Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekly Update

It's been another week in a string of very, very slow weeks. I guess this is what is meant by the lazy days of summer. The weather has been hot and wet. Even when it hasn't been raining, the air has been so damp and mosquito filled that we don't dare go outside. The children have been cooped up in the house, so have the many animals. If this doesn't end soon, I may go nuts. Earlier in the week I took the kids outside for a rainy day walk. This was much more thrilling in theory than in actuality. The girl had fun splashing in puddles but the boy and I were pretty bored. He brought along his video camera because he wanted to make a documentary about the environment in our neighborhood. I don't think you'll be seeing this one premiering at Sundance anytime soon, as the dialogue was pretty thin. It was three and a half minutes of "This is a local truck. This is a local mailbox. This is a house that has been for sale for two years." I guess our neighborhood is boring.

Since we've been stuck inside so much, it's been a bit of a struggle to keep the kids entertained. I thought I had struck gold when I had the idea to turn an old cardboard box into a playhouse. The fun didn't last too long though because the asshole stray cat claimed it as his own and would cut anyone who came near it. Oh well, things like this regularly happen when the animals so heavily outnumber the people. There are no rules anymore.

The boy has been nagging us to get him a guitar. We kept telling him that we were "working on it" which loosely translates to "We are stringing you along until this phase passes, as we all know it inevitably will. We never plan on buying you a guitar." Well the boy got lucky because our wonderful friend Max gave him one.

The boy found some videos of guitar lessons online. Progress is moving slowly, especially because he decided to just skip over all the "boring stuff." I think he thought he would just magically morph into a rock star once he dyed his hair green and picked up a guitar. Another life lesson learned. At least it didn't cost me anything.

Friday night my mom and I went to see The String Kings. They included a few R.E.M songs, which of course I loved since I'm in such an R.E.M mood lately.

Sadly, they could not be convinced to do 'Mandy' by Barry Manilow, but Danny did sing a couple verses so I'm holding out hope for next time.

Well, that brings another update to a close. But before I go I want to post this picture from last night of my mom and Super Dave:

Super Dave is always fun!


Layrayski said...

That asshole stray cat really cracks me up! It's like you're living in a sitcom with a cat who knows how to act in an obnoxious but comedic way. I love the photo you took of him. Priceless!

The guitar thing. You really kill me. Hahaha at least you didn't spent anything, right?

Layrayski said...

... And I always wanted to own a video camera and make my movie. Sigh! Lucky kid. Good luck! I hope the weather will turn for the more exciting sunny day soon!

Tammie said...

This stray cat is really too much. He basically just lays around but can get very mean when provoked.

And as for my son's video camera, it's our old one and the quality of it isn't that impressive but he is only ten and doesn't know any better. HA! So don't be too jealous. ;)


The cat cracks me up. What's your pet/human ratio? Ours is 7/4 right now. For some reason my ex and his wife are mortified that we have more pets than humans here. WHO CARES?
I work with SuperDave, I think I've told you that before....that pic cracked me up. =)

Tammie said...

Right now our pet/human ratio is 9/6,counting the bird---but the bird doesn't require too much work, she'd prefer to be ignored.

my dad and his wife are mortified by our animals. sometimes when they come i'll put the dogs in the other room, but most times i feel this is their home too, why should they be locked away? plus, i like to watch my dad's wife squirm. ha ha

Tammie said...

dysfunctional, you should come hang out with us at gatortales when the Kings play. i think it's the second friday of every month. the crowd is mostly older so it never gets really wild in there. plus, they don't mind if you hog a table for five hours and only spend $15. ;)

so if you ever want to hang out with me, my mom, and super dave, come out.


Tammie, that sounds great! I'd love to do that some time.
My parents are quite mortified by our animals, too. Yesterday she called my home "the pound". I informed her that it's a "shelter", thank you very much. ha!