Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekly Update

Jumping Jehoshaphat it sure rained a lot this week! Don't get me wrong, I love the rain. There is nothing that makes me happier than a gloomy, overcast day. But enough is enough already. If I don't get these kids and animals out of my house soon I am going to go bonkers. We have a fenced in back yard so on sunny days the animals spend a lot of their time outside. Not this week. It's been a lot of this:And this:And this:And this:

Get up and do something you lazy beasts!

When there were a few moments between rain storms, the kids and I went out and tended to the much neglected garden. Are you wondering why I haven't updated you much on the garden? It's because just about everything died. We totally suck at being self sufficient. Everything in the bowl below came from my garden.

Tomatoes and peppers. Wonderful. We can make salsa. I can also rip a few limes from the lime tree (the only other thing in our yard to regularly produce anything worthwhile) and garnish some vodka tonics. Major components to the beginning of a great party? Yes. A balanced meal? No. And certainly not kid friendly. Sigh. Maybe next spring.

Boots in the rainy, drippy garden:

Thursday morning Jay was home and decided to make pea soup. (Jay makes the best pea soup by the way.) He had the boy help in the kitchen. I think this looks like the most dangerous way to cut an onion:Miraculously, no fingers were lost. (By the way, I've noticed I have some of the gnarliest looking cutting boards. Really, I should invest a couple of bucks over at Crate and Barrel and do something about this problem if I'm going to keep putting up kitchen pictures.)

While the men folk were in the kitchen I was trying to keep the girl occupied. I decided we should set up a Barbie clothes laundromat in the bathroom. (Can you tell I'm running out of new and exciting things to do with the girl?) This kept her busy for about an hour.

Wanna know something weird? After washing all those clothes, the water in the sink was black. What do those skanky Barbies do? Ick. Dirty whores.

TV continues to be slim pickin's so Jay and I have gotten back in the habit of watching movies as soon as we get them in the mail. This week we watched Down with Love and Malice. Down with Love is quite possibly the worst movie you will ever see. I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking from it, but I thought it might be fun. It wasn't. It was irritating. I think I only like Renee Zellweger when she's fat, like in Bridget Jones. (Which really isn't fat, but whatever. I'll save my diatribe about emaciated celebrities for another time.) Malice is a movie that stars Alec Baldwin and a bunch of other people who I don't care about because they are not Alec Baldwin. He was shirtless in it, so I may need to buy this one.

I feel as if it's been kinda hectic around here lately. Today was Meet the Teacher, and Monday is the first day of school. It's been a week of preparations and tying up loose ends. Last minute school supply shopping and trying to think of things to put in the boy's lunchbox that are healthy and that he will eat. I think we are ready.

Tomorrow is the big yard sale. My front room is filled with things to drag out in the driveway at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Pray for no rain.

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