Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things I'm Into Right Now

Every time I put together one of these 'Things I'm Into..' posts, I get the idea of making it a weekly thing. But then I think, What if I run out of things to like? What if the well just dries up and week after week I have to fill posts with pictures of Alec Baldwin? So, for now anyway, it will just be an occasional thing.

*My new J. Crew wellies.

I have been wanting a pair of these for a while. They were on clearance and Jay had a rewards coupon so I paid next to nothing for them. My daughter has a similar pair that she wears for puddle splashing but mine will be used for gardening purposes. My garden isn't extensive, mainly just some easy to grow stuff like tomatoes and peppers, but I'm in it at least once a day. A few weeks ago while stirring the compost, a snake slithered across my foot. I was wearing flip-flops. I'm generally not squeamish around snakes, but I do have something against them slithering across my bare flesh. The wellies will prevent that from ever happening again. (As usual, it's nearly impossible to take a picture of anything around here without an animal hanging out in the background. The cat above is Dulce. She's big, cross-eyed, and dumb as a sack of dirt. But we love her. She and I play this game about a million times a day that involves her staring at my door to come in, me opening it, and then her turning around as if she never wanted to come in at all. It's a blast.)

*This weeks issue of The Nation. I'm not going to put up this facade that I'm one of those people that regularly reads The Nation. The Nation is for smart people. Jay reads it while I read Foxtrot anthologies. But the latest issue of The Nation has an article about Rachel Maddow and one about Elvis Costello. I have loved Rachel ever since her first Air America show with Lizz Winstead and Chuck D. I was thrilled when she started regularly appearing on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I think she's smart and funny and makes politics (and the news in general) interesting and easy to understand. I cannot get enough of her. And as for Elvis Costello, well of course he's just awesome.

*Rachel's Yogurt.I don't know if these are new, or just new to my local grocery store. I like yogurt but get sick of the same boring flavors. Rachel's has flavors like Plum Honey Lavender and Peach Green tea. They are delicious. The only problem is that my children like them too. I may have to start hiding them behind the broccoli.

*The August edition of Bookslut. Every month I click over to Bookslut to see what the latest offerings are. I was overjoyed when I scrolled down and saw the interview with Jancee Dunn. I've spoken before of my love for her and I'm so excited she has a new book out. One more book for me to add to my ever growing Powells.com wish list. Plus, for the last three months my blogging friend Gili has had columns at Bookslut in which she interviews folks from various independent bookstores. Her interviews make me want to travel the country with the purpose of visiting bookstores. OK, I'll admit I've always wanted to do that, but Gili's interviews definitely reinforce the urge. If you've never ventured over to Bookslut, clearly you have been ignoring the links to the right and I must issue a disapproving tsk tsk. Those links are there for a reason people.



I am a total snake-a-phobe, and your story of the snake and your foot....freaked me right the hell out.
I'm not sure what the rest of your post said.

Tammie said...

ha ha..it was just a graden snake so i really wasn't scared but that doesnt mean i would want it to happen again.


There's a little something for you over on my blog.

Gili said...

geez, you're so sweet! thanks for the nice words about my column. anytime you want to take that world/country literary tour, i'm game. sounds like heaven!

Layrayski said...

Geez, I can't believe I miss one of your post!

A wellie to save you from the willies! Kudos for knowing the difference between a poisonous and non poisonous snake hehe.

Anyway, I love your Dulce. She (?) sounds so adorable! I could hug her to death. except I'm allergic.

The name of those yogurt flavors are enough even for me to want to lick my dusty monitor right now. I can just imagine...

Ok. I'm off to bookslut right now. I can finally manage coz I'm now on DSL after being on dial up for ages. Haha.

Tammie said...

gili, i love your columns. i was so excited when i stumbled onto your blog and when you started writing at bookslut it was like i hit a goldmine. :)

lyra, it would be best if you never come to my house then because there are cats everywhere. sometimes if they are all in one room at the same time it looks like i live in an animal shelter.

when i was on dial-up i used to think i'd never pay for dsl. now if i had to go back i dont know how i could manage.

Layrayski said...

Actually I'm a cat lover. I used to have 6 cats... Ok they're technically not mine-- alley cats, wild strays are more apt. Remember my avatar at blogcatalog? It was a cat. Hehe I manage by not letting them in the house because everyone would freak out (extended family and all), and washing my hands every time I pet them. I just can't imagine inhaling them close to my face. Asthma and all. hehe.

Yeah that's what my friends at myspace said too. I'm having fun with my DSL. Its like I've never been on-line before. Hehe

Tammie said...

i'll have to look you up next time im on myspace. :)

i have a cat that sleeps on my face at night---that probably wouldnt work for you. heehee

Layrayski said...

yeah! add me up! Hehe I haven't been active there lately. Busy with the daily photo gig. I'll leave a personal message at your blogcatalog :)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love those boots. I have a red pair with white polka dots but I think they are a cheap version of what you have. They are not the most comfortable. I love to wear them in the heart of winter on a rainy day. They just cheer me up a bit.

Tammie said...

there is something about running around in these types of boots that makes me smile as well. i feel all full of whimsy. :)

by the way, it's nice having you here apron thrift girl...i just spent way too much time playing around on your beautiful site.