her remarks about Palin. I can't stand her so much that whatever she says is wrong in my book anyway.

Just listening to this woman try to justify any argument against McCain or Palin and then project all her rage at Obama just sets me off to no end. When the show discussed Gen. Powell's endorsement for Obama, while she did reflect on what she admired about the man, she had to choose one of his quotes to try to negate his endorsement and then insultingly flipped the card out her hand showing her disgust. While some people may not draw that same conclusion, my disdain for this woman is so deep that I know for sure, no doubt, she absolutely hated that Powell endorsed Obama. The crap she pulls on every show is just ridiculous. And I hated her little idiotic shirt that said "Americain" too. Whatever. Let me not try to analyze where she was trying to go with that or you all will be reading for days.

I'm sorry to go off on this long rant but you just can't imagine how much Lizzy chaps my hide. I mean she is such an insufferable wretch. Does she wake up every day to make it her mission to be the daily bearer for all that is not right about Sarah Palin? She can't make any substantive argument for her positions and in the end, the whole show becomes a complete circle jerk about any particular issue because of her inability to justify whatever it is that she is defending.

I'll stop there. As you can tell the haterade gets flowing when it comes to Hasslebeck (especially) and Palin.

Heather said...

Sheronica, you are in good company, I think all of us can certainly say we identify! oh, she makes my skin... ugh agh!! can't fricking STAND HER!

You gotta love how they've just knocked the campaign back by bringing up the wardrobe BS again, pulling it into another news cycle when it was on it's way out. Leave it to two idiots without their handlers. Laughable. ONE MORE WEEK! I'm going to put my feet up November 5th and watch The View while relishing over a fat Cosmo, laughing all the way to the bottom in celebration! can't wait to see her shut up that day!

ladysa02 said...

Like most others I found your blog when I typed "I Hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck" HAHA! I'm encouraged that the rest of the world is not so enamoured of her as to believe the crap she spouts. Her support of the McCain/Palin ticket is no big surprise, she represents what is fundamentally wrong with the "elite" in the US: Those who talk down to the the little people, and then claim to "represent" them. She along with her cohort Palin would like to think that she represents the "joe sixpacks" and the "hockey moms" of the world, when in fact they scorn them. Their rhetoric is as noxious as their horrible screechy voices. I for one can't wait until after the election to see them both sulking in the corner!

Tammie said...

sheronica: dont apologize. i loved your long rant. i'm so glad other people saw her performance at the tampa palin rally and hate it as much as i do. my husband was watching the news the other morning and they were doing a piece about it and i honestly had to turn the channel. it was just too early in the morning to see that garbage.

i hated the reference to sexism too. people are always questioning the spending of rich politicians. was it sexism when republicans were going on and on about john edwards $400 haircut (or whatever the price was)? i have no problem with the lady spending $49,000 at Saks, but I do have a problem with her attempting to portray herself as an average american while doing so.

heather: i more week. i keep telling myself, just one more week. i will be joining you with a drink as well. i dont think i have the stuff to make a cosmopolitan so mine will probably be a vodka tonic. ;)

ladysa02: im also encouraged that so many people dislike lizzy and her opinions.

thank you all so much for taking the time to leave your intelligent and well thought out comments.

Heather said...

tammie, if anyone is doing the math... between Palin's hair and makeup artists ALONE, that's a John Edward's haircut - TWO TIMES A DAY!
And I thought his was a little over the top back then. ha.
oh, and I hear they have Buckets 'o Cosmos at Bed Bath & Beyond... that might get us girls through an election night celebration!

Tammie said...

good point heather. and my hubby works right next to a bed bath and beyond.....i know where im sending him!

Mari said...

Hello again, Tammie! I found you a great post about Hasselbeck:


Tammie said...

too funny. i had actually just clicked on this a few minutes ago when i was snooping around your blog.

chrismpot said...

I also found you by typing "I hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck." That was after I googled "Who is Elizabeth Hasselbeck." I wanted to find out why she's even on The View. I wanted to find out why anyone should even care about her opinions. Was she some kind of teacher..? Does she have a degree in political science..? Does she have ANY kind of degree..? Finding out she was a Survivor contestant -a losing Survivor contestant came as no big surprise. The woman is like a vapor. Unlike her co-hosts (except for Sherri Shepherd, the world's most unfunny comedian)Elizabeth Hasselbeck has absolutely no gravitas. None. At all. And channeling Palin from the stump will not help her attain any.

Palm Coast Photography said...

The reason people, women in particular, HATE Her is because she is a completely humiliating to women kind. She makes me want to crawl in a cave and hide because I'm completely ashamed she is even of my own kind. Every time she opens her pretty, big mouth I think we should just go ahead go back in time a couple of centuries, and this coming from a young, beautiful women who has never had to grow up in a time where women were nothing but dirt on the ground for people to abuse. If SHE wants to get up to date and learn about politics, LEARN HISTORY FIRST! Learn about women and the black market abortions, learn how women were not allowed to own property, not to vote, not to speak in public, were divorced if no son could be born of her...then maybe she could have the right to speak on women's behalf and black people's behalf and Republican's behalf. Women before her gave her the opportunity to speak as she does now and SHE does not honor that when she speaks, she shows no humility. Nuff-Said.

marika.p said...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck irritates the crap out of me. I hate how she uses the term “all American”. What the hell does that mean? - I am an Australian. I also hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck because of her right wing views and that she backs the Republican Party. I would pay good money to see her face when she is told Barack Obama has won the election.

marika.p said...

Dear Tammie,

I am putting your site on my favourites list. Like other people, I Googled "I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck" and stumbled across your site. People like Elizabeth makes Americans look bad.

Tammie said...

marika: thank you so much.

i hope all the comments by all the readers before you renewed your faith in americans a wee bit.
we aren't all dreadfully ignorant. i promise.

chiwuwu said...

Dear Tammie and the rest of the crew,

good luck today on such an amazing day for Americans. We're all cheering you on as you go forward in such a positive way to heal yourselves and the rest of us who are closely aligned with you.

We are watching and we are proud of you all.

Michelle in Aus

chiwuwu said...

Me again. Just couldn't _bring_ myself to put EH in that last posting. It felt.... well.... dirty.

EH got a SPANKING on the View today by Sherri and Whoopi who told her she needs to be educated as to how AA people feel with regard to civil rights. Can they can her after the election and get someone who actually knows something about American politics?

Hell, I should fly over and take over, even I know more than EH does.

I also love that the initials make a yucky sound when you say them together.

Tammie said...

michelle: thank you so much for thinking about us over here. i'm watching the news closely. it's going to be a long night. one of my blogging friends (gili over at my basement years) put it perfectly when she said she was going to an election party to "hopefully watch this country become livable."

i had to laugh out loud when i read that the initials EH make that yucky sound. ha did i miss that?!!? keep your fingers crossed.


chiwuwu said...

Hey Tammie,

I have my headset on, and I am streaming coverage, email and MSN are going OFF!

A heap of Aussies and Americans getting together to watch the closing hours of the election. It's called "No longer an abomination, It's an OBAMANATION!"

Everything is crossed!

Tammie said...

i love that you're hanging out with me!!!!

it's looking good.


Heather said...

I'm moving to OHIO!!!
: D

Tammie said...

ha ha....i thought you might pop over heather.

i'm drinking my wine already.


Heather said...

we went with champagne over the cosmos, but I'm too superstitious to open it just yet
: /

chiwuwu said...

You've got a crew of 30 Australians who are hanging with you too....

I am finding it impossible to work, happily I warned my company it was not going to be a great day for production!

It's too early for wine where, but the champagne is chilling.

Tammie said...

i wish it would end getting tired.

i wish they'd just call the election already!! my gosh!

my state (florida) looks like it might go obama....weird. it usually always goes republican.

Tammie said...

it's called out. have a lovely evening.

drink some champagne/wine/liquor of your choice.

thank you all for hanging out with me.

chiwuwu said...

'Night Tammie,

well it's all over. Congrats to all of you who made this possible

marika.p said...

I just heard John McCain conceding defeat in the US elections. To be honest, I was looking forward to hearing that speech. However, when I heard his speech, his humility and the respect he gave to Barack Obama put John McCain into a different perspective for me. Unless he is a very gifted public speaker, I suspect his speech was written some day’s ago in preparation for that moment. Having said that, he sounded sincere. I feel sorry for McCain. He had the burden of the Bush administration and it’s blunders. What hope did he have?

Tammie said...

marika: you are totally right. i think mccain's speech was definitely one of his better and more eloquent ones. it wasn't what i expected from him at all. he seemed calm and relaxed. i imagine there is a part of him that's glad it's over.

mojo said...

Hillarious - I HATE Elizabeth Hasselback, and was going start blog called - you guess it - I HATE ELIZABETH HASSELBACK.

God - when are we going to be free of the same bitches you thought you had left behind in highschool. EVERYONE knows an "Elizabeth Hassleback". She is a type: stupid, shallow, vain, completely self confident, bigoted, and so WHITE it burns your eyes out.

These Republican Barbies are all alike: Nancy Reagan, Palin, that stupid bitch from Minnesota -- all of them.

Heather said...

So I thought the bitch was moving to Fox!

I had to watch The View today because I was dying to see EH's reaction to the Obama's visiting the white house. Did anyone watch today? Well, she got into a shrieking match over whether or not we should be discussing the costs (monetarily or casualties) of the war in Iraq on Veterans Day. Because, apparently, now the bitch is the f*#%ing "voice for all veterans"??? She has completely crossed the line. She can speak for her damn party, but when she thinks that she is the authority on what is important to veterans, that is entirely another thing. As a veteran myself, having served 8 years in the Air Force, and having fueled aircraft in Europe that ran missions to Iraq in the 90's, I can at least speak for THIS veteran when I say: Elisabeth Hasselbeck can go to hell!!

Tammie said...

"so i thought this bitch was moving to fox."
ha ha ha
no such luck heather!!!!

im not a veteran so i cant put this any better than you already did.

did you watch the episode with keith olbermann? i love keith so i watched it in bits and pieces. later on his show he mentioned how surprisingly nice she was.
add this to the things that bug me about her: she's a phony.

if you have a show, a platform to talk about your beliefs, and someone comes on your show that you vehemently disagree with, wouldn't your conscience make you treat them a bit roughly?!?! it totally pisses me off that she was nice to keith olbermann, yet probably says horrible things about him off air.

Heather said...

yes! LOVE Keith! He's on right now in our timezone. His personal comments at the end of his program sometimes bring me nearly to tears. I just wish he would vote though.
You're totally right, she's a complete fake, but I'm not so sure it's just behind their back.... I've heard her say not so nice things about many of the, uh-hem, "media elite" right ON the air. Must be that little problem some of these republicans seem to have with people that can actually articulate a complete sentence. You know, with punctuation and everything ALSO. Nauseating.
Feels like fresh air to see a grown up working a press conference, it was like night and day last week to listen to Obama speak and take questions. I had goosebumps! It hit me, this is really happening- Bush is leaving!!! YES!!!
now, if we can just work on EH. Her comments yesterday actually moved me to write to ABC, a kind of thing I've never done before. I wanted to know "Has anyone over there googled her lately?" Are they not aware that people can't stand her? There are more negative sites about her than positive!
thanks for lending the ear : )

Tammie said...

(im watching keith now. i sorta have a crush on him.)i almost cried the other night when he was talking about gay marriage.

anyways...I'M SO TIRED OF THE PHRASE 'MEDIA ELITE'!!!!! dontcha hate it?!?! sigh.

only a few more months heather.....

congrats on writing the letter by the way. i've thought about writing one also but since i don't really watch the view enough anymore, i don't feel i could do it properly and in an intelligent manner.

by the way...i love how you always come back here and share your thoughts.

Heather said...

Keith's comments on Prop 8 was the latest one I was thinking of, too. He had another comment a couple of weeks ago that was directed to McCain and searing, calling him out for not addressing the tone the campaign was taking when people were starting to actually believe Obama was an "illegal" muslim terrorist! I think that's the one Ben Affleck spoofed on SNL. I still need to watch the whole thing. Anyway, yeah, I'm with you, I get pretty hot for a guy who can speak so intelligently, and with passion-- where do they make those, anyway? My little sister could use one : ) haha

lydia said...

hasselbeck symbolizes the absolute worst of the usa; regardless of race, color or creed, her views regarding society in general are abominable

Anonymous said...

Every single time I hear her speak, no matter what program it is, she shows me how ignorant she truly is. i have YET to hear any logical information come out of her mouth that would sway me in her political direction. not one single word. if anyone out there has ever heard her say anything intelligent, please let us know. hasselback and limbaugh are sucking the life out of the republican party....

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and, yes, I found it right now as I sat down at my laptop to work (at home)with a coffee while The View was on....I could not stand her whinging voice another second and yelling STFU at my tv was not helping. I googled "i hate elizabeth hasselback" LOL and there you were! Consider yourself bookmarked. I loved reading all the (smart) comments and would love to believe there are more haters than lovers of EH. The altnernative is too scary :-/

jane in canada

Tammie said...

great to have you here jane. the hasselbeck posts get more hits than any other on my blog, so i do think that more people hate her than love her.

im so glad you mentioned how you love the comments because i honestly think that the comments left by regular readers and one-timers stopping by, truly made this post what it is. although i dont always get to comment back to every single one anymore, i read every single one and i love the discussion it's opened up. i even appreciate the negative ones. (i think they are mostly on the other hasselbeck post)

thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

the progressive optimist said...

I found your blog by googling "i hate elisabeth hasselbeck" (of course I mis-spelled it at first, luckily the good overlords at google corrected my mistake)

I have loved reading through others comments and how many people feel exactly the same why I do!

Thank you for providing a forum for people like me to vent! :)

Heather said...

seeing a few hits here lately, I can only imagine what the idiot must be saying lately!

Tammie said...

progressive optimist: thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it...i'll have to check out your blog.

heather: yeah, it's been busy here...i've been wondering what she's been saying...i hope someone leaves a comment informing me.

Heather said...

well, I couldn't help myself, I had to do some digging. First, she went and got knocked up again. Then she had to bring her opinions on "choice" into a conversation with the other women regarding shooting wolves from helicopters in Alaska. Then they had some idiot on that backs her political views and we all know how she needs NO encouragement....
I'm sure your new commentors can now attest to this : )

Anonymous said...

I also found your site by googling "I hate elisabeth hasselback".
I just can't stand how closed minded she is. There is her point of view and that is all, you would have better luck talking to a brick wall then trying to get your opinion across to her. She doesn't listen, she just waits for her turn to argue.

the progressive optimist said...

Heather, I am just now watching that episode where she compares the wolves being killed in AK to abortions, how is she different than Ashley Judd? EH is using her celebrity to champion the GOP!

What a hypocrite!

the progressive optimist said...

aaack! I posted before I heard the, "is this a socialist table?" comment because Joy was trying to bring back the focus to the wolves as opposed to abortion.

yikes, I love Joy though. :)

Heather said...

the progressive optimist: yes, I'm sure that is precisely the comment that sparked this post to come alive once again. And she sounded like she thought she had just put together the most intelligently enlightened phrase ever! gag.

Hubristhebookreadit said...

OMG I could go on and on why I hate her and they aren't as light hearted as yours were! Although you calling her a functioning retard was spot on!

I hate her because I'm very politically aware and involved. I hate her because I sat and watched her day in and day out defend Bush and Cheney the 2 biggest criminals to ever walk into MY White House.

I hate the view and in 12 yrs it was on, I never watched it. When Rosie was on I started tivo'ing it and would watch the first 15 mins where the fights were, then erase it. I don't watch that kind of programming. So 12 yrs without the View and when Rosie was gone I went back to never tuning in.

I do watch Survivor and recognized her face when I saw her on The View.. didn't think much about it.. like I said, I tuned in to see Rosie- When we were in the middle of the Bush/Cheney reign and I saw Hasselbeck's attitude, opinions, ignorance and devotion to Bush I was fuming with anger- not only that this kind of stupidity was allowed on tv (kinda like Fox imo), but I considered her a danger. There are a lot of dumbed down ppl out there.. if there weren't then Fox would have no ratings at all.

I am a liberal independent. I voted for Nixon and Reagan, but with the extremism that exists and the ignorance now on the right I don't foresee myself every supporting them again. and at my age to be this embarrassed to be an American.. it's something I never thought would happen in my lifetime- we grew up singing the national anthem and tearing up with pride-... I don't know where my country went but I want it back.

She's a disgusting human being, no talent, no education, no knowledge yet she has become this mouthpiece for a part of our country... of course it's no worse than Hannity, mAnn Coulter (checkout her adams apple recently?), and fatfk Limbaugh.

These people make millions off of feeding lies and extremism to lower IQ'd people and it's causing a crisis in our country. Don't believe me? check out this link here. It's a story on crooks and liars website (they link to the orig story) of a guy not that long ago who killed a couple ppl in a church - he left a manifesto in his home- gotta check out what he wrote-

Sadly civics is no longer taught in our schools. People have no clue what the Constitution says or what it means, they have no clue about the Bill of Rights, they have no clue what "socialism" and "marxism" is that they scream about.

We are in a dangerous place where god and church is put above country and education. It scares me and frightens me for the sake of my children and grand children, and this is why I hate all that Elisabeth Hasselbeck stands for (aside from the fact she spells her first name wrong!) .

By the way, I've used Stats Counter on my various blogs for many years. Being a free tool it works very well and offers many details to look over.

How did I find your blog? Well I was stunned to see EH on QVC and sent them an email telling them how I felt about it- I happened to google the topic (of her being involved with some new ugly clothing line lol) and that's how I found your orig blog entry on her.. through google!

By the way those cupcakes look yummy and I love twix too :)

Hello from Las Vegas (via SLC for 5 yrs and orig from Cincy) :)

oh.. also, found these pics of here on HuffPo here and she looks gawd awful! As one poster commented, she can't seem to fix her own hair without a stylist so what is she doing designing clothes!

Someone also commented she's preggers with her 3rd kid.. oh gawd it's breeding! Maybe her hubby should get a real job soon :)

Tammie said...

wow. i totally appreciate you stopping by and leaving such a well thought out comment. i love that you took the time to do that.

there is so much i wanted to respond to and i dont know where to begin.

it's funny, because i never really watched much of the view either, although like you i would pop over from time to time during the rosie years. when i wrote the original post, i knew her political leanings but not much more about her and i purposely shied away from mentioning her being a republican because i was a little scared to get into that realm. fortunately all the commenters were more than willing to educate me about hasselbeck and the conversation just took off and i've loved every minute of it!

i, too, am scared that a lot of people get their news from only the limbaughs and hasselbecks. sometimes i hear limbaugh and i have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it, but then i remember that for some people, he is their only news source. frightening. (btw: i remember when that man shot up the church---i found that whole story very upsetting and i dont think certain aspects of that story got the news coverage it deserved.)

thank you again for stopping by...i truly enjoyed your comment.

Anonymous said...

She is a hypocrite, plain and simple. This week on the view she stated that Chris Matthews from MSNBC was not being an objectionable news person when overheard making a comment about a Republican. I wanted to crawl through the screen and say to her "You're joking right?" She brags about loving Fox News and especially the Hannity Show. Sean Hannity is the most unobjective and bias person in TV! EH makes my blood boil with all the stupid, and I mean stupid, comments she makes. There has got to be someone better to fill the role of the conservative on that show. P.S. I HATE it when she goes on about the media teaching young girls to idolize being incredibly thin, and then she poses on the front of a magazine in a little bikini bragging about how she lost all her baby weight in a month. Did I mention HYPOCRITE??????

the progressive optimist said...

Did anyone see her talking about Obama's faux pas (V 3/23) about the Special Olympics and how she knocked over her water glass, hilarious!

Anyway, Obama's apology for his crack wasn't good enough for her, fine, I expect it from her, but for the love of pete, where is the apology for the shirt she was wearing lol

Anonymous said...

I am an american who doesn't live in the US. I keep up with various online methods.I have suffered as a foreign american for the last 8yrs and EH epitomizes the ignorance that has led us into this mess.Her priviliged position has deluded her into thinking she is smart, yet the lack of logic in her statements as well as blatant hatred and hypocrisy enrage me.rush limbaugh is somehow logically consistent in his idiocy. She is just ...eloquent words fail me and monosyllabic come to mind...which I don't want to resort to. It's an insult to Whoopie and Joy Behar who are informed. Although I saw Joy on CNN recently sitting in for Larry King with another favorite to dislike, um, blonde, writes books, I forget now. But the others are professionals with politics. EH has a youtube clip where she disses on michele obama and then has the nerve after obama wins to say it was a great moment.

Jacxs said...

I hated her from the moment I heard her say that the thousands upon thousands of civillian deaths in Iraq, were "unfortunate, but....."

DeeDee said...

I love that I found your site by googling I hate Elizabeth Hasslebeck! She is an idiot who is a whore to the republican party. She doesn't have an opinion, she only repeats what she reads or hears. She is lucky that the she is a thin, blonde, somewhat attractive woman living in a country that adores her looks and doesn't care about the garbage that falls out of her mouth.

Tammie said...

dee dee you really are spot on.

her looks and overall appearance play a huge part in her celeb status. if she was a plain looking girl, i dont think she'd be on the view.

Ugh. said...

I can't stand this woman. She truly and honestly thinks that she is so well educated and knows literally everything about anything.
When she gets started on politics I want to shoot myself in the head, I usually can keep watching because it amuses me how stupid the girl is but when this subject comes on I have to turn the channel before I ruin my t.v.
The only reason she's famous is because of her stupid attendence on survivor and amazingly to me Barbera thought up the wonderful idea of adding a stupid blonde fake to the view. Bad idea.
Even the fact that I'm writing about her because i took time out of my life to search in google "i hate elizabeth from the view" it pisses me off.
Ah. I feel much better now

Sharon said...

I am soooo thrilled to find a group of haters!!! LOL!! I so can't stand this priveledged, disillusioned, and always pregnant and therefore over-emotional woman!!! I was at the pinnacle of my hatred when she was boo-hooing on set about abortion because she was then all pumped up on hormones trying to get made me so angry I actually e-mailed her on the view's page and suggested she stop shooting up and adopt one of the children saved from abortion who desperately needed a home!!! Of course there was no reply to that! Now that she's being sued for plaigerism (sp?) I can't wait to see what happens...I mean do we expect an original thought? She's not a doctor, a dietician/nutritionist, or cook and certainly learned anything she put in a book from both reading and personal experience!!! I so despise her that I enjoy the very fact that she's being sued!!! LOL

mpet10997 said...

I googled 'i hate elisabeth hasselbeck' I actually watch the view to watch joy, barbara, sherri, and whoopi put her in her place, it's semi-satisfying. I don't wish bad on anyone, but she needs to experience life outside of her uber conservative bubble to have valid, relevant, intelligent opinions. She's supposed to be the viewpoint of the 30-somethings and I don't know too many right-winged 30 somethings. She is an idiot. I love the depiction of her on SNL, they are spot on.

shauna said...

You know, every time she opens her mouth, an angel kills a puppy.

Tammie said...

well someone should notify PETA because at this rate dogs will be extinct soon.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LMAO... okay... I soooo lost my coffee on the Hasselback posts! Made my morning! She really is little more than a functional retard.

Anonymous said...

Hating her here in Canada too. I asked ABC if they could extend her mat leave for 10 years or reply yet.

Scarlett said...

Wow! I rarely meet any Tammys; much less any Tammies!!! (that's my real name). Infact, I don't think I've ever met one with the same unusual spelling! And an EH hater, too ;-)
I think between your intellegent comments & those of your readers you guys have pretty much covered why I hate that judgemental, noncompassionate, uppity, know it all, etc., etc. Bitch! I did think of just one other reason though. I think her pain in the ass self had a lot to do with why Rosie left. I know a lot of people don't like Rosie; but I'd much rather have her on the view than Elisabeth. Infact, I have pretty much quit watching it because of EH!

Jacqui said...

I cannot stand this woman.. Who the hell does she think she is? She was a Surviver contestant, NOTHING more. She is not qualified to talk about anything more than being a mom and a wife - because other than being on a game show, that's the only experience she really has. My opinion of Barbara Walters has deminished some with her decision to hire Elisabeth.

Anonymous said...

I too typed in "I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck" and found your site.

Why do I hate her? Where do I start? Does she have an original thought? Everytime she opens her mouth she sounds like a little girl repeating things she's heard her father say at the dinner table. She fumbles constantly, and just yells louder, rather than argue with substance and fact.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I am not alone! I really dislike the girl too, because she doesn't listen to anyone else's point of view - she is a spoiled madam. Sorry to mention this - but there are two of her. Her long lost twin I am convinced is married to my brother - spitting image, opinionated, selfish, doesn't listen to anyone else's opiniongs, not very bright and just as annoying!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing! You surely must dread family get togethers. My sister-in-law & I don't have much in common & she's kind of boring (I'd guess she probably thinks the same of me), but I will be appreciating her more this Christmas. As visions of, "look at the bright side, she could act like Hasselbeck", dance through my head! LMAO

Tammie said...

ha ha ha. this cracks me up.yes anon, your brother clearly has awful taste in women.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammie, found you by googling I hate EH, after viewing ONE snippet of the View (Whoopee teasingly threatens to leave over Tiger Woods talk). It is the one and only time I've seen Eliz. H, SO SHRILL. That's why I hate her media personality. I have no idea what the real EH is like. But yuck... hope I never see/hear her again.

Lori said...

Elisabeth please leave the show!
I love watching The View but your voice is so annoying!!! Mellow out, you are so often angry, negative, over-reacting, you tend to dominate most is too short to have so much negative energy.............enjoy your kids, laugh....again....MELLOW OUT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got here by doing a search for "I hate Elisabeth Hsselbeck". I'm a fifty-something year old fat white woman, it's the middle of a Friday night on my birthday and I can think only of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's grating persona and her self-important rants! It is sad what I have let her do to my otherwise fulfilling life. She sickens me!

Mitch said...

Who'd have supposed that hearing Elisabeth Hasselbeck's voice and being driven to type "I hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck" into the google search box would transport so many people into such a magical wonderland of compassion and support? It's as if those few words are the password to a secret that shouldn't be kept so secret in my opinion.

Janeane Garofalo pegged E.H. on Rosie Radio today. So satisfying to hear such a concise analysis. Check it out on YouTube.

Tammie said...

mitch: welcome my friend, to our secret society. :)

i love janeane so ill definitely check that out.

i dont often come back and reply to the comments anymore because i havent watched the view in forever and i try to avoid EH at all costs so i dont really have anything new to add, but i can always tell when shes said something more ignorant than her usual ignorance because this post gets a few more hits than usual.

Anonymous said...

The interview with Kathy Griffin today, says EVERYTHING. I knew she was an idiot and todays interview just proved that. Would love to know what Barbaras reaction was to her total unprofessionialism.

Anonymous said...

How about the so obviously pre-meditated yawn, complete with stretch, during Kathy Griffin's time on the couch. Unprofessional, childish, and just plain ridiculous. Once again, she made a complete ass out of herself! I cannot wait until that little gem works its way into Griffin's next act!

Anonymous said...

Does she know she's that stupid??? Is she programmed every morning with sound bites?

Anonymous said...

I don't watch The View because of her--she is VERY offensive and uninformed as so many of you mentioned. You can tell the other Co-hosts are just ANNOYED at her--but why is she STILL in the show i sometimes wonder!

chica_160 said...

I was just watching the View clip with Kathie Griffin from this past June, and it inspired a very rare emotion which I normally try to tame...everyone knows it is not good to hate. However, i felt an equally strong compulsion to find out how many more people out there felt this same emotion for this simple creature, so I typed in I "hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck" and voila! I arrived on your site ;-) Glad to know I'm not the only one, and that my hatred seems fairly justified. I don't watch the View because the few times I have tried she makes my brain hurt, and I end up very disillusioned at the world we live in. How is she given a daily platform from which to speak her "mind"?? Janeane Garofalo on Rosie Radio talking about her is pretty brilliant too...Great blog - have a great weekend! ;-)

NeliaGrace said...

Yep, saw the same Kathy Griffin clip and it only confirmed what I thought of EB a long time ago. She's rude, immature, and triffle. She DID throw Rosie under a bus.

Anonymous said...

I found you by typing in Who hates Lizzy hasselbeck?

Amazing how many people can't stand her. She is so rude and over talks everyone,she ask a guest a question then interrupts them with HER opinion.

Today I wanted to smack her. They were talking about George Bush's mother showing him a fetus in a jar after she had a miscarriage. Whoopie said "Maybe some day Barbara will tell us why she did that" Then she said "Oh I didn't mean this Barbara."

Well the BITCH said "Oh it's not this Barbara! She didn't have anything to put in a jar!" Now I am sure Barb felt good about it being thrown in her face that she couldn't have a baby like the BITCH can!

Now all the supporters.....tell me how bad you feel for her. If she would think before she speaks, she might not come off as such a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Aside from her personality that makes me cringe, I choose to detest EH because of the fact she thinks she is so stylish and I think has some half baked clothing line like every other moronic celebrity. Every time I see her I want to yell "you are a woman not a freaking birthday cake!" everything she wears is hideous and has some cutesy ass bow, ribbon, doilie or ruffle on it...gross. Stop proclaiming to know fashion when all you do is dress like a 2nd grader with absolutely no creativity. She does not have the intelligence to evolve beyond infantile cuteness.

Anonymous said...

First, I don't hate EH. I also think it is uncool to call her names.There are enough men doing this already! I hate ignorance, insular thinking and a sense of entitlement that she represents to so many people. She is on the view because her presence creates controversy and improves ratings. Instead of focusing on EH, we need to question Barbara Walter's journalistic ethics that allow her to retain Elizabeth after the offensive things she says on the show. Rosie gets fired for one outburst but EH gets to stay after picking fights with guests like Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher? Something's fishy!

Anonymous said...

i cant stand her gluten free butt...and just once i would love to see Joy slap her. I found this blog the same ways as so many others...driven to google by her annoying, self rightous voice.

Mute said...

Omg I hate her so much.
There is no reason I can see why this belligerent dim-witted imbecile is sitting amongst real washed up celebrities offering her two cents. I saw the interview with Moore on the view and do not know how Moore resisted the temptation to eat her.
She talks over everyone, makes stupid comments, and pops out babies and talks about her babies. Get a real job. Talking about things over a table drinking coffee is something you do after you retire from a REAL job.

Mute said...

Omg I hate her so much.
There is no reason I can see why this belligerent dim-witted imbecile is sitting amongst real washed up celebrities offering her two cents. I saw the interview with Moore on the view and do not know how Moore resisted the temptation to eat her.
She talks over everyone, makes stupid comments, and pops out babies and talks about her babies. Get a real job. Talking about things over a table drinking coffee is something you do after you retire from a REAL job.