Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I'm Into Right Now

It's time again for another list of the little things in my life that are making me happy.

* This handmade blanket for the girl:You know how I'm kinda addicted to all things etsy? Well, my mom has the same addiction for all things e-Bay related. She can't resist a good bargain, as evidenced by the fact that she has amassed a collection of about fifty pairs of jeans, bought off e-Bay for no more than a few dollars a piece.

Over the last few years one of her addictions has been homemade afghans. They are perfect for our North Florida winters--warm, yet not so heavy as to make us sweat. Last month my mom came across this e-Bay seller who will make the blankets any colors of your choosing, so my mom requested one to be made with all the colors in the girl's room.

I love the detail and texture in this blanket. It's adorable the way the flowers pop up a bit from the rest of the blanket.

And, as promised, it matches everything in the girl's room. Even the two Hello Kitty pillowcases that she just can't live without.(I don't know if you caught this, but you can tell by the placement of the pillows, that the girl insists on sleeping with her head where most people would put their feet. I don't know how or why she does this---I would feel like I was sleeping upside down. She's a weird kid.)

*While we are snooping in my daughter's room, I would like to introduce you to her friends, Sandwich and Coral.

They are made by this wonderful company called Bla Bla. They are hand knitted in Peru by artisans who are paid a fair wage. As you know, I love a company with good ethics.

I found Coral the Mermaid at a children's boutique in Savannah. When I saw it I knew the girl would immediately love it. Boy was I wrong. It hung out in the bottom of her toy bin for quite a few months. Then slowly but surely she began playing with it and sleeping with it. That's when I decided to get her Sandwich the cat. Bla Bla toys have a softness that's hard to describe (imagine hugging a cloud.) The girl routinely falls asleep sucking on Sandwich's paws or the closest Mermaid appendage. This is cute when she's in her own bed--not so cute when she crawls into my bed at two in the morning and slaps me in the face with a soaked mermaid tail fin.

If you're lucky, you can find Bla Bla toys locally. I'm not lucky. I bought Sandwich from Oompah Toys. Or you can go directly through Bla Bla.

*Another thing I'm loving right now is grape picking with my family. Jay and I took the kids grape picking yesterday afternoon.

This was a fun family activity and it provided us with some locally grown produce. Here is what fifteen pounds of grapes looks like:

Total cost: $14.

*Lastly, I'm really into breakfast for dinner. Breakfast foods for dinner are cheap, filling, and fun. Last night we had banana pancakes, thick sliced bacon, eggs, and grits. Well, the family had grits. Grits are one of the few foods I can't choke down.

You know what else goes well with breakfast for dinner? Grapes. Lots and lots of grapes.


BloomingAlmond said...

It always amazes me how much grass you guys have there... It's always so green! Yesterday we went carob cobs picking (everyone has to pick theirs this time of the year) and you should see... only dirt and dust! And oh boy, those grapes really look tasty!

Tammie said...

we've gotten a lot of rain lately so just about everything here is green and pretty.

at the beginning of spring though, it was another story---we were in drought mode for a while and everything was brown and crispy. the grass just crunched under our feet.

BloomingAlmond said...

the instructions are like kindergarden easy and the rule is to do whatever you like, it's up to you! imagination is the limit :) my sewing is not that good either but i didn't find it hard to do it!
And yeah, same trim! :D


Where did you pick those grapes? That sounds like a very cool weekend activity.
I love your daughter's room, too. We're going to be doing some redecorating and you're giving me ideas.

Layrayski said...

:)Your blog today reads like a fun, heart-filling breakfast. I don't know if you understand that but...*shrug* *grin*