Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekly Update

I'm done with summer. If you want to get technical, I was done with summer around the second week of June. Now I'm just angry. Summer needs to get the hell out of here. I'm ready for fall. I want cool weather. I want to make pumpkin pie. I want to wear sweaters and pants. I want to be able to open my windows. I want to light a fire in the fire pit. All the activities associated with summer just don't excite me the way cooler weather activities do. I spend my summers hiding from the sun and heat.

In some misguided attempt to hurry summer along, I have been cleaning closets and getting all the fall clothes out. Because we are having a neighborhood yard sale next weekend, I need to find out what doesn't fit the kiddies so I can sell it. This involves a game I like to call "Does It Fit?" It's a game where I grab all the out of season clothes, throw them in a pile on the bed or floor and yell, "Get your ass in here and see if any of this stuff still fits!" I love this game because it usually ends with neat, de-cluttered closets. The children hate it because it's basically like trying on clothes at the store, only without the hope of actually getting something new.

Of course the children can't hog all the fun, I cleaned out the closet Jay and I share as well. Here is a bit of the finished product. The cat resting on our shoes is Polly. At the time this photo was shot, she was taking a break from pissing in inappropriate places.I took a picture of my closet because I wanted proof that it could actually be clean. In about two weeks the shoes stacked neatly in their boxes will be on the floor and Jay's pants will be everywhere. That will be about the time I'll have to play another fun game called, "Is It Clean?" I don't like this game as much because it usually ends with me needing to do another load of laundry.

Am I the only person really sad about Bennigans closing down? I know everything on their menu was an artery clogging nightmare, but sometimes that's exactly what I want. I can't believe I will never have their Monte Cristo again. In case you are unfamiliar with the sandwich, it is a turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich that is batter dipped and deep fried and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. It's amazing:

Here is a goofy, older picture of the boy, enjoying his first Monte Cristo:

That sandwich will definitely be missed.

Dysfunctional Mom tagged me to do a survey. At first I was scared by the length, but upon further inspection, it's not that scary. Here it goes:

A.) attached or single? attached of course

B.) best friend? Dawn

C.) cake or pie? cake

D.) day of choice? Sadly, all of my days are exactly the same.

E.) essential item? a good facial cleanser

F. ) favorite color? blue

G.) gummy bears or worms? both. in large quantities

H.) hometown? ugh. Florida

I.) favorite indulgence? a glass of wine and the hottest bath you can imagine, preferably in a hotel or somewhere else where I wouldn't have to pay the electric/gas/water bill.

J.) January or July? January

K.) kids? got 'em! don't want anymore thanks!

L.) life isn't complete without? coffee. lots of it

M.) marriage date? 7/16/1997

N.) number of brothers & sisters? none.

O.) oranges or apples? apples

P.) phobias? cockroaches. I consider myself very earth friendly, but when I find a roach in the house I spray the harshest chemicals known to man

Q.) quotes? I don't think I have a favorite quote, I have a hard time remembering them. I suppose the one that sticks with me is Oscar Wilde's "I can resist everything but temptation."(I actually just Googled 'Oscar Wilde quotes' to make sure I was remembering it correctly, and he had quite a few good ones.)

R.) reason to smile? probably my silly kids.

S.) season of choice? winter

T.) tag seven peeps! here is where I break the rules a bit. I can't think of seven people who will do this and I don't want to tag the people I did last time. So I'm just going to tag Jay and his answers will be here if you're interested.

U.) unknown fact about me? I can juggle.

V.) vegetable? love them all except cauliflower

W.) worst habits? too many to list

X.) x-ray or ultrasound? I try to avoid both if at all possible

Y.) your favorite food? Just about anything, but I'm not a big meat eater.

Z.) zodiac sign? Scorpio. I think.

Enjoy your homework Jay.

This morning I had to go to the library. I would like to leave you with some thoughts and a conversation I had while perusing the shelves.

Thought #1: I bet this Freddie Prinze Jr. biography has never been checked out.

Thought #2: A whole book devoted to couscous recipes? Score!

Thought #3: What the hell?!?!?!?

Completely Sarcastic Conversation:

Me (handing Jay a book by that dreadful beast Anne Coulter): "Here, didn't you want to read this?"

Jay (handing me a book about divorce): "Here, I think you'll be needing this."

Me: "You will then need this," and then I directed him to a book titled 'The Amputee's Guide to Sex.'

I win.


I V Y O L O G Y said...

LOL, ahh, I had a lot of laughs reading this post!

Firstly, I completely agree - summer sucks! I'm not sure what yours are like, but here in Melbourne it can get up to 42 degrees celcius - and I don't have an air con!

Secondly, I had never heard of a Monte Cristo before. But I'm sure that Monte Cristo = heart attack.

And lastly, good comeback with the 'The Amputee's Guide to Sex'!! LOL!

Layrayski said...

I love summer! The unbearable heat not so much. hehe

The game sounds like fun except when it results in mountain-loads of dirty clothes. Hehe

That monte cristo looks delish! I love fried and artery clogging foods! I can sympathathize with you on that one.

your boy looks so cute on that pic. he looks like he was enjoying his food (as a toy? hehehe) at least you have a photo to remind you of that fried food experience.

i like reading about tags. its unfair because i don't do tags if i can help it. nice to know more aboout you tammie

how many objects can you juggle?

haha that book exchange is hilarious. i dont think anyone can top your answer!

Tammie said...

oh ivy... i just looked up a celsius to fahrenheit converter online and 42 degrees is punishing heat. especially without an air conditioner. we have an air con but the elec. bill has been so high i don't keep it nearly as cold as i would like.

lyra, i have mastered juggling three things at once. i've never been able to do four for too long.
i taught myself when i was a teenager---i used potatoes.